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Have you heard of the “mi-mi” concafe in Tenjin, Fukuoka? It has a Chinese theme with an interior decorated in a striking red-and-black color scheme, creating a very oriental atmosphere.


Oh, mi-mi, right?

The Chinese-style interior and the hanging lanterns are quite distinctive there.

The moment you step inside, it feels like you’ve wandered into a different world.


Everyone there wears completely custom-made uniforms, so you really feel their attention to detail.


That sounds great! I think we’d have a really enjoyable time there.

So, let’s go to mi-mi and spend some special time with the “Cute Chinese Girls”!

Fukuoka’s exotic concafe “mi-mi” in Tenjin

Fukuoka・Tenjin’s Exotic Concafe “mi-mi”

“mi-mi” located in the Tenjin area of Fukuoka is a concafe known for its special atmosphere and exotic charm. The interior is themed around Chinese culture, featuring cast members dressed in Chinese-style outfits reminiscent of cheongsam dresses, delighting visitors. Here, we delve into the unique experiences and charms offered by mi-mi in detail.

Ambiance and Service

Inside mi-mi, an elegant Chinese ambiance pervades. The predominant red-and-black color scheme, hanging lanterns, and wafting incense create an atmosphere that transports visitors to a foreign, exotic space. Figures and mascots decorating the floor further enhance this immersive experience. The interior decor is meticulously custom-made, offering different discoveries with each visit.

At mi-mi, carefully selected cast members entertain visitors. The service is consistently of high quality, and visitors can enjoy themselves starting from 1,100 yen per hour, making it an affordable experience at any time of day. Regulars also benefit from special services and events, ensuring a fulfilling time.

Chinese Culture

mi-mi’s concept revolves around “China,” evident in its Chinese-themed concafe. Cast members dress in Oriental-style uniforms akin to cheongsams, exuding an exotic and seductive atmosphere. These custom-made uniforms play a crucial role in enhancing the overall ambiance, complemented by the charming smiles and attire of the cast, enriching the cafe’s atmosphere.

mi-mi also offers an enticing food menu unique to concafes. Highlights include “Art Drawing Omurice,” “Kimchi,” and “Mapo Tofu,” each dish enhancing the immersive experience. Limited-time menus vary daily, offering new delights with each visit. Through these culinary experiences, visitors can fully immerse themselves in mi-mi’s concept.

Community Engagement and Events

mi-mi hosts regular special events and promotions, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the concafe’s allure, contributing to its popularity among repeat customers. Opportunities for interaction with cast members and special culinary offerings add to the enjoyment. Special occasions feature commemorative photos and gift plans, creating memorable experiences for visitors.

As a distinctive presence in the Tenjin area, mi-mi strengthens its ties with the local community, positioning itself as a new entertainment venue for locals and tourists alike, significantly enhancing the region’s appeal and contributing to the local economy.

System Menu

Charge per hour: 500 yen
*One drink order required

All-you-can-drink and sing plan
First hour: 2000 yen
Each additional hour: 1200 yen
*Maximum charge: 5500 yen
*Customers from the affiliated Crossover get half price for the first hour

Chinese tea: 600 yen
Herbal tea: 1000 yen
Baijiu: 600 yen
Soup dumplings: 600 yen, etc.

Store Information

Address3F Morooka Building, 3-2-27 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Access1 minute walk from Tenjin Underground Shopping Center West Exit 1
5 minutes walk from Tenjin Station
Show access map
Business hoursMon-Fri 17:00-23:00
Sat, Sun, and Holidays 15:00-23:00
Regular holidays
Payment methodsCash accepted
Various credit cards accepted
Electronic money accepted
QR code payment accepted
Number of seatsCounter 8 seats
2 Box seats
Group use
Wifi/Wireless LAN
Official website
Official SNSX

The menu was interesting too, with things like omurice that you can draw on, authentic kimchi, and mapo tofu – it was full of Chinese flavors. There were also daily special menus, so we could enjoy it in many different ways!


It seems like it’s become a tourist attraction in Fukuoka too. I’d like to go there with everyone next time.

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