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Café e-maid, located just a minute’s walk from Namba Station on the Nankai Line, prides itself on delicious meals handmade by the chef and lovingly brewed tea by the maids. Despite its excellent access, the cafe has a calming, antique-style ambiance that warmly welcomes guests.

Girls and Uniforms

The uniforms worn by the girls at the café are traditional maid outfits.

The sleeves of the black dress are generally long, with an elegant design that adds class, while the white apron is adorned with graceful frills that enhance its refined look.
The cute bow at the chest adds a touch of color without sacrificing elegance.
The sparkling headpiece further highlights each person’s dignity.

This classical and formal maid outfit captures the hearts of all who see it!

Café Ambiance

The café’s décor is unified in an antique style, adding character to the entire space.
The spacious area houses 60 tables, proving that guests can relax without worrying about others.
A tranquil atmosphere pervades the café, offering a sensation as if you are basking in blissful moments.
Spending time in such a wonderful space is truly a delightful experience, which is one of the charms of this café!

A Wide Variety of Teas

This café specializes in tea. It always has ten types of straight and other classic teas available, plus about 20 special teas that change seasonally.

The tea, carefully brewed by the maids one cup at a time, is a luxurious moment. The aromatic brew made from high-quality leaves soothes the mind and helps forget the daily hustle. It’s recommended to enjoy the tea with meals or with delicious desserts during café time.

This special tea experience is not just about drinking but also about soothing the mind and body, creating moments of bliss. Please enjoy this luxurious tea experience when you visit the café.

Membership Benefits

This café has a membership system.
Only members can exchange or redeem goods at regularly held events.
The white stamp card received on the first visit becomes a membership after accumulating 20 points.

The members’ point card is specially designed with photos of the maids.
Members also collect points on the exclusive point card, enabling various benefit exchanges.
The benefits are as follows:

  • 1 ticket: ¥500 product voucher, cheki, can badge
  • 2 tickets: bookmark, ballpoint pen
  • 3 tickets: a small bottle of your favorite tea leaves
  • 4 tickets: cheki folder
  • 10 tickets: a photo frame with your favorite maid’s picture
  • 15 tickets: your favorite maid’s photo cabinet

    Become a member and get your special membership card!


※ Weekdays Only: Maid’s Freshly Baked Croissant 275 yen

Maid’s Whimsical Pancakes 1,155 yen
e-maid Parfait 1,320 yen
Green Soft (Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies Vanilla, Condensed Milk Strawberry, Matcha)
In-Store 495 yen, Takeout 486 yen

Cake Set (with Drink)

In-Store 275 yen
Takeout 1 piece 270 yen, 6 pieces 1,760 yen

Omelette Rice (+110 yen for Maid to draw in front of you) 1,265 yen
Curry Omelette Rice (+110 yen for Maid to draw in front of you) 1,265 yen
Demi-Glace Omelette Rice 1,265 yen

ーーーーーーーRice Set Menuーーーーーーー
Mix Set 1,320 yen
Special Hamburger Steak Set 1,430 yen
Adult Kid’s Set ~Pasta Set~ 1,925 yen
Adult Kid’s Set ~Doria Set~ 2,035 yen
Hamburger Steak Set 1,320 yen
Bacon Steak Set 1,320 yen
Rolling Beef Set 1,320 yen
Young Chicken Karaage Set 1,320 yen

▼ Pot Service Each 880 yen
Hot or Iced options available.
Mauritius Vanilla
Premium Chocola
Milky Cream
Strawberry Pistachio
Chamomile Mix Tea
Peppermint Mix
Everyday Jasmine
Berry Garden
Apple Garden
Muscat Grey
Rooibos Tropical Punch
Dragon Fruit Herbal Tea
Sicilian Lemon

▼ Ronnefeldt Each 990 yen
Irish Malt
Liqueur Darjeeling (Second Flush)
Earl Grey
▼ Foschion

▼ Cup Menu
Black Tea (Iced/Hot – Straight/Milk/Lemon) 660 yen
Tea Royal (Hot only) 880 yen
Russian Tea (Hot only – with jam) 880 yen
Honey Ginger Tea (Hot only) 770 yen
Tea Soda (Plain/Grapefruit/Orange) 770 yen
Royal Milk Tea (with whipped cream) 825 yen
Caramel Royal Milk Tea (with whipped cream) 880 yen
Cinnamon Royal Milk Tea (with whipped cream) 880 yen

