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This place is amazing, both the outfits and the interior design are truly fantastic.


This is the shisha lounge produced by Sakura Kurumi. You can sense the strong attention to detail in every aspect.

An Enchanting Space Woven by Goddesses

In mid-April 2024, a new shisha lounge called “KuruMira” opened in Kabukicho. This lounge is produced by Sakura Kurumi, who boasts over 170,000 followers on social media, and is themed around “goddesses.” KuruMira offers a new experience that redefines the concept of conventional concept cafes by blending three elements: “cute,” “luxurious,” and “slightly sexy.” Beautiful and graceful goddesses provide guests with moments of awe and relaxation. Under Sakura Kurumi’s meticulous supervision, a unique atmosphere and charm that can’t be found in other establishments has been created.

A Mystical Sanctuary Interior

The interior of KuruMira is an elegant and refined space that evokes the sanctum of goddesses. It combines luxury with cuteness and a touch of sexiness in a harmonious balance. The seating options include counter seats, sofa seats, and VIP seats, allowing guests to choose based on their preferences and purposes.

The sofa seats feature a feminine and elegant design with shell-shaped or vertically lined pink sofas. The tables have white marble tops, adding a sense of luxury. Bright flower wreaths adorn the walls, adding a touch of festivity to the space. The counter seats feature marble tops and green chairs that provide a striking contrast to the predominantly pink decor.

Overall, the interior of KuruMira is a perfect fusion of feminine elegance and modern sophistication. This unique space design allows guests to spend a luxurious time away from their daily lives in a mystical atmosphere, which is the charm of KuruMira.

Three Types of Costumes Highlighting the Charm of Goddesses

The cast of KuruMira wears captivating idol-style and Chinese-style costumes. These outfits blend cuteness and sexiness perfectly, bringing out the cast’s charm to the fullest.

The idol-style costumes come in two color variations. One features a pastel green and white design, while the other is based on gray. Both have tops with wide-open necklines that add a touch of sexiness, accented with pink ribbons and frills for a cute touch. The flared mini skirts enhance the overall cuteness.

On the other hand, the Chinese-style costumes are sophisticated, using silver-gray satin fabric combined with white lace. They feature a high-neck collar and short, sheer puff sleeves, with delicate floral patterns made of lace from the chest to the abdomen. The body-hugging silhouette and short length beautifully highlight the legs, creating an overall glamorous, elegant, and sexy impression. These costumes perfectly express the unique world of KuruMira while radiating different kinds of charm.

KuruMira Pricing System

The pricing system at KuruMira starts with a basic 60-minute set, with the first-time rate being 3,500 yen and the regular rate 4,500 yen, both including all-you-can-drink. Sofa seats can be used for an additional 1,400 yen, and VIP seats for an additional 3,000 yen.

For shisha enjoyment, an additional 2,000 yen is required, but there is also a 120-minute shisha set plan available. All prices include tax and service charges, so there’s no need to worry about extra costs. The luxurious space and the hospitality of the beautiful goddesses at this price point make KuruMira uniquely appealing.

1 set 60 minutes (all-you-can-drink within the time)
First-time: 1 set 60 minutes (counter seat) 3,500 yen
Regular: 1 set 60 minutes (counter seat) 4,500 yen
Sofa seat charge for 60 minutes: additional 1,400 yen
VIP seat charge for 60 minutes: additional 3,000 yen

Shisha charge: 2,000 yen
Shisha set: 120 minutes (counter seat) 8,500 yen
Sofa seat charge: additional 2,800 yen
VIP seat charge: additional 6,000 yen

Extension fee (30 minutes)
Counter seat: 2,000 yen
Sofa seat: 2,700 yen
VIP seat: 3,500 yen

*All prices include tax and service charges.

A Sanctuary of Dreams and Happiness

KuruMira is an exciting new shisha lounge in Kabukicho. With a “goddess” concept produced by Sakura Kurumi, a sophisticated space reminiscent of a sanctuary, attractive costumes worn by beautiful cast members, and reasonable pricing, KuruMira offers a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression on its visitors. Its convenient location, just a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit, is another appealing feature. KuruMira is the perfect choice for those looking to relax and spend special time in a fantastical sanctuary away from daily life.

KuruMira Store Information

Store NameShisha Lounge KuruMira
Address6th Floor, Fuji Building, 1-16-2 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit, along Yasukuni Dori
Business Hours17:00 to 25:00
ClosedContact the store for details
Payment MethodsCash, Credit Card, QR Code Payment
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