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A Healing Spot in Akihabara to Enjoy the World of the Sea

A new concept café has opened in Akihabara. “AquaGate” is a new type of concept café themed around “Sea Princesses.” In a café-like atmosphere with a white base, charming cast members who resemble mermaids welcome guests.

What sets it apart from other places is its unique ocean-themed concept. Cast members dressed in original costumes serve guests with love and care, unmatched by the depths of the sea. Additionally, fun events are regularly held, and limited-time food menus are also available.

An Interior Like an Underwater Palace

The interior of “AquaGate” feels like being in an underwater palace. The white-themed interior is beautifully decorated. The spacious venue offers counter seats, table seats, and even seats for groups.

A smoking room is also available for guests who wish to smoke. From any seat, you can enjoy the sea-themed decorations of the café, creating a relaxing atmosphere that soothes both the eyes and the soul. You can spend a relaxing time immersed in the world of the sea.

Charming Sea Princesses

The cast of “AquaGate” are charming women who resemble sea princesses. Their original costumes, primarily in blue, are designed to resemble sea creatures, and each cast member wears them uniquely.

The services provided by the cast include enjoying conversations and taking photos together. There are also live stage performances where you can enjoy the cast’s performances. The heartfelt service from the cast, full of love, will surely provide guests with healing and relaxation.

A Variety of Menus at Reasonable Prices

“AquaGate” operates on an all-you-can-drink system. You can choose from plans based on your stay time: 40 minutes for 3,000 yen, 90 minutes for 6,000 yen, and 140 minutes for 9,000 yen. These prices include various drinks, including alcohol.

The menu includes standard drinks as well as limited-time food items. Special menus also appear during events, offering new discoveries each visit. The reasonable prices allow for long stays without burdening your wallet, adding to the café’s appeal.

Enjoy a Relaxing Time in the World of the Sea

“AquaGate” is a newly opened sea-themed concept café in Akihabara. With charming cast members, an interior reminiscent of an underwater palace, and reasonable prices, it offers many attractions.

It is the perfect place for those looking to escape their daily routine and immerse themselves in the world of the sea. If you visit Akihabara, be sure to spend some time at “AquaGate.” It will surely rejuvenate your heart and recharge your energy.

Store Information

Store NameAquaGate
Address7F Hashikatsu Building, 3-1-15 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access3-4 minutes walk from Akihabara Station
Opening Hours14:00 – Last
ClosedOpen year-round
SystemAll-time (all-you-can-drink)
40 minutes for 3,000 yen, 90 minutes for 6,000 yen, 140 minutes for 9,000 yen
Payment MethodsContact the store for details
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