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“Doll Maid Cafe” sounds like a lovely concept.


Yes, it is.

The cafe we’re introducing this time is “Like a Doll Maid Cafe” in Akihabara. We definitely want you to experience the extraordinary world where it feels like you’ve wandered into a doll’s world.


The uniforms look cute too, I’m curious about what kind of cafe it is.

Lost in a Dollhouse?! Unique Atmosphere

The moment you step inside, you’ll be overwhelmed by the castle-like interior dominated by black and pink.
It’s like stepping into a dreamland, with a space that’s both eerie and cute.
Like a Doll is a unique cafe concept centered around “dolls.”
Produced by the popular apparel brand EATME, the interior, themed in black and pink, is truly reminiscent of a dollhouse.
Every table and wall decoration is meticulously detailed, creating an illusion of being in a different world from the moment you arrive.

Living Dolls: The Maids of “Like a Doll”

The maids at “Like a Doll” indeed embody doll-like beauty, as their name suggests.
The costumes they wear, curated by EATME, offer a variety of designs and color variations for each maid, resembling a fashion show to be enjoyed visually.
Not too gothic, not too dreamy, the perfect balance is the hallmark of this cafe.
It’s a delight for regulars to see the same maid donning different outfits each day.
Moreover, the maids are approachable and provide personalized service to each guest, without any pushiness.
From beginners to veterans, everyone can find enjoyment in this space.

Simple and Transparent Pricing System

The pricing system is straightforward: ¥1,000 charge for men per 60 minutes, while women enjoy the same time for ¥500, making it quite reasonable.
For beginners, set menus are available at ¥4,800, inclusive of the charge, free drinks, popular drawing omelets, and cheki photography.
Especially, drawing omelets and cheki photography are perfect for creating memories.
For an additional ¥1,000, you can also enjoy unlimited alcohol, making it possible to indulge in drinks while having a good time.

Male charge: 1000 yen Female charge: 500 yen
All-you-can-drink soft drinks: 1500 yen
All-you-can-drink alcohol: 2,500 yen

Food & Drink
Drinks 800 yen and up
Rice omelet with drawing: 1,500 yen
Pancake 900 yen

Set Menu
Tutorial set 4800 yen including charge
All-you-can-drink (+1000 yen for alcohol) + oekaki omu-rice + checkers with maids

Moe-kun set – Men 3600yen / Women 3100yen Including charge
Original cocktail with bromide + checkers with maids

Like a Doll: Customer Reviews

Below is a summary of reviews of Like a Doll found online.
Many of the reviews are highly positive, indicating high praise from visitors.

"Among the various maid cafes, it's rare to find one where everyone greets you and talks to you in a cheerful atmosphere. It was very cozy."
"Recommended for first-time maid cafe visitors as you can preview it on YouTube before visiting."
"The store has a calm atmosphere underground, and the cast members talked to us cheerfully and pleasantly."
"I enjoyed delicious pancakes and juice, and I was happy to be greeted by everyone so cutely."
"It was a very impressive experience to be greeted by everyone in line when entering the store."
"I was nervous on my first visit, but the maids talked to me in a friendly manner, and before I knew it, three hours had passed."
"The interior has a calm atmosphere, and all the cast members are beautiful, and the uniforms are also charming."
"I was very satisfied with the chic interior and cute maid uniforms."
"I am satisfied with the excellent customer service and cozy atmosphere every time I come. The interior design and maid outfits are fashionable and lovely."
"I had a lively and enjoyable time in the calm lighting, and the cast members were bright and the conversation was lively."
"The omurice was delicious."
"The price is reasonable, the taste is good, the staff's response is wonderful, and I want to visit again."
"They have a wide variety of all-you-can-drink alcohol, making it enjoyable even for first-time visitors."
"The dessert set is highly recommended. The interior is simple and cute, and it had a relaxing atmosphere."

A Homely Cafe Where Wonderful Memories Can Be Made

Finally, let me emphasize the wonderful aspects of Like a Doll once again.
The interior has a subdued atmosphere with dim lighting, yet the maids are cheerful, and casual conversations can be enjoyed.
Being able to check the store in advance on YouTube is reassuring for first-timers.
The coziness that many visiting customers feel, saying “I want to come again,” is something we are proud of.
When you visit Akihabara, be sure to spend a sweet and enjoyable time at “Like a Doll”!


Here, you can have a wonderful time that adds a bit of extraordinary to your daily life.
Why not experience a special time with the lovely maidens of “Like a Doll”?

Store Information

Shop NameDoll Maid Cafe Like a Doll
Address4-2-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Akihabara, B1F
Access1 minute walk from Akihabara Station Electric Town Exit
4 minutes walk from Suehirocho Station
Business HoursWeekdays 17:00-23:00
Sat, Sun & Holidays 15:00-23:00
*Open until 5:00 AM on the day before Sat, Sun & Holidays
ClosedIrregular Holidays
SystemMale Cover Charge: 1000 yen, Female: 500 yen
Soft Drink Free Drink: 1500 yen
Alcohol Free Drink: 2500 yen
Payment Methods
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