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Hello everyone! Today, I would like to introduce a popular spot in Akihabara, the unique concept maid café “Alcoholic”.

With an interior themed around a hospital, this dream café features cute nurses who “treat” you with alcohol therapy.

Step inside, and you’ll surely find yourself immersed in a completely new world, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life!

A Unique Space Themed Around a “Hospital”

“Alcoholic” welcomes its guests as “patients” in an interior modeled after a hospital. The space is characterized by green lighting displaying EKGs, anatomical models, and VIP seats referred to as the ICU. Drinks are served in beakers and syringes, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that is a major attraction of this café. Each visit will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a real hospital.

Attentive Care from Cute Nurses

All the staff here are dressed in nurse uniforms and provide each “patient” with attentive “treatment.” Their warm smiles and dedicated care are sure to relieve your daily fatigue and stress. Each nurse has a unique charm, making it enjoyable to find your favorite one.

Unlimited “Medications” to Enjoy

“Alcoholic” offers various courses and pricing systems to meet different needs. The affordable rates, including an all-you-can-drink option, make it easy to enjoy your time here. The VIP seats, known as the ICU, provide more attentive care and a private experience. If you consider yourself a “severe patient,” this option might be worth considering.

All-you-can-drink/currency is 1 yen = 1 point.

<Waiting room course>
40 min. 3,000 points
Extension 40 min. 3,000 points

Female patient
40 min. 1,500 points
1,500 for 40 minutes with an extension

<Inpatient course>
Waiting room course +4,000 points
A nurse will sit beside you and examine you until you leave the hospital.
*This service may not be available depending on how crowded the counter is.

<ICU (VIP Seat)>
We recommend the use of ICU for more serious patients.
You will receive extensive nursing care by nurse-chan.
40 min. 6,000 points
Extension 40 min. 6,000 points
ICU is first-come, first-served. Even if you have informed the Cast Member of your plan to come to the ICU, you may not be able to use the ICU due to the crowded condition of the ICU.

Lemon Sour
Green Tea High
Oolong Tea High
Pineapple Sour
Jasmine High
Acerola High
Rum coke
Cassis Orange
Cassis Oolong
Fuzzy Navel
Peach Oolong
High Ball
Ginger Highball
Coke Highball
Gin & Tonic
Tequila Sunrise

Orange juice
Ginger Ale
Acero Juice
Oolong tea
Jasmine tea

Drink S size 1,000 points
Drink L size 2,500 points
Special medicine (shot) 1,500 points


If you ever visit Akihabara, be sure to check out “Alcoholic.” Here, you’ll find a special experience and relaxation unlike anything in your daily life. With the warm care of the nurses and the unique atmosphere, it’s guaranteed to heal both your mind and body.

Store Information

Store NameAlcoholic Akiba
AddressMT Building 8F, 4-4-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access5 minutes walk from Akihabara Station, 3 minutes walk from Suehirocho Station
Business Hours16:00–24:00
Regular HolidayOpen every day
System<Waiting Room Course>
40 minutes: 3,000 points
Extension 40 minutes: 3,000 points
Female Patients
40 minutes: 1,500 points
Extension 40 minutes: 1,500 points
Payment MethodsCash / Credit Card
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