Melt asleep


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Aren’t the cast members at this shop too good-looking?


As expected from a shop run by an entertainment agency,

there are many cute girls.


All-you-can-drink and live shows, it’s the best! ♪

Welcome to “Melt asleep,” where dreams of idols shine!

Today, we introduce the popular “Melt asleep” in Akihabara.
It’s a shop where lovely girls with dreams of becoming idols serve you, truly the “idols you can meet in Akihabara.” Every visit, you’ll find a dream-like space filled with the radiance and dreams of idols.

The Pink-Overflowing Holy Land of Sparkling Idols

The greatest charm of “Melt asleep” is undoubtedly its idol concept.
The interior, based on pink tones, feels like a set for an idol music video. It’s indeed the holy land for girls dreaming of idols. The inside is adorned with sparkling decorations, exuding femininity and admiration for idols everywhere you look. And at the center of it all shine the girls aspiring to be idols. Their dreams and passion make this shop even more enchanting.

They Aim for the Stars: A New Stage for Oshi Activities!

The girls working at Melt asleep can be described in one word: “sparkling.”
The joy of finding your oshi (favorite member) and the pleasure of witnessing their growth up close are unique to this place. Their costumes are as glamorous as stage outfits, and you can also enjoy live performances. Whether chatting or being captivated by their live shows, here, encounters with new favorite idols await you.

Melt Asleep’s Pricing System

The pricing system is full of perks for fans.
With all-you-can-drink starting from ¥3000 for 40 minutes, it’s quite reasonable for a concept cafe. And for those who love alcohol, being able to enjoy tequila for just ¥100 per glass feels like a dream come true. While supporting your oshi is important, you can also treat yourself to a wonderful time with delicious drinks as a reward to yourself.

All you can drink
3,000 yen for 40 minutes
3,000 yen for 40 min. extension

Produce (Cast Member can sit next to you)
40 minutes 5,000 yen
Extension 40 minutes 5,000 yen

Women’s Fee
40 min. 1,500 yen
Extension 40 min. 1,500 yen
Women’s rates do not apply to Produce.

Automatic extension system
10% TAX / 10% service charge
Round up to the nearest 10 yen

Cask draft
Orange Juice
Lemon Sour
Green Tea High
Oolong Tea High
Jasmine High
Rum Coke
Cassis Orange
Cassis Oolong
Kahlua Milk
Fuzzy Navel
Reggae Punch
Ginger Highball
Coke Highball
Gin & Tonic
Tequila Sunrise
Soft drinks
Grapefruit Juice
Ginger Ale
Iced tea
Milk tea
Tomato juice
Green tea
Oolong Tea
Jasmine tea
Other beverages can be served

2 cans of Surat 2,000 yen
2 cans of nectar 2,000 yen
Slat and Nectar can be drunk with cast

Red Bull 1,000 yen

Shots for customers
Tequila 500 yen
Tequila Rose 500 yen
Jager 500 yen
Cocarero 500 yen
Clyner 500 yen
Coca Bomb 1,000 yen
1,500 yen for cast members

Cast Member Menu
Drink S 1,000 yen
Drink M 2,500 yen
Drink L 3,500 yen
Shot (You can get a shot from an idol with a syringe…) 1,500 yen

Checkers 1,000 yen
Drawing checkers 1,500 yen
Special photo book 2,500 yen

Angel Asti 10,000 yen
Moet White 25,000 yen
Moët Nectar Rose 40,000 yen
Moet Ice 45,000 yen
Moet Ice Rose 55,000 yen
Veuve Yellow 30,000 yen
Veuve White 35,000 yen
Veuve Rich 50,000 yen
Veuve Rich Rose 55,000 yen
Armand Gold 180,000 yen
Armand Rose 275,000 yen
Belle Epoque 100,000 yen
Cinderella Choux 20,000 yen
Saumai 100,000 yen
Krug 90,000 yen
Dom Perignon White 85,000 yen
Dom Perignon Rose 175,000 yen
Mabum 20,000yen
Angel Demi-Sec Blue 250,000yen
Angel Demi-Sec Pink ¥280,000
Angel Black 120,000 yen
Angel White 180,000 yen
Angel Color 150,000 yen
Lister Beach Grape Green apple Raspberry Passion fruit ¥8,000 each
Original Champagne A 30,000 yen
Original Champagne B 50,000 yen


