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Hello everyone! When you visit Akihabara, there is a spot you should definitely check out.
It’s called “Akibarium”. Through this article, I hope to convey the charm of Akibarium to those who haven’t visited yet.
We will deliver a condensed summary of its reputation as the largest concept cafe in Akihabara, including its menu, pricing system, and other key points.

A New Sensation Hybrid Concept Cafe with the Largest Floor in Akihabara

“Akibarium” stands out in Akihabara.
The space combines cuteness, purity, and sexiness, making it the ultimate Moe Akihabara experience.
The cast, dressed in different outfits daily, warmly welcomes you.
A notable feature is that you can use the box seats without additional charges.
Akibarium is not just any concept cafe.
With the largest floor space in Akihabara, themed around angels and fallen angels, it has been loved by many visitors since its opening in April 2022.
It offers counter seats, table seats, and three category areas, along with options like karaoke and games.
Akibarium is open as a bar until 1 AM, so you can enjoy late-night fun too.

The charm of the cast you will meet in the Garden of Angels, the Akibarium

The biggest charm of Akibarium is undoubtedly its unique “Akiba Angels”.
They welcome you with different outfits every day, truly like angels.
From the classic cute types to slightly dark fallen angels, a variety of characters await you.
They love to be praised and will come closer to you one after another.
These “Akiba Angels” have various backgrounds, including active idols, cosplayers, illustrators, and live streamers. You’ll find a diverse range of girls, from amateurish and cute to sexy older sister types.

Transparent and Easy-to-Understand Pricing System

One of the attractions of Akibarium is its pricing system.
You can enjoy it with peace of mind thanks to its clear and reasonable pricing, starting at 1,500 yen for 45 minutes.
There are options for all-you-can-drink and designating a specific cast member as your “guardian angel”, allowing you to find the way to enjoy that suits you best.
Additionally, by using the pricing simulator, you can get an estimate of your bill in advance.
The system is recommended for everyone, from concept cafe beginners to veterans.

Premium Malts

Oolong High
Green Tea High
Lime Sour
Grapefruit Sour
Kyoho Sour

Coke High
Whisky Back

<Vodka Vodka
Vodka Tonic
Moscow Mule

Tequila Buck
Tequila Coke
Tequila Sunrise

<Ram Ram
Rum Back
Rum Coke

Gin Rickey
Gin Buck
Gin & Tonic
Gin and Coke

Cassis Soda
Cassis Orange
Cassis Grapefruit
Cassis Oolong
Peach Fizz
Peach Buck
Peach Oolong
Reggae Punch
Fuzzy Navel
Apricot Cooler
Apple Fizz
Pear Cooler

<Soft Drinks

A Special Night Only at Akibarium

Akibarium is not just a place but a special destination that enriches people’s journeys.
Located next to the central gate of Akihabara Station, it opens its doors opposite the bustling Chuo-dori street in the heart of Akihabara.
This is a place where people can find a spark to enrich their hearts and discover the desires hidden deep within.

At Akibarium, everyone, whether alone or in a group, can have a special experience.
Open until late at night, you can fully enjoy Akihabara’s nightlife.
Enjoy a relaxing time with all-you-can-drink plans and seating options like counter seats and box tables.


For those who work hard every day, a moment of relaxation at Akibarium. The time spent with the unique “Akiba Angels” here will surely become a treasured memory.

Store Information

Store NameAkibarium
Address3rd Floor, Dai-2 Yokoshima Building, 70 Kanda Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access3 minutes walk from JR Akihabara Station
4 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Suehirocho Station
Business Hours17:00~1:00
System♠ All-You-Can-Drink ♠
1 SET 45 minutes ¥2980
Extension 45 minutes ¥2980
Guardian Fee (Nomination Fee) ¥1000

♡ Angels (Female Customers) All-You-Can-Drink ♡
1 SET 45 minutes ¥1500
Extension 45 minutes ¥1500

Automatic Extension System
Service & TAX 10% each
Payment MethodsCash
Credit Card
Official Websitehttps://akibarium.com/
Official Xhttps://twitter.com/akibarium
Official Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/akibarium_akiba/
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