Ma-Made Shinsaibashi Store (Maid Cafe & Bar)


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I was looking for a classic maid cafe in Shinsaibashi, and I found a well-reviewed inexpensive place!


A classic maid cafe sounds nice! There are lots of interesting concept cafes lately,

but I still want to enjoy a maid cafe too!


Here they don’t just wear maid outfits, they sometimes wear regular clothes too! Their costumes change for different events!

It’s pretty rare to see them in regular clothes, so that’s an intriguing point!


Wow, regular clothes is so rare!

I’m curious what kind of regular clothes the maids wear, let’s go check it out!

Classic Maid Cafe ♪

Located a 10-minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station, the maids waiting for you at “Ma Maid Shinsaibashi” exude a natural yet cozy, truly “at-home” atmosphere.

The prices are wallet-friendly too, with affordable all-you-can-drink and all-you-can-sing karaoke packages! There’s even a non-alcoholic all-you-can-drink option, so those who don’t drink alcohol are guaranteed to have fun.
The food menu is announced on the shop’s SNS on the day, but reviews rave about how delicious it is! Be sure to let the maids liven things up while you enjoy karaoke and burn some calories, savor drinks and delectable dishes.

Packed with Events

It seems that there are regular events held that further highlight their charms, such as school uniform events and oiran kimono events, where they can enjoy different outfits and atmospheres from their usual ones. With the various events, you can discover new charms and personalities of these girls, so you’ll want to keep coming back for each event.

For example, in the school uniform event, they wear student uniforms, evoking a fun atmosphere reminiscent of school life. The girls in their uniforms exude a different kind of cuteness from their maid outfits. In the oiran kimono event, they appear in elegant kimono, which gives them a polished sexiness different from their usual maid attire, and their graceful demeanor captivates the hearts of visitors.

Not only can you enjoy seeing the girls in different outfits from their usual ones, but it’s also a place to have new encounters and interactions. For those seeking a change of pace or new stimuli, these events are perfect opportunities. You can savor the cute and sexy appearances of the girls while spending a pleasant time.

Being exposed to the charms of the maids in various outfits may make your daily life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Why not give it a try?

Adorable in Maid Outfits, Casual Wear, and Event Costumes

At this establishment, they graciously welcome us with a spirit of hospitality, donning casual wear, maid outfits, and event costumes for various occasions ranging from everyday to extraordinary. The maid outfits come in multiple styles, with a rich variety ranging from classic designs to flashy ones, showcasing diverse tastes.♡

The maid outfits are diverse, including gingham check patterns, colorful pop designs, and some with cute frills and ribbons, while others prefer simple and elegant styles. With so many options, the individuality of each maid’s outfit is refreshing every time you visit.

In addition to the quintessential maid outfits, this place also offers hospitality in casual wear, which reflects each girl’s personality. Their casual styles are simple yet exude a unique sense of fashion and cuteness. Some are fashion-savvy, while others cherish their own personal styles. No matter what casual wear they have on, their charm shines through, making it a lucky day when you get to see them in regular clothes.♡

With the various outfits they showcase at each event, it never gets boring, to be honest. Whether chatting or enjoying karaoke in different uniforms, time flies by, so be mindful of the automatic extension system to avoid losing track of time.

Wondering what kind of uniform they’ll be wearing today adds excitement to the journey to the establishment, potentially bringing a sparkle to your everyday life.

Even though it’s a classic maid café, the charm-filled “Maa Maid Shinsaibashi” allows you to see them in various costumes. Why not let yourself be captivated by this place?

Pricing System

All-you-can-drink soft drinks + All-you-can-sing karaoke: 1 hour 1000 yen
All-you-can-drink alcohol + All-you-can-sing karaoke: 1 hour 1000 yen
*Automatic extension system


  • Coffee (hot and iced)
  • Tea (hot or iced)
  • Cocoa (hot and iced)
  • Coca-Cola
  • Ginger ale
  • 100% orange juice
  • 100% Grapefruit juice
  • Pineapple 100% juice
  • 100% Apple juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Calpis (hot or iced)
  • Oolong tea (hot or iced)
  • Green tea (hot or iced)
  • Mugi-cha (hot or iced)
  • Ume Kombucha
  • Milk (hot or iced)
  • Kirin Ichiban Shibori (draft beer)
  • Nanko plum wine
  • Tantakatan plum wine
  • Kyoho sake
  • Kyouroshu (apricot wine)
  • Iichiko (barley)
  • Nikaido (barley)
  • Kurokirishima (sweet potato)
  • KATAKATAN (Shiso)
  • KAMIZEN Nyosui
  • Suntory V.S.O.P Slim
  • Ballantine Finest
  • Sea Bass Regal
  • Kaku Bottle
  • Early Times Yellow
  • Ezra Brooks Black
  • Fore Roses
  • Wild Turkey Standard
  • Jack Daniel’s Black
  • Smirnoff
  • Beefeater
  • Sauza
  • BACARDI White


  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Cassis (blackcurrant)
  • Tiffin (Tea)
  • Midori (Melon)
  • Mango (Mango)
  • Campari (Herb)
  • Kahlua (coffee)
  • Paraiso (lychee)
  • Yogurt
  • Godiva (Chocolate)
  • Matcha (Green Tea)
  • Mistia (Muscat)
  • Cinzano Rosso (vermouth)
  • 500 yen per picture
  • Digital camera photo: 500 yen per photo (cell phone cameras are OK)
  • Song request: 300 yen per song
  • 800 yen for a request for a devilish song (3 song requests)
  • Bromide: 500 yen per photo
  • Reward drink: 800 yen per drink
  • Original drink: 800 yen per drink (with bromide or photo)
  • Sister store outing: 3,000 yen per hour

Store Information

Store NameMa-Made Shinsaibashi Store (Maid Cafe & Bar)
Address9th floor, Tower Estate Building, 2-2-7 Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
AccessApprox. 8 minutes on foot from Nipponbashi Station
Approx. 10 minutes on foot from Shinsaibashi Station
Show Access Map
Business HoursWeekdays 12:00-23:00,
Weekends and holidays 11:00-23:00
Regular HolidayIrregular holiday
FeeFrom 3000 yen
Payment MethodCredit cards accepted
QR code payment not available
Number of Seats
Group UseAvailable
Wifi / Wireless LANAvailable
Official Website
Official SNSX

It was great that each cast member had a different type of maid outfit, showing off their individuality! They were easy to talk to, cute, and excellent! The cast members in their own clothes each had their own personalities, giving off a concept cafe vibe of the Reiwa era, which was really wonderful!


They also cherish the individuality of the cast members, and it was truly the best environment where they provided hospitality so that we could spend our time comfortably. It felt like it had been a while since I had so much fun singing karaoke!

The prices start from 1000 yen, including all-you-can-drink and all-you-can-sing karaoke, which was cheap, fun, cute, and really great!

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