Sister Cafe Misty Veil


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Huh? What does “address undisclosed” mean?


Ah, you mean MistyVeil in Akihabara. Let’s take a closer look.

The Secret Base of the Sister Cafe

As its name suggests, Sister Cafe MistyVeil operates under the unique concept of a “secret laboratory.” This cafe is not just a place to eat and drink; it invites visitors to partake in experiments using alcoholic beverages referred to as “elixirs.”

The most notable feature of this cafe is its secretive nature. The exact location and contact information are not disclosed, adding to the mystique of accessing this “secret laboratory.” This makes visiting the cafe an adventure in itself, heightening the excitement and anticipation.

Such a setting provides guests with more than just a dining experience. The process of finding the cafe offers the thrill of exploration and discovery. Upon successfully arriving, visitors can enjoy unique hospitality from the sisters, immersing them in a setting where they participate in secret experiments. This comprehensive experience captivates participants by placing them in a different world created by the sisters.

Comfortable Space Design

The interior of the cafe is designed to be cozy and welcoming. Opening the hidden door transports you to another world, adorned with decorations that make you forget the everyday, offering something new with every visit.

The decor combines modern design with mystical elements, creating a unique atmosphere. The walls feature a smooth gray finish, with dynamic blue lights forming a cross, functioning as both lighting and a mysterious visual element in the dim interior.

The bar area boasts a dark wood counter with modern bar stools. Shelves behind the bar are neatly arranged with various bottles, illuminated by blue LED lights. This lighting reflects off the glass and bottles, creating a captivating visual effect.

A wooden plate bearing the cafe’s name hangs near the entrance, adding warmth with its natural texture. Green decorations around it contrast with the modern atmosphere inside, blending nature with the cafe’s design.

Overall, MistyVeil is stylish yet designed to provide comfort to its visitors. This unique space design emphasizes the sister cafe concept, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Diverse Sister Cast and Fun Times

Sisters with a combination of looks, style, and charm welcome and entertain guests with their unique personalities.

The distinctive uniforms of MistyVeil’s sisters blend classic sister style with modern elements. The base is a white dress made of transparent material, offering a light and clean look. A red apron with white trim adds a striking color contrast to the dress.

A thin black ribbon woven into the apron at the waist accentuates the feminine silhouette. The neck features a white collar, complemented by small white lace cuffs on the arms, adding delicate and formal touches to the outfit.

A sheer white cape drapes from the shoulders to the back, enhancing the elegant atmosphere. A small white headdress completes the look, updating the traditional sister image with a modern twist.

This outfit symbolizes the concept of the Sister Cafe, creating a friendly yet fantastical element that invites guests into another world. While set in a modern cafe, the design offers visitors both classic charm and a new experience.

System and Pricing

The basic all-you-can-drink plan is 3,200 yen for 60 minutes, with an additional 1,600 yen for every 30-minute extension. This system is priced reasonably to accommodate a wide range of customers. A variety of drinks and light snacks are available, and the original cocktails are particularly worth trying.

Soft Drinks
Orange Juice
Ginger Ale
Oolong Tea
Green Tea
Jasmine Tea
Java Tea

Clear Asahi

Oolong High, Green Tea High
Lemon Sour, Grapefruit Sour
Beer (Clear Asahi)

Single Additional Drinks
Tequila ¥500 (incl. tax ¥550)
Bottled Beer (Kirin Ichiban / Ebisu) ¥500 (incl. tax ¥550)
Red Bull ¥500 (incl. tax ¥550)
Kleiner ¥600 (incl. tax ¥660)
Cocalero ¥600 (incl. tax ¥660)
Chita ¥600 (incl. tax ¥660)
Laphroaig ¥600 (incl. tax ¥660)
Captain Morgan ¥500 (incl. tax ¥550)
XO ¥600 (incl. tax ¥660)
Sake ¥600 (incl. tax ¥660)

Listel ¥8,000 (incl. tax ¥8,800)
Mavam ¥15,000 (incl. tax ¥16,500)
1688 (Non-Alcoholic) ¥15,000 (incl. tax ¥16,500)
Moet Ice ¥30,000 (incl. tax ¥33,000)
Perrier Jouet Blanc de Blancs ¥50,000 (incl. tax ¥55,000)

Herb-Grilled Lamb and Hash Browns ¥1,200 (incl. tax ¥1,320)
Handmade Omelette Rice ¥1,200 (incl. tax ¥1,320)
Assorted Sausages ¥1,000 (incl. tax ¥1,100)
Mixed Pizza ¥1,000 (incl. tax ¥1,100)
Fried Chicken ¥800 (incl. tax ¥880)
Tortilla Chips ¥500 (incl. tax ¥550)
Mixed Nuts ¥500 (incl. tax ¥550)
Seasonal Specials Abound!
Small plates for light snacking at ¥300 each.

Toast Together! Prayer Drink
Glass ¥1,000 (incl. tax ¥1,100)
Shot ¥1,200 (incl. tax ¥1,320)

Confession Set
Bottled Beer + Prayer Drink + Small Plate ¥1,500 (incl. tax ¥1,650)

Take a Memory! Cheki
Solo Cheki ¥1,000 (incl. tax ¥1,100)
Double Cheki ¥1,500 (incl. tax ¥1,650)
Group Cheki ¥3,000 (incl. tax ¥3,300)
Large Cheki +¥500

Overall Review

Sister Cafe MistyVeil offers a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. With its secret laboratory theme, each visit brings new surprises and joys. Once you visit, you’ll find yourself wanting to return again and again.

Basic Information

Store NameSister Cafe Misty Veil
Access5-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station
Opening HoursTue-Fri 18:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 17:00-23:00
Payment MethodsCash, Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), PayPay
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