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I’ve been looking for interesting cafes and bars lately. Do you have any recommendations?


If you like anime and anime songs, Anison Bar Guild Fukuoka branch might be good!

You can enjoy anime song karaoke, and the atmosphere inside is nice and relaxing.


That sounds interesting!


This bar has branches all over the country, but what’s interesting is that each branch has different uniforms.

Let’s try going to the Fukuoka branch this time!

Features of Anison Bar Guild Fukuoka Branch and

Anison Bar Guild Fukuoka Branch is an ideal place for people who love anime and anime songs. What particularly stands out is the extensive lineup of anime song karaoke. Here, not only customers but also staff members participate in karaoke to liven up the atmosphere. The joy of singing your favorite anime songs while enjoying drinks is exceptional. Furthermore, karaoke events hosted by the staff are held, allowing both those who love to sing and those who prefer listening to have a great time.

The interior has a relaxed café-like atmosphere, offering a space where you can spend leisurely time. One of the attractions is that you can enjoy both drinks and food, with homemade dishes, soft drinks, and delicious cocktails available. Also, it’s a chance to get excited about anime and manga topics with staff and other customers, providing an opportunity to find new friends and communities.

Atmosphere and Services

The atmosphere at Anison Bar Guild Fukuoka Branch is a comfortable space reminiscent of a maid café. The floor is not too large, and the distance to the maids is just right, allowing you to relax and enjoy anime talk. The interior is decorated with numerous anime goods, tickling your otaku heart with every visit. Characterized by its relaxed café-style interior, it’s also ideal for spending time alone leisurely.

There’s also a focus on the food, with all the staff’s homemade dishes being delicious, and a variety of soft drinks and cocktails to enjoy. One of the charms of Bar Guild is the blissful time you can spend drinking, singing, and chatting with friends while anime and anime song tracks play in the background.

Unique Features of the Fukuoka Branch

Guild is a concept café & bar with branches across Japan, extremely familiar to people who love anime, manga, and anime songs. Each branch is characterized by different cute uniforms, adding to the enjoyment of visiting different locations. The Fukuoka branch, in particular, has impressive curved counter seats, allowing for comfortable interactions with the maids.

Guild is a reputable establishment with overwhelming recognition in the industry, continuously supported by many anime fans. For over 10 years, it has been known as a place of comfort for those who love anime and subculture.

Anison Bar Guild Fukuoka Branch has various features that captivate visitors. The interior has a relaxed café-style design, exuding an atmosphere that feels somewhat nostalgic. What particularly catches the eye is the abundance of anime goods displayed inside. These items are sure to be a pleasant surprise for visitors. Moreover, the space inside is well-balanced, neither too large nor too small, providing a relaxed environment. Therefore, it’s also ideal for spending time leisurely alone.

Live Events and Special Guests

Anison Bar Guild Fukuoka Branch regularly hosts live events by the idol unit “Guildol”. These lives feature popular anime songs, with the audience engulfed in a whirlwind of excitement. Furthermore, special events featuring famous voice actors and artists as special guests are held regularly, providing unmissable opportunities for fans. These events are also places for anime and anime song lovers to discover new attractions.

The Fukuoka branch also has many female staff members, and their attractive maid uniforms draw attention. You might find new encounters with each visit. All of these combined have established Anison Bar Guild Fukuoka Branch as a must-visit place for those who love anime, cosplay, idols, and subculture.


Cover charge 390 yen
(One order required per hour)

Drinks from 550 yen

Food from 300 yen

Request karaoke 300 yen

Store Information

NameAnison Bar Guild Fukuoka Branch
Address7F Mountain Five, 2-1-51 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Access3 minutes walk from Tenjin Station Exit 2
Show access map
Business hours19:00 – 2:00 the next day
Regular holidays
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Group use
Wifi/Wireless LAN
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I had such a great time singing classic anime songs while the staff joined in to liven up the atmosphere. The drinks and homemade dishes were delicious too, and it was the kind of place where you just want to keep talking!


The live event was amazing too! Guildol’s performance was so energetic, and I was touched that a voice actor came as a special guest. I want to go again on another event day.

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