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Mr. Pencil
Mr. Pencil

“MeriMero” is like a maid café straight out of a fairy tale.
Adorable Lolita maids welcome you♪
The interior is decorated to imagine a world of fairy tales, offering an atmosphere as if you’ve stepped into another world!

Adorable Lolita Maids Welcome You

“MeriMero” is like a maid café that seems to have leaped out of a fairy tale.
When you enter, maids dressed in frilly Lolita fashion greet you with a smile♪
Their endearing poses are incredibly cute, making them seem like dolls that have wandered out of a dream world into reality. These maids do their best to serve their masters, which makes for a very heartwarming sight.

Interior Decorations Inspired by a Fairy Tale World

The café is enveloped in an atmosphere like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, with vibrant yellow and pink motifs that brightly color the interior.
The adorable space features eye-catching decorations all around, providing the sensation of stepping into a fantasy world! Surrounded by such decorations, you can immerse yourself as if you are in a dream.
Along with the smiles of the maids, you will enjoy a heartwarming time.

Enjoy the Events!

“MeriMero” hosts fun-filled regular events!
The maids dressed in different event-themed outfits add flair to the café, and the interior decorations are also charmingly done up to match the events, offering new surprises each time you step in.

Event-exclusive menus appear, allowing you to enjoy special flavors available only during those times. Delicious meals and drinks are offered at great prices, satisfying your appetite♪ The limited menu changes with the seasons and themes, so there are always new discoveries with each visit!

The real pleasure of the events is the deeper interaction with the maids. They make special efforts for the events, providing customers with a wonderful time. Be sure to visit during an event for a different kind of fun than usual!

Spotlight on Lunch and Dinner for Twice the Fun!

Sweets are very popular for lunch! Among them, “Maritozzo” is famous!
There are also hot sandwiches and more!

In winter, the dinner menu often includes dishes like “Homemade Oden by Hime” which pairs well with Japanese sake!
Depending on the season, there might be a Gyoza Festival and various other dishes to enjoy!

【Speed Menu】 Uniformly ¥500 (tax included ¥550)
Edamame, Kimchi, Cold Tofu, Potato Salad, Addictive Cucumber, Addictive Cabbage

【Food Menu】
Pork Kimchi & Ginger Pork ¥900 (tax included ¥990)
Hot Sandwich ¥880 (tax included ¥880)
Mini Hamburger ¥700 (tax included ¥770)
Soboro Don ¥400 (tax included ¥440)
Rice ¥300 (tax included ¥330)

【Drink Menu】
Bottle Beer (small), Jack Daniel’s, Mistia, Snowball
Chu-Hi (Lemon, Lime, Mango, Kyoho, Orange)
Kurokirishima (potato), Nikaido (barley), Cassis Orange, Gin Tonic
Plum Wine (CHOYA), Tantakatan (perilla), Jasmine Tea
Grapefruit, Pineapple, Apple
Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Cola, Ginger Ale, Orange Juice

Store Information

AddressOsaka City, Naniwa Ward, Nipponbashi 3 Chome 8-14 Sumiya Building
Official WebsiteOfficial Website
Operating HoursLunch Time|12:00-16:00
Dinner Time|17:00-22:00
Entry under 18 is not allowed.
Pricing Information・Entry Fee ¥330
・Charge 1 hour ¥500
(+1 drink & 1 menu order required for every additional hour of stay)
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