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Absolute Territory! What an appealing phrase.


It’s a super famous store with 4 locations in Akihabara.


Let’s take a look at what kind of place it is.

Welcome to the space of overflowing love and magic, “Akiba Zettai Ryouiki”!

Standing on a street corner in Akihabara, a special place that feels like opening the door to another world, “Akiba Zettai Ryouiki”.
It’s a spot that truly embodies the fusion of otaku culture and kawaii, perfect for Akihabara.
Through this article, we’ll share with you its charm in abundance.

Standing in the Holy Land of Otaku, the Kingdom of Dreams

“Akiba Zettai Ryouiki” is a maid cafe with the concept of ‘Otaku × Kawaii’, befitting the holy land of otaku culture known as Akihabara.
Even from the outside, its adorable appearance attracts attention as a storefront, making it a welcoming place for first-time visitors to maid cafes.
Stepping inside, you’ll find yourself in a dreamy and cute world.
The predominantly white interior feels like something out of a fairy tale.
The menu features many photogenic items, especially the Unicorn Parfait and selfie-worthy drinks that are sure to make your Instagram shine!
Popular among foreign tourists, it offers a full taste of Akihabara’s pop culture.

Charm of the Cast: Healing Neko Maidens

The major charm here undoubtedly lies with the maids.
Dressed in cat ears and maid outfits, they warmly welcome visitors with the premise of wanting to repay kindness to humans.
You’ll find yourself captivated by the “absolute territory” peeking out from their knee-high socks.
Each guest receives personalized spells, and during live shows, they deliver passionate performances.
The clientele ranges from solo visitors to groups, ensuring both first-timers and regulars leave satisfied!

Pricing System and Menu of Akiba Zettai Ryouiki

It operates on a system of 770 yen per person for 60 minutes with a one-drink order.
The menu boasts unique dishes like Pink Ramen and White Cat Stew.
Moreover, the omelette rice adorned with ketchup art by the maids is not only delightful to look at but also delicious to eat.
With clear pricing and no worries about additional charges, you can enjoy your time here with peace of mind.

fee system

770 per person/60 minutes (1 drink order required)

Food Menu

  • White omelet rice ¥1,650
  • Maid café’s standard ketchup drawing omu-rice.
  • Pink Ramen ¥1,320
  • Ramen dyed pink with natural ingredients. You’ll have to wait until you try it to find out what it tastes like!
  • White Cat Stew / Black Cat Curry ¥1,430
  • You can choose stew or curry according to your preference.

Dessert Menu

  • Unicorn parfait ¥1,155
  • A parfait with a dreamy and cute unicorn motif.
  • Absolute domain cake ¥1,990
  • A cake that reveals the maid’s absolute domain as you eat it.
  • Cat chocolate parfait ¥1,155
  • A parfait with a cute cat motif brownie.
  • Pain Cake ¥1,990
  • A pain cake that symbolizes otaku culture.

Drink Menu

  • Photo props drink ¥1,210
  • A magical drink that allows anyone to become a maid.
  • Strawberry Milk/Matcha/Black Tea ¥990
  • Each drink contains flavored tapioca. They are sticky and delicious.

Reviews of Akiba Zettai Ryouiki

Below is a summary of reviews extracted from the internet regarding Akiba Absolute Territory.
With many favorable comments, it’s evident that it’s beloved by numerous customers.

"The service from the maids is courteous, and I believe both individuals and groups can enjoy it."
"The live performances were impressive and visible up close."
"The food and drinks were delicious, and I'm very satisfied."
"There were many cute maids, and it was soothing."
"It was my first maid cafe experience, but I had an extremely enjoyable time."
"The menu is extensive, with many dishes perfect for Instagram."
"The unique experience of wearing cat ears and saying 'nyan nyan' was enjoyable."
"The interior, predominantly white, gives a sense of cleanliness and brightness."
"There were plenty of events like live shows and cheki, so I didn't get bored."
"The pricing system was clear, allowing enjoyment within one's budget."
"The service, including photo sessions with maids and original food offerings, was excellent."
"It's crowded on weekends, but weekdays are relatively easy to get in, so I recommend planning your visit."

A Special Time Only Found at “Akiba Zettai Ryouikiy”

“Akiba Absolute Territory” is a place that goes beyond just a maid cafe, offering a charming world of cats and maids.
With its unique concept and heartwarming hospitality, it continues to captivate visitors.
When you visit Akihabara, be sure to experience something like another world at “Akiba Absolute Territory”.
Surely, unforgettable memories will be created!


It’s a beginner-friendly store. Please share your impressions with us.

Store Information

Store NameAkiba Zettai Ryouiki
Address1F Obayashi Building, 3-1-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access4 minutes walk from Akihabara Station
Business Hours12:00 – 22:00 (Last Order 21:30)
Regular HolidaysOpen All Year
System¥770 per person/60 minutes (1 drink order required)
Payment MethodsCredit Cards Accepted
Official Websitehttps://akibazettai.com/
Official Twitterhttps://twitter.com/akibazettai
Official Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/akibazettai/
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