Nagoya Maid Cafes Top 10 Ranking (Updated 2024)


I will introduce a ranking of recommended cozy cafes in Nagoya that have been carefully selected.


The ranking features cozy cafes with a great atmosphere for various themes, as well as a rich menu, so please use it as a reference.

The City of Nagoya in the Chubu Region

Nagoya is a city located in the Chubu region of Japan, known for its beautiful blend of history and modernity. It’s a captivating city where historical landmarks and traditional culture coexist with thriving advanced technology and modern industries.

Moreover, Nagoya boasts a unique charm of blending tradition with modernity, evident in its plethora of cafes offering unique ideas and innovative concepts. From detailed information about the establishments to their systems and even the uniforms of the staff, everything is meticulously detailed. Whether you’re a newcomer to concept cafes or visiting Nagoya’s concept cafes for the first time, or simply seeking out new places to explore, this guide is worth considering.

Nagoya, a city of diverse food and culture

Nagoya’s downtown area offers a wide variety of attractions. The Sakae area is known as a shopping center, with stores featuring the latest fashions and trends. With major department stores, brand-name stores, and unique boutiques, it is a must-see spot for shopaholics.

The area around Nagoya Station is also a bustling downtown area, with many huge commercial complexes where visitors can enjoy not only shopping but also dining. In particular, local specialties known as Nagoya meshi, or Nagoya food, are abundant, and there are numerous restaurants where you can taste such delicacies as hitsu-mabushi, miso katsu (miso cutlet), and tebasaki (chicken wings). These dishes are loved not only by tourists but also by locals, allowing visitors to experience Nagoya’s culture through its food.

Furthermore, Nagoya becomes even more brilliant at night. The neon lights and illuminations in the downtown area are beautiful, and there are many bars and nightclubs. In the Sakae area in particular, there are many entertainment spots where you can enjoy yourself until late at night, and you can enjoy a variety of nighttime activities such as music, dan


Downtown Nagoya is a fun place to be,

However, it can be more enjoyable if you take basic safety precautions!

  1. Pickpocketing and theft:.
    • Crowded downtown areas are prone to pickpockets and litter pickers. Bags should be closed tightly and valuables should be held on the front side.
  2. Restaurant rip-offs:.
    • Rip-off stores targeting tourists may exist. Check the reputation and word-of-mouth in advance and choose a restaurant that you can feel safe in!
  3. Trouble at night:.
    • The downtown area can be lively at night, but drunkenness and commotion can also occur. When walking alone late at night, choose well-lit streets and be aware of your surroundings.
  4. Suspicious Solicitation or Sales:.
    • Be wary of persistent solicitation and sales on the street and in stores. It is important to be firm in your refusal to avoid unnecessary contracts and purchases!

Points to Consider When Choosing a Concept Cafe

In Nagoya, there are numerous concept cafes, making it sometimes challenging to decide where to go. To help you with your decision-making process, we’ve outlined key points to consider for each aspect.

Distinctive Concepts
Check what unique concepts each cafe offers. Choosing a theme that aligns with your preferences or interests can enhance your experience.

Variety of Menu
Consider if the cafe offers a wide variety of drinks and food, and whether there are any special drinks available. Connecting these offerings with the cafe’s concept can enhance your enjoyment.

Since some cafes may automatically extend your time, ensure that the pricing of the food and drinks offered aligns with your budget.

Interior and Ambiance
Confirm whether the cafe’s interior design and decoration match its concept, and assess if the atmosphere is comfortable, as these factors significantly contribute to your overall experience.

Events and Activities
Check if there are any events held at the cafe. What kind of events are they and how often do they occur? It would be good to confirm this information.

Check if the location and access are convenient. You may want to look at the distance from other tourist spots or shopping areas.

– Ranking –


We will bring you a ranking covering a wide range of genres, from concept cafes with various themes to cross-dressing cafes!

10th Place: Witches Ark

Introducing Witches Ark located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. This charming café with a concept of sea and witches is a recommended spot to soothe your travel fatigue.

9th Place: SUGAR & SPICE

Introducing a concept café in Nagoya, where the concept is ‘Girls are made of sweet things, spices, and something lovely’. This café is filled with the cuteness of girls like dolls welcoming you with open arms ♡

8th Place: Lily Warlock

Are you familiar with the cross-dressing café “Lily Warlock” in Nagoya? It’s themed around an academy attended by apprentice sorcerers. This is a secret academy only accessible to those with the potential to become sorcerers. Why not aim to become a top sorcerer alongside these wonderful magicians?

7th Place: Concaheneo

Imagine a concept of another world, a bit eccentric! When you follow the map and arrive, a door adorned with vibrant colors catches your eye… Courageously open that door, and you’ll find yourself in a space that feels like another world. Won’t you be captivated by such a place filled with extraordinary charm, “Konka Heno”?

6th Place: Abyss la portée

Introducing Abyss la portée (Abyss la portée), a café in Nagoya that imagines a stage of the deep sea, where you can meet mermaids training to become human.
The interior, themed around the deep sea, with its unique ambiance, makes you feel as if you’re visiting an aquarium, enchanting our hearts. You’ll feel enveloped in a sensation akin to stepping into the deep sea.

5th Place: Last Eden

Are you familiar with the world of Last Eden in Nagoya? Introducing Last Eden, a concept cafe with strong RPG themes.
At Last Eden, the girls who entertain customers are called “Merk”.
Moreover, they refer to the visiting customers as “Humer-sama,” inhabitants of the human world.

4th Place: Maid Cafe Komorebi Fika

Komorebi Fika is a tea salon located in the mansion of a noble lady where you can enjoy books and music.
Adult maids who serve the noble lady in this mansion are present here. At Komorebi Fika, visitors are called “Monsieur” and “Madame,” and upon visiting the mansion, the maids greet them cordially as the esteemed guests of the noble lady.

3rd Place: Starry Forest

This is a concept cafe themed around a forest where stars fall, just a 3-minute walk from Nagoya Station.
One night, the moon goddess accidentally drops some stars, and it’s said that our mission as “Owls” is to gather the fragments of stars dropped by the moon goddess and return them to the sky.
The girls here at Starry Forest are messengers of the moon goddess, “Owls”.
Those who visit here become “Ferrets,” meaning explorers.

2nd Place: Maid Made Not

A concept cafe where mechanical dolls—maids from the future who have come to realize human domination through AI—work. From its appearance, the shop exudes a futuristic vibe, and the Gearoid maids who work here to make you feel like it’s okay to be corrupted and dominated by them ♡

1st Place: Mai Leaf

Introducing Mai Leaf, a classical maid cafe in Nagoya’s Osu, modeled after the prestigious estate of British nobility. It’s divided into a 1st-floor café and a 2nd-floor bar, so those who want to enjoy tea thoroughly can use the café on the 1st floor, while those who want to enjoy alcohol can leisurely drink at the counter on the 2nd floor.


I’ve carefully selected and ranked the numerous concept cafes in Nagoya. Please do visit the cafes that catch your interest ♡