Milk Planet Tenjin Store


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Do you know the Milk Planet Tenjin store?


It’s a maid café themed around planets, and I’ve heard the interior is very fantastical and lovely.


It seems like they have many different types of maids!


Let’s go try their popular omelette rice with drawings!

Planet Café 【Milk Planet】 Descends in Tenjin

A new attraction has been added to the Tenjin area of Fukuoka. That is 【Milk Planet Tenjin Store】. This café is a genuine maid café bar that has gained immense popularity in Tokyo and Osaka, and it has finally arrived in Fukuoka. With stylish interiors and unique cast members, this café has become the latest hot spot in Tenjin.

At 【Milk Planet Tenjin Store】, you can request karaoke songs and spend special time with the maids while enjoying original food and drinks. Karaoke requests are 1000 yen per song, allowing you to sing with your favorite maid. One of the most popular original dishes is the drawing omelet rice prepared in front of you by the maids, available for 1200 yen. Additionally, original goods are sold, so you can purchase souvenirs to remember your visit.

A Fantasy Planet Café Welcoming You with Maids

The interior decorations are themed around planets, creating a fantastical design that transports visitors to another world. The luxurious décor, complete with glittering chandeliers, is so beautiful that it makes you forget about reality once you step inside. The café also offers counter seats and sofa seats, catering to various situations.

Here, you can enjoy various services such as an all-you-can-drink plan, cheki photo shoots, and cast drinks. The all-you-can-drink plan is 1980 yen, and you can enjoy beer, whiskey, wine, and more. Cheki photo shoots are 1000 yen per photo, allowing you to take a picture with a maid and take it home as a keepsake. Cast drinks are 1000 yen, giving you the chance to enjoy a drink with the maids.

Enjoy Time with Exciting Events, Original Food, and Drinks

The maids at 【Milk Planet Tenjin Store】 are not only cute but also possess various talents such as singing, dancing, and performing. Regular live performances are held in the café, where you can enjoy the maids’ incredible talents up close. These performances are a major attraction for visitors, making them want to come back again.

Furthermore, by taking cheki photos or ordering cast drinks, you can have more intimate interactions with the maids. Cheki photos not only allow you to take pictures together, but the maids also add messages or illustrations to the photos, making them a special memory. When you order a cast drink, a maid will come to your table to enjoy the drink with you, ensuring a lively conversation.

Another charm of 【Milk Planet Tenjin Store】 is its original food and drinks. The most popular item is the drawing omelet rice, lovingly decorated by the maids. The drawing omelet rice is offered for 1200 yen, and the maids create cute illustrations right in front of you, making it a visual treat.

【Milk Planet Tenjin Store】 is also conveniently located just a 7-minute walk from Tenjin Station. It is open year-round, starting at 6 PM on weekdays and at 4 PM on weekends and holidays, making it perfect for a visit after work or a weekend refreshment. While the number of seats is not specified, the café offers both counter and sofa seating, accommodating various situations.

System Menu

Draft beer, shochu, whiskey, wine, various cocktails, soft drinks 1,980 yen and up

Photo 1,100 yen per photo
Cheki (with instant drawing) 1,650 yen per photo
Karaoke request 1,100 yen per song
Cast drink 1,100 yen and up per drink
Omelette rice with drawing 1,320 yen and up

Food 660 yen and up
Shots 770 yen and up
Champagne 5,500 yen and up
Value set menu 2,200 yen and up

Store Information

Store NameMilk Planet Tenjin Store
AddressWAVE BLDG 2F, 1-8-38 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access7-minute walk from Tenjin Station
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Business HoursMon-Fri: 18:00 and up
Sat/Sun/Holidays: 16:00 and up
ClosedOpen year-round
Price2,000 yen and up
Payment MethodsCash accepted
Various credit cards accepted
Group Use
Wifi/Wireless LAN
Official Website
Official SNSX

The yami-kei maid was very kind, and talking with her was very comforting.

Each maid had a unique character, making conversations very enjoyable!


I’m looking forward to the next visit. Milk Planet Tenjin Store was truly amazing!

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