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Hello! Today, let me introduce you to one of Akihabara’s long-standing popular spots, the maid cafe “Cafe Mai:lish”. Through this article, why not explore the charm of Mai:lish?

A Space Where Mysterious Time Flows: What Makes Cafe Mai:lish So Appealing?

Step inside from the hustle and bustle of Akihabara, and you’ll find yourself in a special space that’s completely removed from everyday life.
With no doorknob and an old wooden latch, the entrance exudes a sense of timeworn charm.
Inside, the bright space is filled with natural light, and original character tapestries and merchandise add a splash of color.
The decor, which evokes a sense of nostalgia while remaining impeccably clean, provides a comfortable atmosphere that remains unchanged through multiple renovations.

The Unique Charm of the Maids: Staff and Costumes at “Cafe Mai:lish”

One of the major attractions here is the diverse personalities of the maids and the variety of costumes they wear.
From classic maid outfits to unique cosplay, the costumes change according to the day’s theme or event, making it enjoyable just to watch.
Listening to the stories behind each costume will deepen your understanding of the maids.
On special days like Classical Maid Day on Wednesdays or Hobby Day, you can enjoy unique outfits.

You will surely be captivated by the charm of the maids in their beautiful outfits.

Simple and Clear Pricing System

The pricing system is very simple and easy to understand.
There is no cover charge, and you can relax with a one-order minimum for 90 minutes.
Additionally, there is an original stamp card with lots of great perks for repeat customers.
For fans, the photo service available with a purchase of 1500 yen or more is an irresistible feature.

Mai:lish Curry
The mysterious pink curry ★
Its curious taste is a creamy medium dry chicken curry! Toppings are also recommended.
1500 yen

Meilish Image Character
Kameido & Kameary Curry
The white turtle maids have come in the form of curry!
Kameary Curry
Kamaid Curry
Each ¥1500

Omelette Rice with cute drawing
1500 yen each

Hashed Omelette Rice with Sauce and Omelette Rice

Hamburger Steak (Demi-glace or Japanese style) with Rice
Delicious and you’ll get lost in the sauce.

Rice with hashed meat ¥1200
The hashed sauce is delicious!
Beef curry ¥1200
Hamburger steak curry ¥1800
Curry doria ¥1400
Meat doria ¥1400
Ochazuke (rice with green tea) ¥1200
Hashed hamburger steak with rice ¥1900TIME CHARGE

Free Soft Drinks

Alcohol free

3 sizes of drinks that are much larger than the regular drinks.

Mai:lish Giant Float
Mai:lish’s famous Giant Float! It’s three times the size of a regular drink, but it’s still a refreshing soda that you can drink in gulps!
1500 yen

Mai:lish Float
Mai:lish’s original sweet and refreshing berry soda!
Vanilla ice cream goes perfectly with it!

Akiba Cola
A triple sized cola for those who love cola!
1300 yen

Akiba Giant Float
Triple sized melon float *You can taste it so much you can’t resist!
1500 yen

Big Cafe au Lait
If you think you’ve got to have a café au lait, you’re right! This one is 3 times the size so you can enjoy it to the fullest!
1300 yen

Coffee 800 yen
Cafe au lait 800 yen
Wiener coffee 900 yen
Cafe latte 900 yen
Cafe mocha 950 yen
Milk ¥800
Cocoa ¥900
Hot oolong tea ¥800
COLD coffee
Iced coffee ¥800
Iced café au lait ¥800
Iced cafe latte 900 yen
Iced cafe mocha 950 yen
Iced milk ¥800
Iced cocoa ¥900
Calpis water ¥800
Calpis soda ¥800
100% orange juice ¥900
Oolong tea 800 yen
Coca-Cola 800 yen
Melon soda 800 yen
Ginger ale ¥800
Float is available for an additional ¥300! (Cold drinks only)

Pure Tea Pot ¥1200 each


One of the world’s top three teas,

Recommended to drink straight to enjoy the aroma.


Assam is characterized by its rich and deep flavor. It is a tea that goes very well with milk tea.


Nilgiri is called “Blue Mountain of tea”. It has no strong flavor, so you can drink it any way you like.


A deep flavor with just the right amount of astringency. It is one of the three major black teas in the world with a characteristic and vivid aroma called “Kuba Flavor”.

It can be served with milk tea or straight tea.

Dinh Pra

A traditional Ceylon tea. This tea is loved by many people. Enjoy it any way you like.


One of the world’s three most popular teas, with a sweet floral aroma and fruit-like sweetness. Recommended to drink straight to enjoy the color. Milk tea is also available for a richer taste.

Flavored Tea Pot ¥1200 Iced ¥900

Earl Grey

A gorgeous tea with a hint of bergamot. For those who are tired from stress. For those who want to spend a relaxing time.


Tea leaves filled with rose petals. The sweet flavor and enchanting aroma will make your tea time a moment of elegance.

Iced tea ¥800

Tea leaves of the day (Please see the inside of the store)

Maillisch toast ¥1,200
Pancakes ¥1,000
Caramel honey pancakes ¥1200
Chocolate parfait ¥1,000
Vanilla ice cream ¥900
Strawberry parfait ¥1000
Apple tart ¥800
Chocolate cake ¥800
Cheese cake ¥800
Strawberry cake ¥800

Blissful Time at “Cafe Mai:lish”

In conclusion, let’s sum up why this café has been loved for so many years.
It is not just a maid café but a “second home” for its visitors.
A relaxing space, heartwarming hospitality, and, most importantly, a place where you can have gentle interactions with the maids.
That is the exceptional service provided by “Cafe Mai:lish.” Why not spend a pleasant evening at this hidden gem in Akihabara tonight?


In the fiercely competitive area of Akihabara, a shop that has lasted for 22 years is truly remarkable.

There’s a sense of reassurance knowing you can’t go wrong by visiting this place.

Store Information

Store NameCafe Mai:lish
AddressFh Kyowa Square, 3-6-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Access9-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business HoursMonday, Tuesday, Thursday: 14:00~22:00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 12:00~22:00
SystemOne order minimum for 90 minutes
(No table charge.)
Payment Methods
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