Akihabara Maid Cafes Top 10 Ranking


We have come up with a top 10 maid café recommendation ranking for Akihabara.


The criteria for this “maid café” is basically for stores that do not have a Castdrink*!

*Castdrink is a drink that is bought for the cast member by the customer.

Welcome to the fascinating world of Akihabara maid cafes!

Akihabara is known as a town of subcultures such as anime, games, figures, and cosplay.

An essential part of Akihabara is the “maid café” culture.

In this article, we will thoroughly rank the 10 most popular maid cafes in Akihabara based on the latest information available in 2024.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or a cost-conscious customer, you can enjoy 120% of Akihabara maid café fun with this one guide.

It is packed with useful information on how to choose a popular store, café etiquette, and more.

How to choose a maid cafe

There are many maid cafes in Akihabara, and first-time visitors may be at a loss as to which one to choose.

When choosing a maid café, it is a good idea to check the following three points.


The best part of a maid café is the unique world view that comes from the interior design and the maids’ attitude toward customers.

There are various types of cafes, including antique cafes with a relaxed atmosphere, cafes where you can enjoy “moe” at its best, and cafes with a unique concept.

Find a store with a view of the world that suits your taste.


The menu, including food, drinks, and desserts, is also an important factor in choosing a restaurant.

Choose a restaurant with a rich food menu, a restaurant with a reputation for its special sweets, a restaurant with an all-you-can-drink menu, etc., according to your purpose.


You also need to check the services offered by the store, such as the hospitality of maids, event planning, availability of live performances, and cheki photo shooting.

Keep these points in mind to find the best Akihabara maid café for you.



Let’s get right to the rankings!

No. 10 Maid Cafe Tougenkyo

Maids do everything from cooking and baking to cleaning.

New maids first learn cooking and pastry making thoroughly for three months, and then demonstrate their skills in front of the master and the ladies.

Each maid has a different specialty, and the menu of the day is always changing.

One of the main attractions of Tougenkyo is that each time you visit, you will encounter different maids’ homemade dishes and sweets.

No. 9 My First Maid

My First Maid” is a traditional maid café with the concept of “I want to be your first maid. It is popular for its cute pastel atmosphere and unique maids. There is a live stage, and in addition to checkers, there is a menu that allows you to interact with the maids, such as “hourglass (1,000 yen)”.

An idol unit “Yumeiro Vision” formed by the maids of this store is also active.

No. 8 Akiba Zettai Ryoiki


This maid café is based on the concept of “otaku x kawaii,” which is fitting for Akihabara, a sacred place for otaku culture.

The girls are dressed in cat ears and maid uniforms, and their knee-high socks peeking out from the “Zettai Ryoiki” will catch your eye.

They put their heart and soul into each customer’s spell and give a hot performance in their live show.


CURE MAID CAFE, which opened in 2001 and is rooted in Akihabara, Tokyo, is known as the first maid café in Japan.

CURE MAID CAFE is distinct from other maid cafes that sell “moe,” or “moe” (moe is a word that means “cute” in Japanese), in that it does not offer services such as drawing pictures of menu items with ketchup or taking pictures with the maids.

Rather than enjoying the interaction with the maids, the real pleasure of the café is to savor your meal in a relaxed atmosphere while being served in a relaxed manner.

No. 6 Cafe Mai:lish

The main attraction of this café is the diverse personalities of the maids and the various costumes they wear.

From classical maid uniforms to cosplay outfits brimming with individuality, the costumes change according to the theme of the day and the event.

If you listen to the story behind each costume, you will gain a deeper understanding of the maids.

You can enjoy special costumes on certain days, such as Classical Maid Day on Wednesdays and Hobby Day.

No. 5 HoneyHoney Akihabara

Starting with the Yokohama branch, which opened in 2006, this popular chain group now has branches in Akihabara, Omiya, and Ikebukuro.

Unlike other maid cafes, HoneyHoney is more of a classic maid café that emphasizes a relaxed atmosphere rather than entertainment, allowing customers to spend a relaxing time while admiring the cute maids.

The quality of the homemade food and drinks is highly acclaimed, and the reasonable pricing makes it cosy and attractive.

As a legitimate maid café, HoneyHoney is a great place for even light users to stop by.

No. 4 Maid Cafe MAID MADE Akihabara

The most distinctive feature of “Maid Maid” is its overwhelming world view.

The “magical dolls (magiaroids),” who are set to come from the future, use magic to make your meal delicious.

The interior of the restaurant is designed to look like a fusion of cyberpop and classic magic, and once you step inside, you are already in a futuristic world.

The restaurant is full of eye-pleasing experiences, such as drawing magic on omelettes and powerful live performances.

No. 3 アキバなら異世界メイドがお給仕したって問題ないよねっ!

The space decorated with accessories and ornaments that give the impression of classical fantasy seems as if you have wandered into a bar of another world.

This space, created by maids who say they have been reincarnated from another world, is a perfect fusion of the concepts of “Akiba × another world × maids.

There are five different set menus recommended for first-time customers, ranging from otherworldly gourmet food to otherworldly drinks, allowing you to fully enjoy the hospitality of the maids.

Also, if you order from the live menu, you can watch maids perform up close, and the traditional Akihabara art of “wotagei,” or “otaku-gei,” is also noteworthy.

No. 2 At Home Cafe Akihabara

Since its opening in 2003, the cafe has enjoyed strong popularity over the years.

I still vividly remember my first visit. When I opened the door, I was surprised to be greeted with “Welcome, master! I was surprised when I opened the door and was greeted with “Welcome, master! The pink wallpaper and lace curtains inside the store were stylish, and the atmosphere of the maid café I had always dreamed of seemed to jump out of the screen.


Meidreamin is Japan’s largest maid café, with 20 locations in Japan and abroad, and claims to be the “No. 1 Entertainment Maid Café”.

The main store in Akihabara is the birthplace of the company, and it has opened stores widely in major cities in Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, and Sapporo.

One of the attractions of Maidreamin is the live performances that can be enjoyed at all stores.

Cast maids perform songs and dances from a stage set up inside the store.


For the sake of convenience, we have chosen to use the ranking format, but we recommend that you go to any of these 10 restaurants. We hope you will try to conquer all of them.