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Hey, I recently found a really interesting place. Do you want to check it out with me?


What kind of place is it? If it sounds fun, I’d love to go!


It’s a concept cafe in Nakasu called “Pajama to ChouChou”. During the day, the cast wears maid outfits, and at night, they switch to cute pajamas.


Wow, that sounds really interesting! So they wear different outfits during the day and night.

Let’s spend a wonderful time at “Pajama to ChouChou”!

Dreamland “Pajama to ChouChou”

Located in the heart of Nakasu, near the police box, “Pajama to ChouChou” is a dreamlike girls’ bar where cute cast members welcome you in maid outfits during the day and in pajamas at night. The different outfits offer a refreshing change depending on the time of day, ensuring a relaxing time for all. Stepping inside, you are immediately drawn into a world of fantasy. Whether you visit with friends, colleagues, or alone, you are guaranteed a wonderful experience. The adorable cast members will soothe your heart and provide a fun-filled time.

From fluffy and cute to sexy, the variety of pajama styles worn by the cast members makes the experience feel as comfortable as being at home. Enjoy the unpretentious charm and soothing atmosphere to the fullest. The costumes change daily, so there is always something new to look forward to. Conversations with the lively and cheerful cast members are one of the highlights, as their bright voices fill the cafe. In this relaxing space, you will truly feel at ease.

Comfortable Time with Maids by Day, Pajamas by Night

During the day, the cast members wear cute maid outfits, and at night, they switch to various pajama styles, including fluffy loungewear, sweats, and sexy camisoles. The youthful and charming cast members will soothe your heart with their styles that match your preferences. Each cast member has a unique personality, helping you forget the stresses of daily life. You will be enchanted by the cute maid outfits during the day and the charming pajama looks at night. No matter the time, “Pajama to ChouChou” offers fresh and delightful experiences, making it a heavenly place.

At “Pajama to ChouChou”, you can enjoy a wide range of drinks, from standard options like shochu and whiskey to popular fruit cocktails loved by the girls. The affordable prices allow you to enjoy your time without worrying about costs, making it as comfortable and fun as drinking at home. Find your favorite from the extensive drink menu and toast with the cast, ensuring smiles all around. Whether you love alcohol or prefer non-alcoholic options, you will surely find a drink to enjoy. The cozy and homey atmosphere allows you to relax at your own pace, which is a significant appeal.

Enjoy Two Atmospheres with Dual Counters

The interior features dual counters, allowing you to enjoy two distinct atmospheres in one place: a cute and cozy pink-based space with a “Kawaii” concept, and a stylish area illuminated by neon lights creating a “Beautiful” vibe. This unique structure is a major attraction of “Pajama to ChouChou.” The ability to experience different worlds in one location ensures that you’ll never get bored, no matter how many times you visit. It’s also great for friends, as each person can enjoy the atmosphere that suits them best. The attention to detail in the design means you’ll always find something new and delightful.

At “Pajama to ChouChou,” the variety of fruit cocktails is especially popular, making it a hit with those who love sweet drinks and female customers. Enjoying a drink with the cast will make you feel as relaxed as if you’re spending time at home. Conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station, this concept cafe offers a special night out. The fruit cocktails change with the seasons, providing a new taste experience every visit. Enjoy sweet, delicious drinks while chatting with the cast and having a comfortable time. It’s also recommended for visits with friends or as a couple.

System and Menu

Part 1 (Cafe time)
1 SET (60 minutes): ¥800 + one drink order
All-you-can-drink: +¥1,500
Polaroid: ¥1,200
Cast drink: ¥1,100
Live performance: ¥800
All-you-can-sing: ¥1,000
Polaroid or digital shot + cast’s choice drink set: ¥1,800

Part 2 (Bar time) 1 SET (60 minutes)
21:00-23:00: ¥2,000
23:00-LAST: ¥3,000
Free drink (60 minutes): ¥1,000
One drink (60 minutes): ¥700
Extension (30 minutes): ¥1,000
Pajama rental (male): ¥1,000
Pajama rental (female): ¥700
2-shot Polaroid (without drawing): ¥1,300
2-shot Polaroid (with drawing): ¥1,500
All-you-can-sing (60 minutes): ¥1,000
Girl’s drink (small): ¥1,100
Girl’s drink (medium): ¥2,200
Girl’s drink (large): ¥3,000
Cover charge (free for first-time customers): ¥1,000

Store Information

Store NameChou Chou
Address2F, 3-3-5 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access3-minute walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station on the subway Kūkō Line
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HoursPart 1 (Cafe time): 15:00-22:00
Part 2 (Bar time): 21:00-LAST
ClosedPart 1 (Cafe time): Closed on Mondays
Part 2 (Bar time): Closed on Sundays
BudgetFrom ¥4,000
Payment MethodsCash accepted
All major credit cards accepted
Seats17 counter seats
Group Use
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The maid outfits during the day were super cute, but the pajamas at night were the best. Especially those fluffy loungewear, they were so adorable and comforting.


The dual-counter atmosphere was great too. Both the pink-based “Kawaii” space and the sparkling neon-lit “Beautiful” space were fantastic!

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