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Do you know the maid bar called 【Planetica】 in Daimyo, Fukuoka City?


It’s that chic, antique mansion-style maid café, right?

I’ve heard the atmosphere is really lovely.


The concept is Music & Maids, with a spacious area where you can relax.

You can even request songs and dances from the maids.


Then, let’s go to 【Planetica】.

We should also think about the songs to request.

A Calm, Mature Space – Special Moments with Music & Maids

A moment at 【Planetica】 offers a space where you can forget everyday life and truly relax.
This concept café is themed around music and maids. It has a spacious area, allowing you to spend your time leisurely. Additionally, you can request performances of songs and dances from the maids.

The café features a chic design and antique interior, ensuring that even first-time visitors feel comfortable. With only counter seats available, why not enjoy a luxurious time conversing with the maids?

The Pinnacle of Maid Cafés – Seeking a Peaceful Moment

【Planetica】 is a chic and sophisticated maid café.
As the name suggests, it is characterized by its mansion-like interior, exuding a calm and serene atmosphere. It is the perfect place for those who want to spend a leisurely time away from the busy daily life.

At this maid café, maids dressed in antique original maid outfits will courteously serve you. During events, you can enjoy different costumes from usual, discovering a new side of the maids. During stage time, you can enjoy high-quality performances of songs and dances, and they will also take requests.

A Blissful Moment with Music

Located in Daimyo, Fukuoka City, 【Planetica】 is a maid bar that gives you the illusion of wandering into an antique mansion.
Celebrating its 8th anniversary on April 4, 2022, this establishment boasts a chic and calm atmosphere. With only counter seating available, even first-time visitors can relax and enjoy conversations with the maids.

The charm of Planetica lies in sharing a relaxed time with the unique maids. Equipped with karaoke and a stage, you can enjoy the maids’ songs and dances upon request. Of course, customers can also sing themselves.

Planetica is a maid café characterized by its chic mansion image and antique original maid outfits. The café offers a variety of whiskies, cocktails, shochu, and brandy, prepared right in front of you by the maids. The appeal lies in enjoying conversations with the maids while having a drink.

With only counter seating available, even first-time visitors can relax. During events, you can enjoy the maids’ performances, and you can also enjoy your favorite songs upon request. Time at Planetica will feel like your own special moment.

System Menu

Shot Course (Men)/Charge (1h) 1500 yen
Shot Course (Women)/Charge (1h) 500 yen
All-You-Can-Drink Course (Men)/Charge (1h) 2800 yen
All-You-Can-Drink Course (Women)/Charge (1h) 2300 yen
Keep Course (Men)/Free Time 3500 yen
Keep Course (Women)/Free Time 2000 yen

Maid/Butler Drink (1 drink) 1000 yen

Maid’s Omelette Rice 1300 yen
Vegetable Tomato Curry 1200 yen

Store Information

Store NamePlanetica (PLANETICA)
AddressFlaps 3F, 1-3-6 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access10-minute walk from Subway Tenjin Station
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Business Hours20:00~26:00
Price3,000 yen and up
Payment MethodsCash accepted
Various credit cards accepted
SeatingCounter 19 seats
Group Use
Wifi/Wireless LAN
Official Website
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The stage time performance was really amazing!

They even sang the songs we requested, it was so moving.


I was surprised by the variety of alcohol available. The whiskey cocktail made by the maid was especially delicious. Drinking in that atmosphere made it even more special.

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