Coffee (Iced/Hot) 660 yen
Americano (Hot only) 660 yen
Espresso (Hot only) 660 yen
Cafe au Lait (with whipped cream) 770 yen
Cafe Mocha (with chocolate syrup and whipped cream) 770 yen
Cinnamon Cappuccino (with cinnamon and whipped cream, Hot only) 770 yen
Cafe Latte (with whipped cream) 770 yen
Caramel Latte (with whipped cream) 770 yen
Honey Latte (with whipped cream) 770 yen
Affogato (Hot only) 825 yen
Drawing Chocolate Cappuccino (Hot only) 880 yen
Cafe Royale (Hot only) 825 yen
Viennese Coffee (with whipped cream, Hot only) 825 yen
ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーSoft Drinksーーーーーーーーーーーーーー
Coca-Cola 660 yen
Ginger Ale 660 yen
Melon Soda 660 yen
Orange Juice 660 yen
Orange Squash 660 yen
Grapefruit Juice 660 yen
Oolong Tea 660 yen
Soda Water 550 yen
Milk (Hot/Iced) each 715 yen
Tomato Juice 715 yen
Calpis (Hot/Iced) each 715 yen
Calpis Soda 715 yen
Caramel Milk (Hot/Iced with whipped cream) each 770 yen
Matcha Latte (Hot/Iced with whipped cream) each 770 yen
Lemonade (Hot/Iced) each 770 yen
Lemon Squash 770 yen
Yuzu Tea (Hot/Iced) each 770 yen
Yuzu Oolong Tea (Hot/Iced) each 770 yen
Yuzu Squash 770 yen
Cocoa (Hot/Iced with whipped cream) each 770 yen
Chocolate (Hot/Iced with whipped cream) each 770 yen
Hojicha Latte (Hot/Iced with whipped cream) each 770 yen
Banana Juice 825 yen
Mixed Juice 935 yen

Suntory The Premium Malt’s Glass 550 yen
Suntory The Premium Malt’s Jug 660 yen
Hoegaarden White (Belgium) 825 yen
Chimay Blue (Belgium) 880 yen
Chimay Red (Belgium) 825 yen
Chimay White (Belgium) 825 yen
Mizuo Dry (Hot/Cold) each 605 yen
【Chuhai】each 660 yen
Green Apple
Pomegranate (Grenadine)
Kyoho Grape
【Liqueur】each 880 yen
Cassis Soda
Cassis Orange
Fuzzy Navel
Peach Fizz
Kahlua Cola
Kahlua Milk
【Brandy】each 880 yen
Amber Glow
French Connection
【Beer】each 880 yen
Dog’s Nose
Cassis Beer
Shandy Gaff
Red Eye
【Wine】each 880 yen
【Vodka】each 880 yen
Moscow Mule
Vodka Tonic
Black Russian
Bloody Mary
【Gin】each 880 yen
Gin Lime
Gin Fizz
Gin Buck
Gin Tonic
Singapore Sling
Orange Blossom
【Rum】each 880 yen
Cuba Libre
【Red Wine】
▼ Santa Carolina Till Till Tinto
Glass 550 yen Bottle 1,650 yen
【White Wine】
▼ Santa Carolina Till Till Blanco
Glass 550 yen Bottle 1,650 yen
▼ Nikka Apple Wine
Single 550 yen Double 880 yen
※ Please choose from on the rocks, diluted with water, with soda, with ginger (+220 yen), or with oolong tea (+220 yen).
▼ Suntory Kakubin
Single 605 yen Double 880 yen
▼ Almond Highball 660 yen
▼ Jim Beam
Single 495 yen Double 770 yen
▼ Wild Turkey Standard
Single 660 yen Double 1,100 yen
▼ Tullamore Dew
Single 660 yen Double 1,100 yen
▼ Single Malt Yoichi
Single 990 yen Double 1,650 yen
▼ Glenfiddich 12 years old
Single 770 yen Double 1,430 yen
▼ Yamazaki
Single 1,100 yen Double 1,870 yen
※ Please choose from on the rocks, diluted with water, as a shot, with soda, with ginger (+220 yen), or with oolong tea (+220 yen).

Store Information

Address 〒556-0011 Osaka, Naniwa-ku, Namba Naka 2-3-6, Ladies Mansion Nishiyama 1st floor
Contact 06-6649-0620
Official Website Official Website
Social Media Twitter
Business Hours Monday to Friday: 12:00 – 22:30 (Last order for food: 21:45, Last order for drinks: 21:50)
Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays: 11:00 – 22:30 (Last order for food: 21:45, Last order for drinks: 21:50)
System One order per person (minimum order 495 yen)
90-minute seating limit (last order after 60 minutes, exit after 90 minutes)
Credit Cards VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, UnionPay, Discover
Electronic Money PayPay
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