Chamay Apple Chamay Red Grape Chamay White Grape 5,000 yen each
Pure Bomb Red Grape Pure Bomb White Grape 10,000 yen each
1688 Blanc 1688 Rose 20,000 yen each
Fillico 50,000 yen
Mango Juice 10,000 yen
Pomillon Bevinel ¥8,000 each
Paris’ 16 12,000 yen

Mixed nuts 500 yen
Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) 500 yen
Roast beef 800 yen
Shrimp Pilaf 1,000 yen
Cured Ham & Smoked Cheese 1,000 yen
Wakame Soup 500 yen
Thick-baked egg 600 yen
Bring your own food 2,000 yen

King & Queen FOOD MENU
We will deliver from nearby restaurants.
Rice omelet: 1,700 yen
Today’s Miso Soup 900 yen
Fried chicken 1,100 yen
Today’s pasta 1,700 yen
French fries 900 yen
Today’s Visa 2,000 yen
Cheese Risotto 1,000 yen
Hamburger steak plate 1,700 yen
Roast beef bowl 2,000 yen
Ramen noodles 1,000 yen
Scallop steak 1,800 yen
Garlic shrimps 1,500 yen
Tataki cucumber 800 yen
Steak 2,200 yen
Cassoulet steak 1,000 yen
Roast beef 1,800 yen
Kimchi 800 yen
Fried cheese 900 yen
Fried cheese 900 yen
Fried cartilage bones – 900 yen

1st one-time free ticket
2nd ticket – free one set of produce
3rd ticket Letter from your guess
4th Bromide of your guess taken for you
5th Card: Create an acrylic stand of your guess
6th, 2 shots with your guess on your smartphone
7th piece: A video shot with your guess on your phone (30 seconds)
8th – A home-cooked meal made by your guess
9th piece: Special Orishan gift
10th – A poster of your guess taken for you
11th: Original T-shirt with your guess’s photo on it
12th – A free one-set ticket for one month
13th card: I’m the TO! Set (My guess T-shirt, My guess fan, special Kimbre)
14th Purikura with your guess
15th: 1 hour Akihabara date with your guess
16th card: Black card!

Reviews of Melt asleep

Below is a summary of reviews of Melt Asleep found online. There are many positive comments, indicating that it is loved by many customers.

"It was a wonderful shop where even newcomers were friendly."
"The entire shop is unified in pink, creating a very cute atmosphere."
"I could talk to a cute maid across the counter and had a great time."
"There is an all-you-can-drink plan, making it a very cost-effective shop."
"You can enjoy various kinds of alcohol and may find your favorite."
"All the cast members are cute, and I wanted to come back again."
"The beauty of the cast is model-level, definitely eye-catching."
"The food menu is delicious, and I could relax while enjoying my meal."
"Even foreign customers can enjoy it with peace of mind."
"The staff are very friendly, making it a comfortable place for everyone."

A Place Where Dreams Gather: Melt asleep

“Melt Asleep” is a place packed with dreams of idols and fans, going beyond the confines of a concafe. While being a lovely cafe/bar, it shines with the quality of the cast, service, and the uniqueness of its concept. Take your fandom to a new level! The radiance of girls dreaming of idols and the passionate feelings of fans supporting them. When you come to Akihabara, why not find new dreams and encounters at “Melt asleep”?


This is a recommended shop for those who want to drink with cute cast members.

Store Information

Store NameMelt asleep
Address2F Matsui Building, 4-4-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access5-minute walk from Akihabara Station
3-minute walk from Suehirocho Station
Business HoursMon-Thu, Sun, Holidays 18:00-23:00 (L.O 22:30)
Fri, Sat, Day Before Holidays 18:00-5:00 (L.O 4:30)
Regular HolidayOpen all year round
System¥3000/40 minutes
Payment Methods
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