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I’m planning to go to Fukuoka soon, do you know any recommended cafes?


In that case, I recommend “Tweeny Heart Cafe”.

It’s a maid cafe with an English garden theme.


A maid cafe with an English garden theme? That sounds lovely.


The interior has a relaxed atmosphere with natural light streaming through large windows and warm-colored lights gently enveloping the space! Let’s go check it out!

British-Style Concept Cafe

“Tweeny Heart Cafe” is located just a few minutes’ walk from Fukuoka Station, making it easily accessible. It opens early, allowing for casual visits. Situated in the stylish Imaizumi area, you can enjoy a relaxing time with the calm atmosphere inside the store and delicious food.

This cafe sets itself apart from typical maid cafes, with a bright and spacious environment that doesn’t have much of a “maid cafe feel”. The seating arrangement is spacious, accommodating various situations with an 8-person counter seat and window-side table seats. The chairs and sofas are stylish and roomy, prioritizing comfort.

Cafe Atmosphere and Rich Selection of Teas

The open kitchen allows customers to see the maids preparing food, giving a sense of authenticity to the cuisine. The maids’ uniforms are Candy Fruit’s Bellfille maid dress (gray), simple yet cute in design. The maids are friendly and impressively serve customers with joy. As a result, even first-time visitors can relax and enjoy their time.

The charm of “Tweeny Heart Cafe” isn’t just in its interior and food. The cuteness of the maids is also a key point. You can enjoy a fresh maid cafe experience with stylish interiors and cheerful service from cute maids. It’s a highly recommended place for those looking for a maid cafe in Fukuoka.

Moreover, there’s a rich variety of teas, with 28 types of famous brand teas available. You can enjoy teas from famous brands like “FORTNUM & MASON”, allowing you to spend an elegant time surrounded by the aroma of tea. The food menu is also homemade, offering authentic cuisine. The popular roast beef bowl, in particular, has an unforgettable taste.

Design Recreating an English Garden

The interior design is meticulous down to the details, featuring a design that recreates an English garden. Spacious sofas, impressive parasols, and tea cans all enhance the atmosphere. The maids’ uniforms are chic yet cute in design, matching the overall ambiance of the store.

“Tweeny Heart Cafe” is a stylish and relaxing maid cafe with an English garden motif. The rich lineup of teas, authentic homemade cuisine, and friendly service from the maids create a special experience. It’s a recommended spot to visit when in Fukuoka.

Pricing System

Cafe Time
Cover charge 550 yen (tax included)

Bar Time
Cover charge 60 minutes 1100 yen (tax included)
All-you-can-drink 90 minutes 3300 yen (tax included)

1 drink order upon entry
120 minutes (60 minutes added) when ordering main menu food upon entry

Soft drinks from 550 yen (tax included)
Alcoholic drinks from 605 yen (tax included)

Store Information

Store NameTweeny heart cafe
Address3rd Floor, Pipi House, 2-4-23 Imaizumi, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access9-minute walk from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station
Show Access Map
Business HoursWeekdays 15:00-22:00
Saturday 12:00-22:00
Sunday 12:00-23:00 
Bar Time Fri-Sat 22:00-5:00
Regular HolidayIrregular
Price RangeFrom 1000 yen
Payment MethodsCredit cards accepted
Number of Seats
Group Usage
Wifi / Wireless LAN
Official Website
Official SNSX


There were 28 types of tea, and I was indecisive, but I chose “FORTNUM & MASON” Earl Grey. It had a very nice aroma and the taste was exquisite!


It was fun watching the maid cooking in the open kitchen. I ordered the roast beef bowl, and it was tender, juicy, and very satisfying!

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