Nipponbashi  Maid Cafes Top 10 Ranking (Updated 2024)


We will introduce our recommended concept cafes in the Nipponbashi Con Cafe Ranking Top 10 Recommendations for the Latest Edition in 2024. area in ranking format♪


I’ve selected recommendations from well-regarded shops with various features! Please take a look.

Nipponbashi and Concept Cafes

The Nipponbashi area in Osaka is famous as a hub for specialty stores dealing in electronic devices, anime goods, and games.
This district is also known as the center of “otaku culture,” featuring various stores related to anime, manga, and games.
Many concept cafes exist in Nipponbashi, making it an important spot for fans in Kansai. From maid cafes to anime/game-themed cafes, various concept cafes in the Nipponbashi area offer unique experiences to visitors.

How to Choose a Concept Cafe

There are various concept cafes in Nipponbashi, and it can be challenging to decide which one suits you. When in doubt, considering the following three points might help you find a cafe that matches your preferences. Please use them as a reference.

Think about whether the cafe’s concept aligns with your interests and hobbies.
For example, there are various themes such as cat cafes, art cafes, and retro cafes. If the concept is appealing and matches your hobbies, you will enjoy your time at the cafe more!

Once you’ve settled on a concept, check whether the cafe’s interior and design match what you have envisioned, and whether the ambiance feels comfortable to you. Interior, music, and lighting, among other aspects of a cafe’s atmosphere, can significantly impact your overall experience, making design just as important as concept.

“Menu and Service”
To enhance your time at a concept cafe, look into the drinks and food offered, as well as the service. Each shop has its own uniqueness, so choose one where you find something appealing to order.

– Ranking –

10th Place: mico Sakura

The “mico Sakura” specialty shop is like a sacred space where cherry blossoms dance, similar to a shrine cafe♪
The interior is elegantly and calmly themed with cherry blossoms, spreading an atmosphere that soothes the heart and lets you forget the bustle of daily life.

9th Place: Maid Cafe Doll in Osaka

A long-established maid cafe in Nipponbashi, created with the wish “to allow you to return home as often as you like without hesitation,”
where girls have been waiting in maid costumes since 2005.
The installation of a juice server offering unlimited soft drinks is a distinctive feature.

8th Place: Maid Cafe & Restaurant Cafe e-maid

A shop known for its formal maid costumes suited for nobility,
prides itself on delicious homemade dishes crafted by the chef and lovingly brewed tea by the maids. The interior is unified in an antique style, adding character to the entire space.

7th Place: Fairy Tale Maid Cafe merimero

A shop with a concept of adorable Lolita maids as if they’ve stepped out of a fairy tale.
The menu changes between lunch and dinner, offering double the enjoyment. Seasonal and theme-based limited menus also make each visit a new discovery!

6th Place: IDOL Magic Fantasy

A restaurant with an overwhelming idol fantasy concept, characterized by a theme-park-like space where you can see idols in cute uniforms.

5th Place: Succubus Shisha BAR “Morrigan”

A bar where you can enjoy shisha with succubi and angels.
The shisha flavors range from common to rare, and it is particularly known for offering “CBD Shisha,” famous among those seeking a relaxing effect.

4th Place: Osaka Nipponbashi Photogenic Maid Cafe Love♡Carat

Themed around the “Land of Jewel Angels,” where lovely angels greet you! The decor reflects attention to detail, creating a space that inspires visitors to take photos, regardless of gender. At “Love♡Carat’s” luxurious studio, you can obtain special Cheki photos of your favorite idol.

3rd Place: Maidrock Cafe Osaka

Features maids in cool, rock-style customized maid costumes, offering genuine live performances for free.
Penlight rental service is available, allowing even first-time visitors to enjoy. The shop is filled with rock accessories that music lovers will adore, so please enjoy every corner.

2nd Place: Love Point – Otaroad Branch

A concept cafe modeled after a church, where cute nuns welcome you.
The cafe has two floors, each featuring different outfits, making it a place you’ll want to visit frequently.
The drink menu is also extensive, including a variety of tequilas selected by an owner who is particular about quality, unique to this cafe.

1st Place: At-Home Cafe Osaka Main Store

A major chain originating in Osaka that has spread maid cafe culture in authentic maid costumes, now with locations in Tokyo and Osaka.
This year marks the 20th anniversary, ensuring a special experience.
The cafe spans from the first to the third floor, accommodating large groups.
This meticulously detailed establishment is worth a visit.


Each shop has its own unique character and features!


When you visit Nipponbashi, make sure to stop by! It looks like you can have various experiences.

Introduction to Excellent Stores Registered with the “Nipponbashi Shopping Street Promotion Association”!!

This store, registered with the local promotion association to liven up Nipponbashi, is deeply rooted in the community and has been trusted by locals for many years. By being registered with the promotion association, it significantly contributes to the local economy and values collaboration with the community. We are committed to providing attentive service to ensure satisfaction for all visitors.

When you are nearby, please visit this store and enjoy the service!

▼ At Home Cafe Osaka Main Store
Ranked number one in our recommendation rankings, “At Home Cafe Osaka Main Store” has been loved by local customers since it opened in 2019.

▼ Fairytale
“Fairytale” is located at 5-7-20 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, in Takeya Building 2F. It’s distinctive for having girls in cosplay of anime and game characters sitting next to customers, allowing guests to talk about their favorite hobbies up close. The shop also serves alcohol, so you can enjoy your visit in the evening or at night.

▼ Milkcafe
“Milkcafe” is a restaurant located at 5-12-3 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, in the Morioka Building 1F. The concept is “Steampunk” & “Dieselpunk,” and the shop uses steam-powered devices and vintage items not only as decorations but also as functional parts of the interior.

“CHRI PRE” is a concept cafe located at 4-11-7 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, in the ND Building 1F. The shop’s name is short for “Christmas Present,” making it a Christmas-themed cafe.