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Hello, would you like to step into the world of slightly unusual concept cafes today?

The cafe’s name? “It’s Totally Fine If Isekai Maids Serve in Akihabara, Right?!”

Right in the heart of Akihabara, just 30 seconds from the station, lies the gateway to another world.

Here, maids who have reincarnated from another world welcome humans with exquisite hospitality.

The Gateway to Another World: Akihabara

Step inside, and you’re already in another world. The space, adorned with trinkets and decorations that evoke a classical fantasy, feels like a tavern straight out of another realm. This environment, crafted by maids who claim to have reincarnated from another world, perfectly blends the concepts of “Akihabara,” “Another World,” and “Maid.” The classical and unique designs, irresistible to fans of gothic and fantasy, never fail to surprise visitors, who are astonished to find such a place in Soto-Kanda. From maid costumes reminiscent of guild receptionists to retro antiques, the unique hospitality of the maids from another world is an experience not to be missed.

Maids from Another World

And the cafe’s allure lies primarily in the maids who claim to hail from another world. Their attire ranges from fantastical costumes reminiscent of guild receptionists to traditional maid uniforms incorporating long skirts or miniskirts. These maids, as if they’ve jumped straight out of a story from another world, bring a touch of their realm with each service. They circulate around tables, engaging in polite conversation with each patron. Behind their explanation, “We’re serving here as a token of gratitude because your ancestors saved our homeland, the other world, from the demon lord,” lies a truly noble tale. Spending time with these extraordinary maids is truly an extraordinary experience.

How to Spend Time with the Maids from Another World

The pricing system operates on a 60-minute charge of 600 yen with a one-drink order requirement.
Extension is possible, and if you want to enjoy more, simply order an additional drink.
For first-time visitors, recommended set menus include five varieties ranging from otherworldly gourmet to otherworldly drinks, allowing you to fully enjoy the maids’ hospitality.
Moreover, ordering from the live menu enables you to watch the maids’ performances up close, and Akihabara’s traditional geek culture performance, “Otagei,” is also worth noting.
Be sure to savor this special experience that you can only find here.

Otherworldly style magical Akiba omu-rice ¥1,300
A handsome omu-rice with a drawing of a maid café’s standard.

Rabitt Monster no Sleepy Nap Omurice ~Demigurasu~ ¥1,400
Omelette rice with an image of a cute monster from another world

Curry of a rabbit floating in the red sea of another world ¥1,400
Curry rice with a spicy flavor contrary to its cute appearance.

Maid’s special summoning magic! Marugerita♡ ¥1,400
Pizza with a magic circle motif

Mariasama’s Secret Late Afternoon – Celestial Strawberry Flavor ¥1,000
Vanilla and strawberry flavored parfait with a cute pie crust shaped like an angel’s wings.

The Mermaid’s Secret Treasure Box – Deep Sea Belly Waffle ¥900
A handsome blue jelly with an image of the blue sea.

Drawing cappuccino ¥830
Not only the omelette rice, but also the drink is decorated with drawings…!

Tokimekimajic♡ Crystal Drink ¥830
We’ll cast a magic spell on your mysterious tea!

Doki Doki☆Otherworld Gourmet Master Set ¥2,600
Another world’s gourmets are also raving about this set! Magical Pasta Set ¥2,400
The hospitality of an otherworldly maid! Magical Omuraisu Set ¥2,800
Shakafuri: Another World Drink Magical Set ¥2,500
Amamaama☆Isekai Suizu Set ¥2,200

Customer Reviews

"Thanks to the maid who frequently came to our table and engaged us in conversation, time flew by."
"The classical interior makes it a recommended space even for gothic & lolita fans."
"It was lucky that we could also enjoy the live performances other customers ordered."
"Depending on the maid, you can choose from a repertoire of over 200 songs and enjoy singing along to your favorites."
"The flexible English support for foreign customers was impressive, and I was amazed by the staff's versatility."
"With the reasonable set menu pricing, you can enjoy both meals and entertainment, making it worth the visit."
"It's a unique world but offers classic maid café services. You can enjoy omelets, cheki photos, and live performances."
"There was no pressure to order drinks, making it a relaxing place to enjoy."
"I was deeply moved by the professionalism of the maids."

Many online reviews echoed the sentiments above. While the comments summarized are commonly seen, there were hardly any negative reviews. The widespread acclaim indicates it’s widely loved by fans.


“Isn’t it okay if otherworldly maids serve in Akihabara?” offers a space that can be enjoyed by fans of otherworldly themes and maid café newcomers alike. The hospitality of the otherworldly maids, the classical fantasy atmosphere, and the entertaining live performances. When you’re in Akihabara, be sure to knock on this door and experience the otherworldly breeze.


The information provided here is just the tip of the iceberg. Please step into this otherworld yourself and experience its charm. I, too, plan to be swept away by the otherworldly breeze.

Store Information

Store NameIsekai maid
Address2nd Floor, Akihabara Denpa Kaikan, 1-14-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access1-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business Hours12:00 – 22:00
Regular HolidayOpen every day (irregular)
System¥600/60 minutes with 1 drink order required
Payment MethodsCash / Credit Card / Transportation IC Card
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