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I want to visit 【PRiMALSTAGE #プラマル】. What kind of store is it?


It’s a theater-attached concept café & bar with an idol concept!

The staff wear cute uniforms like idols and their service is excellent!


That sounds really interesting. I’ve heard the food and drinks are good too. Is that true?


Since the food manager supervises it, the food is really good. There’s a special omelette rice named after the idols! Let’s go and try it!

Idol Concept

The theater-attached concept café & bar 【PRiMALSTAGE #ぷらまる】 in Tenjin is operated under the idol concept. Inside the store, cute girls in uniforms with dazzling smiles, just like idols, are waiting to welcome you. The atmosphere of the store is exactly like the world of idols, and every visit brings new discoveries and emotions. It’s a dream place for idol fans and a special space that soothes the fatigue of everyday life.

The idol concept is not just about the appearance; it is also reflected in the service provided by the cast. With professional handling and warm hospitality, even first-time visitors can feel at ease immediately. Furthermore, you can’t miss the performances that take advantage of the theater-attached feature. Occasionally held mini-live shows allow you to enjoy the cast’s full-fledged singing and dancing, and you’ll be amazed by their talent and effort.

Atmosphere and Service

The atmosphere inside the store offers new discoveries with every visit, ensuring you enjoy it no matter how many times you come. The professional response and warm hospitality of the cast guarantee that you will become a repeat customer. Additionally, the variety of events and the extensive menu provide a different kind of enjoyment each time you visit.

The store is filled with incredibly cute girls. In the concept café industry, cuteness is a given, but 【PRiMALSTAGE #ぷらまる】 offers charm beyond that. The all-you-can-drink service is also substantial, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful time while having drinks. The cast values communication with customers, and you can play games together or have them make special cocktails for you.

The drink menu is extensive, offering a wide range of options including beer, wine, and cocktails. Especially the original cocktails, which are served according to the mood of the day or the event, allow you to enjoy a new taste every time you visit. Additionally, there are many non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks available for those who are not good with alcohol, ensuring everyone can enjoy.

Moreover, the charm of 【PRiMALSTAGE】 is not just in the drinks. The interior design is meticulously crafted to maximize the idol concept. The stage area, seating arrangement, and lighting effects are all carefully designed. This allows customers to experience the atmosphere as if they were in an idol concert venue.

Plenty of Cute Idols

The Ani-song bar, Shura no Kuni Oyafukodori, has expanded its store and reopened with a new concept. On weekends, idol events are held, and in Fukuoka Tenjin, you can find cute cast members in idol-themed uniforms providing excellent service. During the weekend events, the cast performs authentic idol performances to entertain the guests. On the live stage, you can see the cast passionately singing anime songs and the latest idol songs.

These weekend events are a must-see for idol fans, attracting many visitors. On days when popular cast members perform, reservations are often essential, so early planning is recommended. During the live shows, you can feel a sense of unity by getting drawn into the cast’s energetic performances, singing, and dancing together.

Additionally, after the events, there are autograph sessions and photo sessions with the cast, allowing for closer interactions with your favorite cast members and creating special memories. It also serves as a place for fans to interact, providing the joy of meeting others who share the same interests.

Weekend Idol Events

The delicious meals supervised by the food manager are also highly acclaimed. There is no charge during weekday lunch hours, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy a leisurely meal. The menu features dishes inspired by the idol concept, all of which are visually appealing. For example, you can enjoy special omelet rice named after idols or original desserts created by the cast, offering new culinary delights with every visit.

Great care is taken with the ingredients, using fresh and high-quality items. This ensures that the food not only looks good but also tastes great. There are seasonal limited menus and dishes tailored to special events, ensuring that you never get bored no matter how many times you visit. Especially during weekend events, special dinner courses are available, allowing you to enjoy luxurious meals alongside idol performances.

【PRiMALSTAGE #ぷらまる】 offers many attractions as an idol concept café & bar. From the cast in cute uniforms to extensive cosplay events, delicious food and drinks, and weekend idol events, the store ensures that everyone who visits has a great time. It is recommended not only for idol fans but also for those visiting a concept café for the first time or anyone looking to have a fun time.

Why not spend a special time at 【PRiMALSTAGE】? The smiles of the idols and a wonderful time are waiting for you. Enjoy the best moments at this place where you can discover new charms with every visit.

System Menu

Lunch Time 12:00-15:00 No Charge on Weekdays Only
One order per hour Drink 500 yen~ Food 900 yen~

Café Time 15:00-20:00 Weekends and Holidays 12:00-20:00
One order per hour Weekday charge 60 minutes 300 yen Weekend charge 60 minutes 500 yen
All-you-can-drink Weekdays 60 minutes 2500 yen Weekends 60 minutes 3000 yen (500 yen discount for non-alcoholic drinks)
All-you-can-drink beer additional 500 yen ・ Members can enjoy all-you-can-drink for 90 minutes.

Bar Time 20:00-3:00 Fridays, Saturdays, and Holiday Eves 20:00-5:00
One order per hour Weekday charge 60 minutes 1000 yen
All-you-can-drink 60 minutes 3500 yen (500 yen discount for non-alcoholic drinks)
All-you-can-drink beer additional 500 yen ・ Members can enjoy all-you-can-drink for 90 minutes with a charge.

Store Information

AddressAsahi Daiichi Tenjin Building 9F, 3-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access2 minutes walk from Tenjin Station
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Business HoursMon~Thu 17:00~03:00
Fri 17:00~05:00
Sat 12:00~05:00
Sun 12:00~03:00
ClosedOne irregular holiday per month
PriceFrom 2000 yen
Payment MethodsCash available
Various credit cards accepted
SeatingCounter 10 seats
Box seats for 6 people 3 seats
Group Use
WiFi/Wireless LAN
Official Website
Official SNSX

They were very friendly, and I had a great time talking with them. We played games together, and they made me a special cocktail. Time flew by!


I ordered the special omelet rice, and it was really delicious. The dessert was so cute that it was almost a shame to eat it. I tried various drinks, but the original cocktails were especially tasty.

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