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Hello everyone! Today, we’ll introduce “Maid Cafe Tougenkyo,” a authentic maid cafe in Akihabara.


It’s a long-established, renowned cafe that pursues authentic maid culture. Let’s take a closer look.

A Shop Dedicated to Authentic Maid Culture Since 2008

Nestled in the electronics district of Akihabara, “Tougenkyou” is a small-scale maid café that opened its doors in December 2008, making it a well-established venue. With the concept of being “the home of masters and mistresses in Akihabara,” Tougenkyou distinguishes itself by pursuing authentic maid culture, where maids handle everything from cooking to cleaning. Emphasizing on a selection and ambiance akin to a genuine café, it stands apart from conventional maid cafes. Its menu caters to an adult clientele who enjoy homemade dishes, sweets, and a variety of teas, appealing to both novices and connoisseurs alike.

Charming Interior with a Nordic Antique Ambiance

The interior of Tougenkyou blends premium European-based decor with Nordic-inspired designs, enveloping guests in an elegant atmosphere. Deliberately placed antique furniture and retro street lamps create an ambiance infused with a distinctive Nordic taste.

Illuminated by the soft glow of incandescent bulbs, the venue is adorned with crimson chairs and sofas, offering a chic yet cozy environment. Retro-themed shelves and cuckoo clocks further enhance the Nordic ambiance, immersing patrons deeper into the atmosphere.

All seating consists of two-person tables, with nine tables spaced generously to ensure a private atmosphere. Under the gentle, well-balanced lighting, patrons can enjoy tea elegantly. The cozy atmosphere is complemented by the sweet aroma of freshly baked sweets prepared by the maids.

Maids: Professionals in Cooking, Pastry Making, and Cleaning

Each maid at Tougenkyou undergoes rigorous three-month training to master skills such as cooking and pastry making. Adorned in Victorian-style attire consisting of white, red, and navy striped maid uniforms with crimson aprons, they enchant with graceful manners and unique personalities.

A diverse array of maids with varying culinary specialties and flavor profiles provide homemade dishes in a homely atmosphere. With daily changing menus, patrons can savor dishes that reflect the individuality of each maid.

Moreover, Tougenkyou’s maids are renowned not only for their beauty but also for their graceful demeanor. With a wide range of personalities and types, patrons may find their ideal “favorite maid” during their visit.

19 Varieties of Tea and Homemade Sweets by the Maids

Tougenkyou prides itself on offering food items exclusively handmade by the maids. With daily changing menus, patrons can enjoy homely flavors that reflect the individuality of each maid.

The pricing system offers a 90-minute, one-drink policy on weekdays and a 60-minute, one-order policy on weekends and holidays. There are no cover charges, allowing patrons to relax and unwind. With drinks starting from 600 yen and food from 780 yen, the pricing is reasonable.

A highlight is the extensive selection of 19 varieties of tea. Maids, certified by the Japan Tea Association, serve authentic tea that tea enthusiasts will find irresistible.

Don’t miss out on desserts. The menu includes daily homemade sweets, seasonal desserts, and vibrant parfaits featuring strawberries, chocolates, and more, offering a rich variety.

What’s more, patrons are welcome to bring their dolls, and doll-sized sweets can be ordered. Amenities such as Wi-Fi, outlet usage, and complimentary charger rental ensure a relaxed environment.

Maid’s whimsical rice…1,600 yen Popularity No.1♪
A whimsical meal prepared by the maids every day. It comes with a small dessert and is both hearty and nutritious!
Every Friday is curry day! We prepare a unique curry dish. We serve a large serving of rice on Fridays.

Maid’s handmade sweets…800 yen
Handmade sweets made by our maids every day.

Whimsical snacks…300 yen
Maids make different snacks every day.

Tea ~Menu of Tea
Supervision by maids certified as tea instructors by the Japan Tea Association.
All maids are trained and serve delicious tea.
Fresh lemon & milk are available, please ask the maid if you would like to have them.
Iced tea is available in a glass size or a mug size at the same price.

