Shibuya WonderGround


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Mr. Ballpen
Mr. Ballpen

Shibuya WonderGround. It’s an invitation to a dream world delivered by active top talents.

“Want to have a deep conversation with your favorite idol?” “Looking to meet women with professional aspirations?” We highly recommend “WonderGround” for those who feel this way!

In this venue, only women who are active in the entertainment industry are on staff. Idols, actresses, illustrators, and more – their talents are diverse, but each one serves guests in the comfortable atmosphere of the shop.

Additionally, there are days when “One-Day Guests” appear, and each visit offers new encounters. The charm of WonderGround lies in these wonderful meetings and following the activities of these women afterwards. Come find your new favorite here!

▼Mr. Ballpen’s Soliloquy
It’s amazing to be able to spend such a long time with active idols!

An Idol and Talent Cafe Where You Can Meet Talents Active in Various Fields

Located in Shibuya’s live house district, Shibuya WonderGround is a well-kept secret spot for discovering idols and talents. Here, a wide range of talents including live idols, gravure idols, actresses, and illustrators actively engage in the entertainment industry. Enjoy an at-home atmosphere with talents active in various fields!
Why not open a new door to art at “WonderGround,” where Shibuya’s powerful energy and the charm of talented individuals intertwine?

Exclusive Menu on Meat Day (29th of Every Month)! All-You-Can-Eat BBQ!

On the 29th (Meat Day), a special menu appears! Enjoy all-you-can-eat BBQ for just 2,500 yen for one hour, or 4,000 yen for two hours!

Additionally, there’s an all-you-can-drink option for just 1,500 yen per hour. Don’t miss this opportunity, and enjoy a meat feast on the 29th at our restaurant!
And, enjoy the luxury of dining on BBQ while admiring girls in cute outfits, a luxury that can only be experienced here!

Introducing the Active Girls!

⭐️Aoi Nakamura
Activities: Talent, MC, Reporter
Social Media: Twitter Instagram
Comment: I hope WonderGround becomes a cherished place for everyone, including the performers! Let’s enjoy lots of fun times together at WonderGround! Please feel free to visit us (o^^o)

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⭐️Yoshika Honjo
Activities: Talent, Solo Idol
Social Media: Twitter Instagram
Comment: I’m Yoshika Honjo! Let’s get along ♡

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⭐️Kanami Natsuno
Activities: Live Idol (Dream Chasing Girl), Actress, Multi-Talent
Social Media: Instagram
Comment: “From Menipara to Dream Chasing Girl as a guest performer!! I’ve been a member for quite some time!! Hope to meet lots of people when I perform! Looking forward to seeing you at my live performances, theater shows, and events!!

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‘Dream Chasing Girl’ is a female idol group performing live at the ‘ROCK JOINT GB (RJGB)’ in Kichijoji as their home ground! Their songs are also available on music streaming platforms, where you can listen to them!


⭐️Rina Sato
Activities: Live Idol (Feam)
Social Media: Instagram
Comment: I am active mainly in live performances and theater. I’d be happy if we could have fun together.

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Activities: Live Idol (Feam)
Social Media: X
Comment: Everyone, hello! It’s Obachi〜(´ฅ•ω•ฅ`)
I’ve been an idol for 10 years, originally from Hokkaido!
People say I look like an egg
My favorite cheki pose is a closed peace sign ✌︎(‘ω’✌︎ )
I love stationery a lot◎
Can we all be friends? Let’s go (๑•̀o•́๑)۶

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‘Feam’ announced an indefinite hiatus as of November 9, 2023.
The members will continue their activities, so let’s keep supporting them!

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⭐️Mizuka Fukuda
Activity: Live Idol (Pure Café Latte)
Social Media: X Instagram
Comment: I’m back to idol activities with Pure Café Latte!! Let’s have a relaxing and long talk as Pure Latte’s Mizuka!
I’m looking forward to seeing you ⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝

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⭐️Sanami Nishizawa
Activity: Live Idol (Pure Café Latte)
Social Media: X
Comment: I usually perform with an idol group called Pure Café Latte.
I hope to cherish the encounters at WonderGround.
Please be kind to me. I’m a rare character.

