Shibuya  Maid Cafes Top 10 Ranking (Updated 2024)

We will introduce our recommended concept cafes in Shibuya in ranking format!

Shibuya is a hub for youth trends, featuring many unique concept cafes! The distinctive concepts make choosing fun, so be sure to check them out!

Shibuya and Concept Cafes

Shibuya is a gathering place for youth trends, not only in fashion, music, and art but also in various other contents. In such a trendy area, concept cafes also fiercely compete, each employing a wide variety of concepts.
Sensitive to new trends, it’s an environment conducive to popularizing unique concept cafes. It’s also popular with tourists and an attractive spot for foreigners wanting to experience Japan’s subculture.

Find the Right Concept Cafe for You!

If you’re looking for a little escape from daily life, concept cafes are recommended. It’s not just about drinking coffee; you can enjoy special experiences found nowhere else. However, choosing the perfect one from the many concept cafes can be surprisingly difficult. Here, we introduce three points to focus on when searching for the right concept cafe.

Uniqueness of the Concept
First, consider what unique experiences the cafe offers.
For example, cafes where you can enjoy coffee surrounded by art like in an art gallery, or those offering special dishes and drinks in an interior that makes you feel like you’re in a foreign country, provide experiences you can’t find elsewhere.

Comfort and Atmosphere
To truly enjoy your time in a cafe, you need comfortable seating and a soothing atmosphere.
Check whether the interior design, lighting, music, etc., make you feel relaxed.
The view from the windows and whether the cafe is in a quiet location are also points to consider.

Service and Reputation
Finally, the attitude of the staff and the quality of service are important elements. Before visiting, check reviews and testimonials. A cafe with kind and courteous service is suitable for spending time alone or for special moments with someone important.

– Ranking –

10th Place: Anison Bar “Apare -アペル- Shibuya Main Store”

Apare is an amusement facility where you can enjoy various activities, not just great conversations with the cast, but also unlimited singing karaoke and playing darts! It’s attractive because it can be used in various situations.
The uniforms worn by the girls at Apare, consisting of frilly shirts and skirts, remind you of maids or idols, and are a neat piece with a red ribbon as a focal point, making them very photogenic!

9th Place: Genderless Maid Cafe & Bar Camerot

Genderless Maid Cafe & Bar Camerot welcomes you with a diverse cast ranging from female maids to cross-dressing, offering hospitality in many forms!
The interior is adorned with sultry pink lighting. The lighting and neon store logo add a touch of glamour, and you can enjoy live performances on a large stage!

8th Place: Naturalia Shibuya Store

This shop offers a comfortable place to spend time while enjoying conversation with ordinary folks who could be working at Starbucks or stylish cafes! Those who are not fans of heavy makeup can also feel at ease visiting here.

7th Place: Shibuya WonderGround

At this shop, only women active in the entertainment industry work here. Whether they are idols, actresses, or illustrators, their talents vary, but they all serve customers in a cozy atmosphere. There are also days when they appear as “one-day guests,” offering new encounters with every visit. From wonderful meetings to following their activities, experiencing it here is the charm of WonderGround. Let’s go find your new favorite!

6th Place: +idolist

idoRe: is a stage-equipped cafe & bar born as part of the “idoRe:Project”. It showcases the potential and past experiences of former idols, who are now pursuing their dreams again. Their performances inspire and resonate with many viewers!

5th Place: Cross-dressing Cafe & Bar haco.

A glamorous shop that colors the night, where cross-dressing bartenders welcome you. The sight of handsome staff smiling sweetly while making drinks can make anyone’s heart flutter! Both women and men should definitely go and meet the charming staff!

4th Place: Cheer up Tokyo

This cheerleader-themed shop is full of energetic, supportive vibes! The concept of the shop is “Cheer up,” which means to energize everyone, from customers to those involved in events, with a mission to recharge everyone’s spirits.

3rd Place: Animal Kingdom Trace

At Trace, girls dressed in sexy animal costumes warmly welcome you🎵 In addition to unlimited drinks, special champagne is also available, letting you fully enjoy the night in Shibuya.

2nd Place: Maidreamin Shibuya

Maidreamin is one of Japan’s leading maid cafes, known for special events and a rich menu. You can receive benefits through the official app, and join the official fan club for even more fun.
Maidreamin also hosts enjoyable live shows every two hours. You can enjoy maid stage live performances!

1st Place: Gal Cafe 10sion

When it comes to Shibuya’s gal fashion, it’s a unique style that attracts attention worldwide! Spend the best time in a party paradise with them dressed in such outfits, constantly raising the vibe!
You can buy items created by gals for hype-up events and more online officially!


With shops spread north, south, east, and west around Shibuya station, it might be fun to discover them while exploring!


Since there are many shops close to the station, definitely give them a visit when you’re in Shibuya!