Magical Maid Cafe Altimicia


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Invitation to a Magical World

“Mahou Maid Cafe Altimicia” located in Akihabara is a concept cafe where magic is the theme.
It invites all visitors into a magical world, offering a space where fantasy can be fully enjoyed.
The interior design evokes a sense of another world, providing an experience that makes you forget about everyday life.

Luxurious Interior and Captivating Seating

The interior of Mahou Maid Cafe Altimicia is designed with a luxurious and mystical atmosphere, enticing all visitors into a magical realm.
Multiple crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling, casting a beautiful glow throughout the space.
The walls are adorned with deep red and gold tapestries, creating an atmosphere of sophistication.
Velvet heavy curtains decorate the windows, adding to the refined decor.

The seating consists of elegant designed benches with black leather upholstery, creating a serene atmosphere.
Each seat is accompanied by antique-style tables, ensuring guests can relax while enjoying their meals.
Overall, the interior combines a sense of grandeur with refined beauty, offering a special experience as if stepping into another world.

Cast in Magical Attire

The cast of Altimicia welcomes guests in unique costumes befitting the theme of magical maids.
Their outfits feature a design reminiscent of sailor uniforms, with vivid red and white colors.
The details include large ribbons at the neckline and frilled skirts, evoking the classic magical girl image.
Additionally, large glasses and black ribbons as accessories enhance the cast’s charm.

Such meticulously crafted costumes and cast symbolize that Altimicia is not just a cafe but a charming space as if stepping into a story.

Pricing System and Diverse Menu

Table charge for 60 minutes starts at 800 yen, with optional all-you-can-drink choices available. Soft drinks are 900 yen, while alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed for 1700 yen.
The pricing system is clear and designed for casual enjoyment.

Holy A Course
1 charge 800 yen + All-you-can-drink soft drinks 900 yen
Total: 1,700 yen

Ultima B Course
1 charge 800 yen + All-you-can-drink alcohol 1,700 yen
Total: 2,500 yen

– Table charge of 800 yen per 60 minutes applies.
– Prices displayed are exclusive of tax.
– Automatic extension system is in place; please note that extensions will not be announced.
– A late-night surcharge of 3% applies to bills settled after 22:00.
– Payments are processed via table checks; please inform the nearest cast member during settlement.
– Customers opting for the alcohol course can also order extra menu items and soft drinks as listed on separate pages.
– Only the listed items are available; mixing drinks is not permitted.


“Mahou Maid Cafe Altimicia” offers a magical experience where everyone can feel like the protagonist. It opens the door to another world, providing pleasant tranquility along with new discoveries.

Store Information

Store NameMagical Maid Cafe Altimicia
Address3rd Floor, Schumann Building, 4-6-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access6 minutes on foot from Akihabara Station
Business HoursWeekdays: 14:00 – 5:00 / Weekends & Holidays: 12:00 – 5:00
Regular HolidayPlease check with the store
Average Budget3,000 yen
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