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‘Pure Café Latte’ is a seven-member female group performing live mainly in Tokyo.
Their music has been highly rated in the Oricon Daily Charts.
With the slogan “Serving you with a smile,” they are active daily as idols you can meet via SHOWROOM!

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⭐️Aoi Watanabe
Activity: Live Idol (Polarlight)
Social Media: X Instagram
Comment: There’s a lot I don’t know because it’s my first time,
but I’m looking forward to talking and meeting various people 🙈

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⭐️Mashiro Yuke
Activity: Live Idol (Polarlight)
Social Media: X Instagram
Comment: Nice to meet you, I’m Mashiro Yuke.
I love anime and singing, so feel free to talk to me~!

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⭐️Hinako Noi
Activity: Live Idol (Polarlight)
Social Media: X Instagram
Comment: I love singing, dancing, and acting!
I’d love to have a relaxed and lengthy chat ٩( ᐛ )و
Oh, I’m a beginner at darts, so I’m looking for someone to teach me!!!

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Polarlight is a group born on the live streaming app “MixChannel.”
The group’s name seems to come from the English ‘polar lights,’ which means ‘aurora.’
True to their name, they aim to be an idol group that shines brightly!

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⭐️Nanami Tanizaki
Activity: Live Idol (Positive Monster)
Social Media: X
Comment: I’m Nanami Tanizaki, a new member of Positive Monster!
I’m still new and there’s a lot I don’t know, but
I would be happy to talk a lot with you! I’m streaming daily on SHOWROOM!

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⭐️Mayuki Hinata
Activity: Live Idol (Positive Monster)
Social Media: X
Comment: I’m Mayuki Hinata, a new member of Positive Monster.
Please call me Mayu-chan.
Originally from Niigata, a rice-producing region, I always bring rice balls to the dressing room.
I live to share rice balls with everyone I meet.
I love chatting and it’s my first time as an idol,
so I would be happy if we could talk together!

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⭐️Mizuki Yokomiya
Activity: Live Idol (Positive Monster)
Social Media: X
Comment: I’m Mizuki Yokomiya, a new member of Positive Monster!
A bit of a shy chatterbox,
excited to meet many people!
Looking forward to your support!

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⭐️Natsumi Saeki
Activity: Live Idol (Positive Monster)
Social Media: X
Comment: I’m Natsumi Saeki from Positive Monster!
I love anime, manga, games, and makeup!! I would be happy to talk a lot with you!♡

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‘Positive Monster’ is an idol group that operates under the concept of “HAPPY World Invasion!” All members are enlisted at Shibuya WonderGround, so check their work schedule and go meet them!


⭐️Rina Kuroki
Activity: Freelance Talent
Social Media: Instagram
Comment: Originally from Oita, I’m tall! My nickname is Kuroki!
After 10 years as an idol, I’m now freelancing!
Let’s talk a lot about idol experiences!♡
I love chatting and want to have fun talking with everyone at WonderGround ☺︎
Special skill: Omelette Rice Artist! Nice to meet you ^ ^
*I also work part-time at WonderGround.

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⭐️Yuri Udon
Activity: Idol, Talent, Udon Fairy
Social Media: X
Comment: Japan’s first!? I am Yuri Udon, an udon-specialized idol❣️
My favorite food is udon◥█̆̈◤࿉∥ I ate 300 bowls last year😋
Hobbies include watching idol lives, playing mahjong, martial arts, etc.
I’m looking forward to talking with everyone💕︎ It’s my first time at the cafe, and I’m nervous, but please teach me various things🙏✨️

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⭐️Sakika Sera
Activity: Live Idol (Halenochi×Halation)
Social Media: X
Comment: Usually, I handle the Red♥️ role in Halation×Halenochi!
I also work as a voice actress!
I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone at WonderGround and live events🙌✨️
I’ll definitely fill everyone with smiles and energy! Let’s have a great time together🎶

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⭐️Karin Aisaki
Activity: Live Idol (Halenochi×Halation)
Social Media: X
Comment: I am Karin Aisaki from Halenochi×Halation!
I love entertaining people, so I’ll do my best to make everyone happy at WonderGround and during live shows!
I’d be delighted if you could come and see me ( ˊᵕˋ* )♩

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‘Halenochi×Halation’ is a 7-member idol group that debuted at KeyStudio in Shinjuku Alta on December 5, 2023. They carry a mission to deliver smiles and energy worldwide, captivating fans and gathering broad support.


