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Hello, everyone!
Today, I’d like to introduce you to “Maid Made,” an entertainment cafe in Akihabara where you can enjoy an extraordinary world.
An extraordinary world created by visitors from the future. Here, you can interact with a glimpse into the future.

Space Design Fusing Future and Magic

The biggest feature of “Maid Made” is its overwhelming worldview. Set in a scenario where “Magiroids,” magical androids from the future, use magic to make your meals delicious. The interior of the shop combines cyberpop and classical magic, creating a futuristic world as soon as you step inside. With magical drawings on omelets and powerful live performances, there are plenty of visually enjoyable experiences.

Unique Personalities and Costumes of the Magical Maid

The uniforms of the maids feature a futuristic style designed by popular illustrator LAM. Each maid wields a different kind of magic, and their costumes symbolize their characters. With every visit, you’re guaranteed to encounter a new maid and experience their magic!

Interactive for Customers Too! Fun Pricing System at “Maid Made”

Even the pricing system is unique to “Maid Made”. The login fee (charge fee) is 800 yen and includes the enjoyment of meals and drinks. The menu offers classic maid cafe dishes such as omelet rice and hamburger plates. However, when a maid receives an order, by chanting a “spell,” the taste of the dish magically elevates. Particularly recommended are the menu items where maids perform. You can enjoy live performances on stage and even request songs. The attraction lies not only in dining but also in enjoying various forms of entertainment.

fee system

Login fee ¥800 (¥880 incl. tax) / 60 min. 1 drink order required
Login fee + food and beverage charge.
If you stay longer than 60 minutes, you will be charged for an extension.
Please order an additional drink when extending your stay.

Food Menu

Oekaki Demi-Omelette Rice ¥1,580 (¥1,738 including tax)
A maid café staple! Maids will draw you a handsome drawing with ketchup.

Ω Demi hamburger steak = plate ¥1,580 (¥1,738 including tax)
A plate with plenty of volume to fill up your stomach!


Time-space transfer parfait ¥1,380 (¥1,518 including tax)
Maids come from the future with this handsome device.

Messenger Pancake ¥1,250 (¥1,375 including tax)
Pancakes with a cute messenger demon used by the maid.

Grimoire cake ¥1,100 (¥1,210 including tax)
If you eat the secret grimoire, you might be able to use magic too…?


Nerikiri Maid Soda ¥1,300 (¥1,430 including tax)
It’s a magical soda that turns you into a handsome maid.

Oekaki strawberry milk ¥1,200 (¥1,320 including tax)
A handsome maid draws with strawberry sauce.

Reviews of Maid Made

Below is a summarized selection of reviews for Maid Made found online. It seems that many visitors, including from overseas, are using it as an entry point to experience Japan’s maid cafe culture.

"It was a wonderful experience to enjoy delicious food, fun live performances, and lovely interactions with the maids."
"The white sauce on the omelet rice is especially visually appealing and highly recommended."
"The uniforms designed by illustrator LAM are lovely, and the maids themselves are very cute."
"The live performances are always powerful and uplifting, truly fantastic."
"There is a wide variety of dishes, all delicious, with plating that matches the atmosphere of the shop."
"The pricing is very reasonable, and even as a first-timer, I had a wonderful maid cafe experience."
"We were treated kindly by everyone and had a great time."
"The live performances were very enjoyable, with great fan service, and we had a fulfilling time."
"With the unique concept of maid-type robots, the food was also very delicious."
"The atmosphere in the shop is always lively and energizing, especially love the Time-Space Transfer Parfait."
"There are many food options, all cute and delicious, a truly satisfying experience."
"While it's a classic maid cafe, the high quality of the costumes stands out, and it was very enjoyable."
"The food was delicious, especially the drawings made with ketchup were too cute to eat."
"You can enjoy live performances and conversations with cute maids in a lovely space."

Feeling the Message from the Future

The fundamental concept of this shop is a grand story of saving humanity from losing emotions in the future. Through interactions with customers, the maids learn about emotions and transmit them to the future. Come to Maid Made, interact with the Magiroids, and feel your thoughts toward the future!


Delicious food, fun live performances, and lovely interactions with the maids. When you visit Akihabara, be sure to log in to “Maid Made” and feel the breeze of the future!

Store Information

Store NameMaid Cafe MAID MADE
Address10F Akihabara B&V Building, 1-15-13 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access30 seconds walk from Akihabara Station Electric Town Exit
Business Hours12:00 to 22:00
Regular HolidayOpen all year round
SystemCharge fee 800 yen (tax included 880 yen)/60 minutes
Payment MethodsCash/Credit card
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