Oshi Wa Oserutokini Ose!

Mr. Pencil
Mr. Pencil

A top-class excellent store in Kansai!
The girls are cute, and the concept changes every month, so you can enjoy it with a fresh feeling every month :musical_note:
For first-time visitors, I recommend adding the all-you-can-drink option for maximum enjoyment!

Concept Cafe “Pushiwa Osesuru Toki ni Osesu!” in Osaka Chuo Ward

Located in the Shinsaibashi area, a stylish concept cafe where the concept changes every month!
At this cafe, original uniforms that match the concept will appear monthly♪

In addition, the second store opened in February 2024.
With a good access just 15 seconds on foot from the first store, you can enjoy visiting both stores!

“Pushiwa Osesuru Toki ni Osesu!” is commonly referred to as “Osesu Osesu!”,
As the name suggests, you can enjoy the excitement of finding your favorite girl!
Be sure to visit and enjoy it!

We Have Two Stores!

We have two stores in Osaka Chuo Ward!

Store 1
4F, Mitsuji Lees Building, 2-6-11 Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
TEL: 080-4826-6694

Store 2
5F, Mitsuji BLD, 5-32FN Soemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City

Store Information

Official WebsiteOfficial Website
Social MediaTwitter Instagram TikTok Youtube
Business HoursClosed:
Open all year round

Operating hours:
Fee InformationBasic charge: ¥500/60 minutes
60 minutes per order

▼Regular all-you-can-drink
【Male】¥2,400 【Female】¥2,000
▼All-you-can-drink with Tequila toast
【Male】¥3,000 【Female】¥2,500
▼First-time visit all-you-can-drink
¥1,000/60 minutes

Additional service charge of 10% and consumption tax of 10% will be added.


Kaku ¥880
Old Claw ¥880
Four Roses 880 yen
Maker’s Mark 880 yen
Jack Daniel’s ¥880

▼ Gin
Bifita Gin 880 yen
Bombay Sapphire 880 yen

Smirnoff 880 yen
Absolut 880 yen

Captain Morgan 880 yen
Lon Rico White ¥880

Tequila (cocktail)
Cuervo 880 yen
Sauza 880 yen

Cassis ¥880
Dita ¥880
Peach ¥880
Blue ¥880
Malibu ¥880
Kahlua 880
Tiffin 7,95
Mistia ¥880

▼ Shochu
Nikaido ¥880
Kurokirishima 880 yen
Rento ¥880
Kakotan 880 yen
Marika ¥880
Kinmiya ¥880

Lemon squash ¥880
Chardonnay ¥880
White peach ¥880
Aloe ¥880

▼ Sour
Lemon ¥880
Lime ¥880

Umeshu (plum wine)
Nanko plum wine ¥880
Aragoshi Umeshu (plum wine) ¥880

Soft Drinks
Cola 550 yen
Ginger ale 550 yen
Oolong tea 550 yen
Jasmine tea 550 yen
Green tea 550 yen
Calpis 550 yen
Milk 550 yen
Orange juice 550 yen
Grapefruit juice 550 yen
Tomato juice 550 yen
Pineapple juice 550 yen
Apple juice 550 yen
Coffee 550 yen
Hojicha green tea 550 yen
Ume kelp tea 550 yen
Straight tea 550 yen

Lister ¥8,800
Cafe de Paris Sensation Bellini 13,200 yen
Cafe de Paris Sensation Mimosa 13,200
Mabum 17,600
Mabum LED 19,800
Moët ¥22,000
Veuve 27,500
Veuve White ¥27,500
Moët Ice Imperial 19,000
Moët Ice Imperial Rose 19,500
Original (white) ¥33,000
Original (Rose) ¥55,000
Dom Perignon Dom Perignon White ¥66,000
Crystal ¥110,000
Krug ¥110,000
Belle Epoque ¥110,000
Belle Epoque Rose ¥132,000
Armand Brignac ¥110,000
Armand Rose ¥143,000
Armand Green ¥165,000
Armand Demi-Sec ¥165,000
Armand Brandt Blanc ¥275,000
Angel ¥165,000
Angel Demi-sec ¥220,000
Angel Demi-Sec Rose ¥275,000

Beer and bottled liquor
Super Dry (small bottle) ¥1,100
Corona ¥1,100
Smirnoff Ice ¥1,100
Sky Blue ¥1,100
Bottle of Sake ¥1,100
Cup of wine (red/white) ¥1,100

Shot glasses
Tequila ¥2,200
Jager ¥1,650
Kleiner ¥1,650
Coca Bomb ¥1,650

Non-alcoholic champagne
Champagne Champagne 4,400 yen
Chamay ¥6,600
Original ¥16,500

Two hash browns ¥550
Omelet with graffiti ¥1,320
Hamburger steak with rice ¥1,650
Pancakes ¥1,650
Snacks ¥550
Nuts ¥550
Snacks ¥550
Chocolate ¥550

air mini ¥1,100
sherry ¥1,100
IPPuK 2,200 yen

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