Cafe’ de. Yuuka.


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Have you heard of Cafe’ de. Yuuka?


I’ve heard a little about it!

It’s a maid cafe where anime, game, and tokusatsu fans gather, right?


This cafe hosts various events for anime, game, and tokusatsu enthusiasts!


That sounds fun! Let’s go check it out now!

Cafe for Subculture Enthusiasts

Cafe’ de. Yuuka. (Café de Yuuka) is a maid cafe located in Fukuoka where enthusiasts can enjoy discussions about anime, games, and tokusatsu. This cafe, popular among subculture fans, offers different themed events on various days, making it a place for new experiences every visit and attracting many repeat customers.

Inside the cafe, guests can enjoy chatting, karaoke, and delicious meals. Anime song karaoke is particularly popular. The maids share the same hobbies as their customers and provide cheerful and energetic service with their deep knowledge. Conversations and performances with them bring new discoveries and smiles each time.

Enjoy a Wide Range of Genres

Cafe’ de. Yuuka caters to a wide range of interests and constantly delights visitors with its creative ideas. They excel in covering diverse genres such as anime, games, and tokusatsu, engaging guests in discussions ranging from the latest anime trends to nostalgic tokusatsu series, appealing to enthusiasts of all ages.

The interior is decorated with anime and game posters and merchandise, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of an anime world. Each table features figures and manga available for guests to freely enjoy, ensuring relaxation and fun moments even for first-time visitors.

Furthermore, the cafe hosts different events every day of the week. For example, Mondays feature “Nostalgic Anime Song Night,” Tuesdays offer “Latest Game Strategy Share Day,” and Wednesdays host “Tokusatsu Heroes Gathering Night,” ensuring every visit provides a new experience, which explains its popularity among repeat customers.

Chatting with Cute Maids

A major highlight is the presence of adorable maids who not only provide service but also enjoy interacting with guests. These lively and cheerful maids sing, dance, and play games with customers, creating a relaxed atmosphere akin to spending time with friends.

The maids are extremely friendly and warmly welcome first-time visitors, quickly making them feel at ease. Their smiles and kindness help relax guests and provide a delightful experience.

A Space Like Hanging Out with Friends

Cafe de Yuuka adopts the format of a maid cafe while specializing in themes focused on anime and anime songs.

Its standout feature is the ability for visitors to engage in discussions about anime, games, and tokusatsu. Many patrons visit to meet like-minded individuals and bond over shared interests. To cater to these needs, Cafe de Yuuka employs staff knowledgeable about subcultures, ensuring each visit brings new discoveries and excitement.

Cafe de Yuuka regularly hosts events related to anime, games, and tokusatsu. For instance, they organize preview events coinciding with new anime releases and celebratory parties for popular game launches. These events provide patrons with opportunities to stay updated with the latest information and share insights with fellow enthusiasts.

Moreover, the maids at Cafe de Yuuka not only charm with their cuteness but also possess deep knowledge of anime and games. They enjoy discussing and occasionally playing games with customers, creating an atmosphere akin to spending time with friends. For fans of anime, games, and tokusatsu, this cafe is truly a dream destination where you can enjoy your hobbies, make new friends who share your passions, and build deeper connections.

Store Information

Store NameCafe’ de. Yuuka
AddressWing Box Tenjin 4F, Imaizumi 1-chome, 21-10, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access2 minutes walk from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station
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Business Hours18:00 – 0:00
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The maids singing the theme songs of the tokusatsu heroes was really great. It felt like watching a show, and it was really exciting and fun!


I ordered the original menu inspired by the tokusatsu heroes, and the Hero Curry and Special Drink were really delicious! They were also cute, and I took a lot of pictures!

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