Mermaid Akihabara

In-depth review of Akihabara's con café Mermaid Akihabara. This popular Akihabara con café welcomes you with its fantastic deep-sea-themed interior and charming mermaids.


Located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Royal Melt is an upscale and cute concept café featuring over 80 influencers, current and former idols, a gorgeous interior, and delicious homemade food. The restaurant provides a lot of information about the interior and other details. Surrounded by lovely cast members, enjoy original games and original drinks!


Idolche” in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, is an at-home idol café bar where you can interact directly with current idols, gravure models, cosplayers, and cast members who aspire to be future stars. Live performances, talk shows, and handmade food menus are described in detail. Come and watch the cast members grow while feeling the joy of supporting them.

Akiba Wan Wan Teikoku

In-depth review of Akiba Wan Wan Empire, a con cafe in Akihabara. In-depth explanation of everything from prices to menu and reputation. A new concept cafe with a dog and maid theme.

Starlight Novels

In-depth review of Starlight Novel, a con cafe in Akihabara. The fantastic interior is a planetarium world reproducing a star-filled sky. You can enjoy maids in clear blue costumes and a menu featuring stars.


Maimai Devil is an idol-themed concept cafe produced by Instagrammer Sakibon, located in Shinjuku Kabukicho. This page describes the restaurant and its cast in detail. Enjoy this special space where you can interact directly with idols and influencers.


SeeKa] in Akihabara is a concept café where underground idols gather, with an attractive cast and a homey atmosphere. The following describes the atmosphere of the store and its cast. Experience live performances by unique idols and enjoy a new kind of entertainment in Akihabara.

Live Cafe&Bar AMASTAGE Akihabara Main Store

Live Cafe&Bar AMASTAGE Akihabara Honten” is a concept cafe & bar with an attached stage where you can enjoy high quality idol dance performances by active female university student cast members. Along with a wide variety of drinks, the cafe offers live events that idol lovers must not miss. All of the cast members are talented performers who have participated in national competitions! You can experience the best idol experience in Akihabara!

Akihabara Dear Stage

Akihabara Dear Stage, famous as the birthplace of, is a spot where you can enjoy the passionate performances of girls who aspire to become idols and anime song singers. We introduce the store, its system and menu in detail. Why don't you come and see the stunning performance of your guess up close?


An introduction to the “Royal Road x Dolly” concept cafe, a 3-minute walk from Ikebukuro's East Exit. The interior, menu, and uniforms of the cast members are described in full detail. We highly recommend “Monbijou”, which is a store that keeps to the high road, for both con-cafe beginners and con-cafe lovers to come and visit.