⭐️Ichika Hinata
Activity: Live Idol, Photo Session Model
Social Media: X
Comment: I’m very easygoing. Please feel free to call me Ichika!
Looking forward to chatting with you (*´ω`*)

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⭐️Nibe Child (Nibe-child)
Activity: Singer-songwriter / Idol
Social Media: X
Comment: I sing, dance, and play guitar—anything!!
I also have a cat 🐾 Let’s enjoy our time together 🤍

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⭐️Hinami Ume
Activity: Talent
Social Media: X
Comment: Nice to meet you! I am Ume Hinami, the youngest at 19 from Yokohama and a huge fan of idols ❤️
I’m a friendly kid who loves to chat, so please pay attention to me ( T_T)\(^-^ )
If I don’t have a photo pose ready, I end up doing the Yokohama pose
I want to make 100 friends since all otakus are friends
I’m actively looking for oshi-men, so please teach me about your favorite idols
Looking forward to meeting you! ^_^❤️

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⭐️Minase Ayane
Activity: Talent (Preparing for Idol)
Social Media: X Instagram
Comment: Both live performances and WonderGround are very important to me.
I’m often told I’m easy to talk to, so please feel free to make friends with me♡

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⭐️Sakuragawa Myuu
Activity: Actress & Talent
Social Media: X
Comment: If you need a place to relax after work,
please drop by casually♪
I also enjoy watching baseball and soccer, so it would be great to chat about that,
or just relax together♡

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Activity: Mascot Character
Comment: Official Mascot Character of Shibuya WonderGround
6-year-old girl, a dog who helps around the shop.
Still young and doesn’t know much yet, but
is trying her best to manage the website creation task
assigned by the manager.
Curious about everything, she’s currently hooked on creating ‘Shibuya WonderGround’s website.

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Store Information

Address1F Abe Building, 2-18-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
WEBOfficial Site
Business HoursHolidays

Business Days
17:00 – 23:00

Last Order
Seating25 seats
Pricing InformationFirst visit: ¥1,200/h (women ¥600/h) + 2 orders
Extension: ¥1,200/h (women ¥600/h) + 1 order

Credit cards accepted!


【BEER ¥800】
Draft Beer
Shandy Gaff
Campari Beer
Cassis Beer

Cassis Orange
Cassis Oolong
Cassis Soda
Cassis Grapefruit

Campari Orange
Campari Tonic
Campari Soda
Campari Grapefruit

Fuzzy Navel
Reggae Punch
Peach Soda
Beach Grapefruit

Lychee Orange
Lychee Tonic
Lychee Soda
Lychee Grapefruit
China Blue

Malibu Orange
Malibu Coke

Gin Buck
Gin Tonic
Gin Lime

Moscow Mule
Vodka Tonic

Rum Buck
Rum Coke
Sol Cuba Libre

【WHISKEY ¥900】
Coke Highball
Ginger Highball

【SHOCHU ¥900】
Green Tea High
Oolong High
Jasmine High

Orange Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Ginger Ale
Tonic Water
Jasmine Tea
Oolong Tea
Green Tea

Omelet Rice with Drawing ¥1,800
Handmade Onigiri ¥2,000
Curry Rice ¥1,000
Shrimp Pilaf ¥1,000
Grilled Meat Pilaf ¥1,000
Chicken Rice ¥1,000

 ※Russian Takoyaki available
 ※Win ¥100 per hit
Fried Chicken

【PASTA ¥1,200】
Meat Sauce

【DESSERT ¥800】
Giant Cream Puff
 ※With drawing option for an extra ¥400

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