Tea of the month: 900 yen … Seasonal teas are available.
Maid’s Whimsical Select Tea 900 yen …selected by the maid and brought to you…

Non-flavored tea
Darjeeling 1000yen
Assam 1000 yen
Nilgiri 1000 yen
Ruhuna 1000 yen
Ceylon 1000 yen
Uva 1000 yen

Flavored Tea
Earl Grey 1000 yen
Honey Vanilla 1000 yen
Peach 1000 yen
Apple 1000 yen
Muscat 1000 yen
Cherry blossom 1000 yen

Herb tea and others
Fruit garden 1000 yen
Natural rose 1000 yen
Chamomile 1000 yen
Peppermint 1000 yen
Black bean tea 1000 yen

Warm beverages

Blended coffee 800 yen

Cappuccino 800 yen

Caramel Latte 800 yen

Whipped Coffee 800 yen

Drawing Cappuccino 800 yen

Warm or Cold

Oolong tea 800 yen

Calpis 800 yen

Cafe au Lait 800 yen

Cocoa 800 yen

Milk 800 yen

Strawberry ore 800 yen

Caramel Olay 800 yen

Cold beverages

Iced coffee 800 yen

Coca-Cola 800 yen

Ginger ale 800 yen

Melon Soda 800 yen

Orange juice 800 yen

Apple juice 800 yen

+Float can be made for +200 yen


Maid’s original cocktail (non-alcoholic drinks are also available)

With laminated card 1200yen

Without laminated card: 1000 yen

Sake of the day 800 yen

Super Dry 900 yen

Premium Malts 900 yen

Rum Coke 800 yen

Cassis Orange 800 yen

Vodka soda 800 yen

Gin soda 800 yen

Lychee soda 800 yen

Cassis soda 800 yen

Strawberry soda 800 yen

Umeshu (plum wine) 800 yen

Whiskey (straight/on the rocks/water/soda) 800 yen …and more

Customer Reviews of Maid Cafe Tougenkyo

The following is a summary of excerpts from online reviews of Maid Cafe Tougenkyo.
There are many positive comments, suggesting that the cafe is beloved by many customers.

"The homemade meals and sweets by the maids are delicious. This is my personal favorite maid cafe in Japan."
"You can enjoy homemade daily meals and sweets made by the maids. The quality is rare for this type of cafe, ranging from homely to gourmet."
"With the dolls in the cafe and the nice atmosphere of the chairs, you can take photos without disturbing other customers. I'm glad they have a doll menu too."
"From the tea to the cakes and meals, everything is exceptionally high-quality. It's the best cafe I know."
"It's a long-established, relaxing maid cafe without any solicitors. The lunch is cost-effective, and it's a hidden gem cafe."
"I was drawn in by the cafe's name and back-alley location. The antique atmosphere creates a calming space, and I'm glad there's no table charge."
"There are maids knowledgeable about tea."
"This is a quiet maid cafe without service charges. There's a wide variety of menus and tea selections, and the tableware is beautiful. The menu items are made by the maids and a local bakery."


Tougenkyo is a long-established maid cafe deeply rooted in Akihabara.
While the relaxing cafe interior feels like an authentic tea house, it offers a rare experience of heartwarming hospitality from the maids.

The interior incorporates European and Nordic styles, creating a retro-modern, high-quality space.
Customers can immerse themselves in antique furniture while admiring the elegant demeanor of the maids, enjoying a sublime moment.

The selection of dishes, sweets, and teas is impressive, with 19 varieties of tea, handmade sweets, and meticulously seasoned foods on offer.
Especially notable are the authentic cups of tea served by maids certified by the Japan Tea Association, renowned for their tea house-level quality.

Another major appeal is the lack of cover charges in the payment system.
Free Wi-Fi and power outlets are available, allowing customers to fully relax and unwind.

If you’re looking for a rejuvenating time in Akihabara, be sure to visit the long-established maid cafe “Tougenkyo.”


Everything is homemade! Their dedication is really different. I want to go and try it right away.

Shop Information

Shop NameMaid Cafe Tougenkyo
Address1F Ishizuka Building, 3-2-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access6-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business HoursWeekdays: 17:00 – 23:00
Sat, Sun & Holidays: 12:00 – 23:00
ClosedIrregular Holidays
System70-minute drink order system
No cover charge
Drinks from 800 yen
Payment Methods
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