Cafe&Bar Rockin’ Angel


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Do you know Rockin’ Angel?


Yeah, I know it!

It’s a concept café with rock-themed maids, right? I’ve been really curious about it.


It’s themed around girls’ rock and anime songs, and the interior looks very stylish!


Then, let’s go together on our next day off!

Guided by Rock Maids! A Captivating Space

Located in Tenjin, 【Rockin’ Angel】 is a unique concept café & bar where rock-themed maids serve you. The store is themed around girls’ rock and anime songs, creating a perfect space for music lovers to enjoy with lively music. The interior is also dedicated to the rock theme, featuring artistic walls with hearts and wings, and decorated guitars named ‘Angel’ that brighten up the store. The stylish space surrounded by rock interiors offers new discoveries every time you visit. Enjoy a thrilling time through music.

One of the major attractions of 【Rockin’ Angel】 is the regular cosplay events. Maids dressed in different costumes appear at each event, providing new surprises and enjoyment with every visit. Especially on Rock Day, June 9th, special services are prepared to entertain the customers even more. At these events, you can take pictures with the maids and enjoy special menus, making you want to visit not just once, but repeatedly.

The Rock Spirit of the Angels! The True ‘Rockin’ Angel’

Not just cute, the maids with a rock spirit will serve you. They are well-versed in girls’ rock and exude the charm of cool maids. They truly embody ‘Rockin’ Angel’, capturing your heart and not letting go. Find your own angel and spend special moments with them. Enjoy conversations with the maids as well, discussing rock and music, making for a pleasant time.

Inside 【Rockin’ Angel】, the decor is irresistible for music lovers. Over the counter, a grand frame with angel wings is displayed, and decorated guitars welcome the customers. Spend time in a truly rock-themed space with beautiful melodies. The store is decorated with music-related artworks and posters, making you feel like you are in a rock museum.

Fusion of Girls’ Rock and Anime Songs! A Must-Visit for Music Lovers

At 【Rockin’ Angel】, themed around girls’ rock and anime songs, lively music flows, making visitors want to shout out. Enjoy your favorite anime songs and girls’ rock classics along with the performances of the rock-themed maids. It is a concept café & bar that offers the ultimate music experience for music lovers. The performances of the maids, as well as the music playing in the store, are carefully selected, providing new musical encounters with every visit.

This store, where rock-themed maids serve, offers new surprises and enjoyment to visitors as a concept café & bar themed around girls’ rock and anime songs. Be sure to visit and experience it for yourself. Since its opening, it has attracted many music lovers, forming a community. Share the best moments with fellow music enthusiasts.

System Menu

Soft Drinks 60 minutes 1,580 yen
Alcohol 60 minutes 2,480 yen

Soft Drinks 60 minutes 1,980 yen
Alcohol 60 minutes 2,800 yen

Soft Drinks 60 minutes 2,200 yen

Store Information

Store Name Cafe&Bar Rockin’ Angel
Address 2nd Floor, 1-20-21 Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access 3-minute walk from Nishitetsu Tenjin Station
4-minute walk from Subway Tenjin-Minami Station
8-minute walk from Subway Tenjin Station
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Business Hours Mon-Thu 18:30~1:00
Fri-Sat 18:30~2:00
Sun 18:30~23:00 or closed
Closed Irregular Sundays
Payment Methods Cash accepted
Various credit cards accepted
Group Use  
Wifi/Wireless LAN  
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The atmosphere was really full of rock, I almost wanted to shout. The maids were super cute and cool too.


The lighting was amazing too. Especially the heart with wings art was impressive, I could stare at it forever. Also, the maids’ performances were fantastic.

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