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This maid uniform is so cute


The uniforms of My First Maid are really popular, aren’t they?

They have 5 colors and they’re so vibrant


Alright, let’s go to My First Maid today

“I Want to Be Your Number One” Maid Cafe

Located in Akihabara, “My First Maid” is a maid cafe that aims to be the most beloved by its master and mistress customers. With the concept of “I want to be your number one”, it has a strong presence among the maid cafes that gather in the holy land of subculture, Akihabara, with its unique and stunningly beautiful maids.

There are various types of maids, so any customer is sure to find the maid that is just right for them.

Fancy Interior with Pastel Pink and Green

As the name suggests, “My First Maid” is a maid cafe in Akihabara that provides a comfortable space even for first-time visitors.

The interior is unified in a refined and cute atmosphere with pastel pink and green as the base colors. Upon entering, you are greeted by a fancy impression, like a mansion, with the matching color scheme of the chairs and sofas creating a soothing atmosphere.

In the center is a large stage like a theater, where you can enjoy impressive live performances.

The seating area is divided into a counter in front of the stage and tables in the back, with comfortable sofa seats at the very end. The original theme song plays in the background, creating an entertaining atmosphere since the opening.

These thoughtful considerations make My First Maid more than just a maid cafe, but a place that continues to be loved by its visitors.

5 Uniform Colors and the Maid’s Idol Unit “Yumeiro Vision”

The maids at “My First Maid” can choose from 5 colors for their uniforms – pastel blue, pastel pink, mint green, bitter brown, and jet black – depending on their mood for the day. This unique style of wearing different colored uniforms every serving day is like a race between the maids.

The uniform design features cute pastel-colored ribbons as a characteristic.

In addition, the maids working at this maid cafe have formed an idol unit called “Yumeiro Vision“. This unique project aims to spread the charm of “maid cafes” and “idols” from Akihabara, aiming to increase the popularity of My First Maid and energize the store.

Prices and Menu at My First Maid

At “My First Maid”, they have a 60-minute 1 drink order system. You pay an 800 yen entry fee (1 Kyu = 1 yen) for the 60 minutes, and then need to order 1 drink.

Drinks start from 600 yen, which is reasonably priced. If you want to extend your stay, it’s an additional 400 yen per 30 minutes plus the drink cost.

The food menu includes maid cafe staples like omurice (1,500 yen) as well as cute-looking items like dog curry (1,200 yen) and teddy bear burger plate (1,400 yen).

There are also entertainment-focused menu items like the hourglass (1,000 yen) where you can chat with the maid until the hourglass runs out.

Another unique feature is the “Heart System” where you can support your favorite maid. By ordering original cocktails (1,200 yen~) or polaroid photos (1,000 yen), you can earn hearts to put in the maid’s pouch, helping to deepen your relationship with them.

My First Omurice with Drawing 1,500 Kyu
Dog Curry 1,200 Kyu
Teddy Bear Burger Plate with Rice 1,400 Kyu
Fluffy Pancakes 1,200 Kyu
Burning Pasta 1,200 Kyu
Mozzarella Cheese Fry 800 Kyu
Pocky 500 Kyu
Kiss x Chocolate 500 Kyu
Crispy Fresh Potato Chips 500 Kyu
Corn Potage 500 Kyu
Mixed Nuts 500 Kyu
Crispy Potato Fries 600 Kyu
Scattered Cheese Caesar Salad 600 Kyu
Crunchy Cartilage Fried 600 Kyu

Chef’s Whimsical Cake 1,000 Kyu
Little Bear Parfait 800 Kyu
White Bear Parfait 800 Kyu
Cinnamon Roll 700 Kyu
Cream Puff Tower 1,200 Kyu
Sweets Plate 1,200 Kyu
Pancake Donut 1,000 Kyu
Selected Ice Cream Assortment 600 Kyu
Sweet Pancakes 1,000 Kyu
Japanese-Style Dessert Plate 1,000 Kyu
Western-Style Dessert Plate 1,000 Kyu

Reviews of My First Maid

The following are excerpts and summaries of reviews of My First Maid found online. There are many positive comments, indicating that it is loved by many customers.

"The price was 800 yen for 1 hour plus the drink charge. The interior was spacious and clean. When I visited, there were 3 maids who were really bright and provided excellent service." 
"I've been going there for almost 2 years. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the classic maid cafe style."
"The maid uniforms come in many cute colors."
"The drink sets, desserts, and food sets come with a Polaroid photo you can take with the maid, which is a great value."
"You can basically enjoy a relaxing meal and the classic maid cafe experience, with no cast drinks."
"When leaving, many maids will greet you. I'd recommend it for first-time maid cafe goers. You can get omurice, a drink, and a memorial Polaroid photo with the maids. There are various food menu items. The atmosphere is bright and fun."
"It's an easy place to enter even for first-timers. The maids in colorful uniforms will greet you."
"The uniforms are cute and the interior is clean. There are 10 counter seats and table seating as well."
"The staff are lovely, and the space is spacious. It was my first maid cafe experience but I had a great time, so I'd recommend it to beginners as well."
"The maids are all kind, friendly and cheerful. They wear uniforms in various colors, and the atmosphere is bright. They are also friendly to foreign customers."


My First Maid is a popular maid cafe in Akihabara, known for its cute pastel atmosphere and unique maids.

The interior is designed in a refined and adorable pink and green color scheme, and there is a live stage as well.

The enthusiastic service from the maids is highly praised, and there are many enjoyable menu items like Polaroid photos, games, and live performances.

It’s an easy place for beginners to visit, with a friendly atmosphere that is appealing.

You can enjoy the classic maid cafe culture through interactions with the individually-minded maids.


As a classic maid cafe, “My First Maid” is popular and easy for beginners to visit.

Store Information

Store NameMy First Maid
Address4-4-2 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access5 minutes walk from Akihabara Station
2 minutes walk from Suehirocho Station
Business HoursWeekdays 15:00-23:00
Weekends/Holidays 12:00-23:00
ClosedOpen year-round
System1 drink order system
800 yen charge
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