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The Sweet World of Dreamy Maids

Marshmello, a popular maid café in the competitive Akihabara area, is a classic maid café with the concept of “dreamy and cute.” Just like its name “Marshmello,” it is characterized by a fluffy and sweet atmosphere. The big difference from other shops lies in its strongest dreamy and cute space created by colorful maid uniforms and a pastel-colored interior.

In this shop, cast members dressed in specially designed, dolly maid uniforms adorned with ribbons and delicate frills welcome customers. The cast members also put a lot of effort into their hairstyles and makeup to match their outfits, ensuring that their cuteness is ever-evolving and captivating. It is also an enjoyable space for female customers.

A Dream Space Like a Candy Land

The interior of Marshmello is like stepping into a candy land. The dreamy cute-filled floor is overflowing with cuteness wherever you look. The store is covered in pastel blue wallpaper, creating a calm and dreamy atmosphere. Each wall is decorated with white frames, featuring a sophisticated design. The large white counter in the center, adorned with marble patterns, adds a touch of luxury. At the back, there is a set of white antique-style tables and chairs. The chairs, with their intricately carved backs, exude a romantic atmosphere.

The seating includes 8 counter seats and 2 tables, allowing you to fully enjoy the dreamy cute space from any seat. The counter seats offer a closer interaction with the cast, while the table seats provide a relaxing time for groups. With many photogenic spots, it feels like being in a dream.

Sweet Moments with the Maids

At Marshmello, the fun interactions with the dreamy cute maids are a highlight. The cast members wear specially designed maid uniforms in four different colors, entertaining customers. The dolly mini-dress style costumes, adorned with plenty of ribbons and frills, are endlessly cute no matter how many times you see them.

The cast members also put effort into their hairstyles and makeup to match their outfits. They offer various services such as chatting with customers and taking pictures together. Enjoy sweet moments with the maids in the dreamy cute space.

Affordable Pricing System and Menu

Marshmello’s pricing system includes an all-you-can-drink set price. The reasonable price of ¥3,000 for a 40-minute set, with the same price for extensions, is very attractive. The café time (12:00 – 17:00) is even more affordable, starting from ¥1,000.

The all-you-can-drink menu allows you to enjoy various drinks, excluding some items. You can also order drinks with the cast starting from ¥1,000. Please check the menu details in the store. With its affordable pricing system, you can fully enjoy the dreamy cute space and fun services.

A Healing Space for a Dreamy Time

Marshmello is a popular café in Akihabara with a unique dreamy cute world. The space created by the cast members in colorful maid uniforms and the pastel-colored interior gives you a feeling of being in a dream.

With its affordable pricing system and extensive services, it is supported by a wide range of customers from first-timers to repeaters. It is recommended for those who want to spend a sweet time forgetting everyday life or relax surrounded by cute things. When you visit Akihabara, please spend a dreamy time at Marshmello.

Store Information

Store NameMashumero
AddressKami Tower Building 2F, 1-9-11 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access3-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business Hours12:00 PM – 11:30 PM
ClosedOpen All Year Round
System1 set 40 minutes ¥3,000 (including all-you-can-drink)
Payment MethodsCredit Cards Accepted
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