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Mr. Pencil
Mr. Pencil

This is an introduction to “Alcoholic Osaka Clinic,” the largest and most talked-about hospital concept cafe in Nihombashi!
Here, cute nurses provide thorough nursing care, relieving stress for patients and supporting their mental recovery.
You can be healed in both body and mind while relaxing in a soothing atmosphere.

Cute Nurses for Your Checkup!

Our original costumes are designed based on nurse uniforms. Using fabrics in shades of purple, white, and black, with the addition of black lace and frills, we create a gothic atmosphere.

The nurses wearing these costumes exude an alluring and sexy charm, and the glimpse of skin from their outfits will surely raise patients’ blood pressure. Additionally, they apply a “landmine-style” distressed makeup to match the ambiance of the shop, emphasizing the uniqueness of this establishment.
This costume is not just a nurse uniform; it’s a fashionable and unique design that enhances the individuality and charm of our nurses. Customers will be even more drawn to these enchanting costumes!

A Luxurious Interior Setting!

The interior decoration, especially the yellow neon electrocardiogram displayed on the ceiling, catches the eye.
Furthermore, the white counter seats resembling emergency markers complement the ambiance of the establishment.
The interior design exudes a sense of luxury, creating a stylish and cool space.

Moreover, the ICU (VIP seating) features luxurious sofa seats.
The gorgeous red fabric exudes luxury and makes patrons feel special, allowing them to enjoy in a more comfortable posture. In the ICU, where nurses can attend to you up close, it’s sure to provide a special experience distinct from other seats.

Karaoke facilities are also available, allowing visitors to enjoy a fun time with music.
Not only for dining but also for entertainment, this feature is a highlight.

Regular Events Utilizing Social Media! Enjoy Great Deals!

In this establishment, regular events are held via social media.
Past events have offered perks such as one free set of ICU or free shots & karaoke, enabling patrons to enjoy great deals. By following us, you can stay updated on the latest event information and perks. Be sure to follow us and have a great time!


【Soft drink】
Orange juice
Ginger ale
Acerola juice
Oolong tea
Green tea
Jasmine tea
【Alcoholic beverages】
Draft beer
Lemon Sour
Pineapple Sour
Green tea high
Oolong Tea High
Jasmine High
Acerola High
Cassis Orange
Cassis Oolong
Fuzzy Navel
Peach Oolong
High Ball
Ginger Ale
Coke Highball
Gin & Tonic
Tequila Sunrise

Other drinks can be provided, please ask the nurse.

Drink S size 1,000 yen
Drink L size 2,000 yen
Special effects (shots) 1,500 yen
Cuervo 1800 Anejo 2,500 yen

Store Information

Address2-3 Soemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0084, Osaka Prefecture
Official WebsiteOfficial Site
Social MediaTwitter Instagram TikTok
Business Hours18:00 – 25:00
Price InformationAll-you-can-drink system
【Waiting Room Course】
  Men: 40 minutes – ¥3,000
  Women: 40 minutes – ¥1,500
【Hospitalization Course】
〜Sit by the girl’s side until discharge for examination〜
  Men: 40 minutes – ¥7,000
  Women: 40 minutes – ¥5,500
【ICU (VIP Seating)】
〜ICU is recommended for more severe cases〜
    40 minutes – ¥6,000
※ICU seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Automatic extension system
Tax 10%
Service charge 10%
Rounded up to the nearest 10 yen
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