Schwartz Chevalier ~Schwarz Schwa~


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Welcome to the World of Knights – Akihabara’s Cross-Dressing Cafe

Located in Akihabara, “Schwartz Chevalier” is a cross-dressing cafe with a knight concept.
Known as “Schwarz Schwa,” this cafe is popular as one of Akihabara’s representative cross-dressing cafes.
With its captivating space combining visuals, service, and a unique worldview, it invites customers into the world of knights.
It stands out with its distinctive atmosphere and high-quality service that sets it apart from other cross-dressing cafes.
Even members of Nogizaka46 and KinKi Kids have visited for TV interviews, drawing media attention.

Sophisticated Urban Space Design

The interior of “Schwartz Chevalier” exudes a modern and stylish atmosphere.
Star-shaped pendant lights and multiple spotlights adorn the ceiling, softly illuminating the space.
The walls are unified in a calm gray, creating a chic and mature ambiance.

An L-shaped counter bar takes center stage, featuring a modern design with a black motif.
The shelves behind the counter are lined with various types of alcohol, enhancing the bar-like feel.
The counter seats are equipped with sleek black high chairs with backrests.

On one side, vibrant blue bench seats are paired with wooden round tables and folding chairs.
This combination of colors and materials creates a space that feels both modern and warm.

The floor features a brown stone tile-like material, combining luxury and durability.
Decorative rectangular lights on the walls add depth and warmth to the space.

Overall, the balance between modern and stylish design, along with warm materials and colors, creates a comfortable atmosphere.
This sophisticated interior successfully expresses the unique theme of a knight-themed cross-dressing cafe in a contemporary and fashionable manner.

Meet Unique Knights

The greatest charm of “Schwartz Chevalier” lies in its unique knights.
The lineup includes a variety of knights, from cool prince types and adorable puppy types with charming fangs to stylish types with facial piercings.
All members of the cross-dressing idol group “Take the Throne” are also part of the staff, providing professional service.
These knights combine dependable “masculinity” with beautiful “femininity,” truly masterpieces of humanity.
The costumes, reminiscent of medieval knights, feature intricate details that are captivating.
Customers can enjoy conversations with the knights, feeling like princesses themselves.

Reasonable Pricing System and Menu

“Schwartz Chevalier” operates on a system where one order is required every 60 minutes.
The charge is 700 yen per 60 minutes, making it quite affordable.
The drink menu is extensive, with soft drinks starting at 700 yen and alcoholic beverages starting at 800 yen.
There is also an all-you-can-drink option, ideal for those who wish to enjoy a longer stay.
The food menu offers a range of options, from light snacks to full meals.
One of the attractions is that the cafe is open until 5 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, allowing you to spend late nights with the knights.
Receiving high-quality service at reasonable prices is a defining feature of this cafe.

Discover the New Charm of Cross-Dressing Cafes

“Schwartz Chevalier” is a popular spot in Akihabara that adds new charm to cross-dressing cafes.
With its unique knight-themed world and the appeal of its diverse staff, it captivates visitors.
It has been featured in numerous media outlets, attracting new customers daily.
Whether you’re visiting a cross-dressing cafe for the first time or have been to others before, you’ll be impressed by the new discoveries and high quality.
Many events are held regularly, providing fresh experiences each time.
When visiting Akihabara, why not spend an elegant time with the knights at “Schwartz Chevalier”?

Store Information

Store NameSchwartz Chevalier ~Schwarz Schwa~
AddressM2 Building 4th Floor, 3-15-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access6-minute walk from Akihabara Station, 2-minute walk from Suehirocho Station
Business HoursWeekdays & Sundays/Holidays: 17:00~23:00, Fridays & Saturdays: 17:00~5:00
HolidaysIrregular holidays
SystemOne order required per 60 minutes, charge of 700 yen per 60 minutes
Payment MethodsCash, Credit Card
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