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I would like to introduce a recently opened Taisho-roman concept café located a 2-minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station.

Time Slip to the Taisho Era

The cafe that opened on January 27, 2024, with the concept of Taisho Romanticism, offers a wondrous experience as if you’ve boarded a time machine. Opening the door reveals a world filled with the elegant atmosphere of the Taisho era. Adorable waitresses warmly welcome you in beautiful Japanese attire. Their polite greetings and graceful gestures treat you like an honored guest transcending time and space.

Stepping inside unveils an elegant space blending Japanese and Western influences. The furniture and ornaments imbued with the Taisho spirit, along with the glistening chandeliers, create an illusion of wandering into a storybook. Here, the present and Taisho eras intertwine, weaving a mystical space brimming with new charms.

This hideaway cafe is an ideal haven for those seeking respite from the clamor of daily life and yearning for soothing comfort. Once you visit, you’ll undoubtedly forget the noise of the Reiwa era and find your mind and body refreshed in the Taisho-inspired ambiance.

And the time-slipped experience into the Taisho era is sure to become a cherished memory. The waitresses’ graceful service, the Taisho Romantic cuisine and tea, and the heartwarming atmosphere will captivate visitors, providing them with a delightful time etched into their hearts.

Leave the clamor of everyday life behind, immerse yourself in the elegant Taisho atmosphere, and indulge in a precious moment. This wondrous space may just enrich your heart.

Uniforms Evoking the Taisho Era

The interior decor exudes an atmosphere as if you’ve time-slipped, and the uniforms worn by the female staff also emanate a timeless charm. The Japanese attire they don evokes the ambiance of the Taisho era. With different patterns adorning the right and left sides, their beauty is reminiscent of the ideal Japanese woman. Although dressed in traditional Japanese garments, their faces overflow with modern cuteness, creating an entrancing contrast. Each girl has her own unique personality, some wearing adorable animal ears, ribbons, or headbands as accessories. These accents accentuate their individual charms and make them even more captivating.

Upon entering, you’ll feel as if you’ve stumbled into another world. The fusion of nostalgic Japanese sentiments and modern cuteness creates a space that warmly embraces visitors. And at the center stand these girls, whose presence is a vision of beauty straight out of a painting. Not only are they adorable, but their smiles and gestures exude grace and refinement.

Furthermore, their Japanese attire evokes the traditional Japanese sense of beauty. The intricate patterns, colors, and woven fabrics symbolize the essence of Japanese aesthetics. Not only that, but each girl wearing a different pattern brings out their unique charms. The cute ears and accessories they adorn further highlight their individual personalities and draw the eye!

The cafe’s atmosphere and the girls’ Japanese attire are a spectacular fusion of Japanese beauty and cuteness. Lose yourself in their captivating presence, time-slip from the Reiwa era to the Taisho period, and enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Fee System

Male 1 Hour 1,000 Yen
Female 1 Hour 800 Yen
※One drink per set

All-you-can-drink (including seating fee)
Alcohol all-you-can-drink course (1 hour)
Male 3,000 Yen
Female 2,500 Yen

Soft drink all-you-can-drink course (1 hour)
Male 2,500 Yen
Female 2,000 Yen
※For beer and shochu highballs, add 500 yen to the all-you-can-drink course

Store Information

Store NameFloral Café -Romantique-
Address2F, Shinbura Street, 1-5-19 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Access2 minutes walk from Osaka Metro “Shinsaibashi Station”
9 minutes walk from Osaka Metro “Namba Station”
7 minutes walk from Osaka Metro “Nagahoribashi Station”
Show access map
Business Hours18:00〜LAST
Regular Holiday
FeeFrom 3,000 Yen
Payment MethodsCredit cards accepted
QR code payment accepted
Number of Seats12 seats
Counter seats: 8 seats
Booths: 4 seats
Group UseAvailable
Wifi/Wireless LANAvailable
Official Website
Official SNSNo

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