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There’s a cosplay-themed cafe called “Concafe” in the Osaka Nipponbashi area


You mean the place called “Fairytale”, right?

I heard it’s a popular spot where you can have fun conversations about games and anime


Yeah, that’s right!

They hold lots of events too, and you can even play games together, so it sounds like a fun place to spend time


With cute girls around and the chance to chat about your interests, it sounds perfect!

A Cosplay-Themed Concafe Near the Station

The cafe “Fairytale” is located in a prime spot just 5 seconds away from Ebisumachi Station! At this conveniently accessible place, you can spend a dreamy time with beautiful women dressed up in costumes from manga, anime, and games.
While they make drinks right next to you, you can chat about anime and manga, enjoy games together, or even sing anime songs – it’s guaranteed to be a fun time.

A Gate to Another World “Fairytale”

The moment you open the door to the cafe, it’s as if a space from another world unfolds before you. Beautiful women who seem to have stepped right out of a two-dimensional world are there to welcome you, each dressed as their favorite character. The level of detail in their cosplay is extremely high, making you think “If they made a live-action movie, she’s the only one who could play this part!” You’re bound to find a girl cosplaying as your favorite character too.

Furthermore, the girls are highly skilled at conversation and can liven up any chat in an enjoyable way. This means even first-timers to concafes can relax and have fun without worry. The cafe also has a karaoke setup, so you can grab everyone’s attention by singing your favorite anime songs.

For newcomers too, “Fairytale” is a place you can casually enjoy. But its appeal isn’t just the great access – the moment you step inside, an extraordinary experience awaits. The interior recreates a fantasy world, allowing you to forget the hustle and bustle of daily life as soon as you arrive.

Enjoy Quality Time While Taking in the Cute Cosplays

The girls each embody unique characters through their cosplays, with quality that will leave you amazed. Covering everything from popular to somewhat niche characters, you’re sure to find your favorite among them. You can even take photos together, giving you the feeling of stepping into a two-dimensional world.

The girls are also great conversationalists and excellent at livening up the atmosphere. Even first-time visitors will quickly feel at ease and be able to spend an enjoyable time. The well-equipped karaoke facilities also let you sing anime songs, adding extra fun by performing your favorite tunes. It’s perfect for those who love singing or anyone looking to join in the excitement together.

But that’s not all “Fairytale” has to offer – the regularly held events and special seasonal happenings are not to be missed. For Halloween and Christmas, the girls will don special costumes to give the place an even more festive atmosphere. Check the official website and social media for the latest event information.

The cafe also offers original drinks and foods for you to enjoy. Special themed menus inspired by characters will delight both your eyes and taste buds. The drinks come with adorable decorations that are sure to make you want to take pictures.

If this has piqued your interest, be sure to visit “Fairytale”. An extraordinary time awaits you in this out-of-the-ordinary space. The great access just 5 seconds from Ebisumachi Station is another draw. Step away from your daily routine and into a fantasy world, even if just for a little while.

Pricing System

Set charges start from 4000 yen,
Toast drinks with the cast from 1000 yen
Photo prints and bromides also for sale, food menus like omurice drawn by the cast too


・All-you-can-drink course
60min / ¥5,000 (Extension 60min / 5,000 30min / 3,000)
1 from whiskey, brandy, shochu, plum wine, oolong tea

・Cocktail Course
60min / ¥5,000 (Extension 60min / 5,000 30min / 3,000)
Up to 3 drinks of your choice from the cocktail menu for 1 hour

・Keep Bottle Course
60min / ¥4,500 (Extension 60min / 4,500 30min / 2,500)
This course is for customers who do not use the house bottle.

Nomination 1set / ¥2,000
Companion ¥3,000
Cheki ¥1,000
Bromide ¥1,000
Toast drink for cast members ¥1,000
Drawing omelette rice ¥1,500

Store Information

Store NameFairytale
Address2F Takeya Building, 5-7-19 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Access12-minute walk from Nipponbashi Station
1-minute walk from Ebisumachi Station
Show Access Map
Hours7:00 PM – 12:00 AM
ClosedOpen year-round
PriceFrom 5,400 yen
PaymentCredit cards accepted
Seating11 seats
Group Use
Official Websitehttp://fairytale.osaka/
Official SNSX

The cosplays were so realistic and amazing, it made my heart race seeing how accurately they were recreated!

But the girls were so friendly that I felt at ease right away! It was really fun!


They really provide such an enjoyable time, and you can talk so much about your favorite anime and games that time just flies by!

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