Luna Amour


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What kind of place is “Luna Amour”?


It’s produced by Rionna Ota from MB48 and Aina Hoshino, a former member of SKE48, so it seems to have strong ties with the idol industry!


A con-cafe run by former popular idols sounds appealing!


Many of the cast members are former idols themselves. It seems like these former idols provide heartfelt hospitality to each customer!

Produced by Former NMB48’s Rionna Ota and Former SKE48’s Aina Hoshino

“Luna Amour” is a neo-concept cafe that opened in December 2023, with the concept of evening drinking. This cafe is produced by former NMB48 member Rionna Ota and former SKE48 member Aina Hoshino, and has strong ties to the idol industry. It is conveniently located just 1 minute walk from Shibuya Miyamasaka-ue, 7 minutes walk from Shibuya Station, and 8 minutes walk from Omotesando Station.

The highlight of “Luna Amour” is its provision of a relaxing evening drinking experience. It aims to offer customers a space where they can take a breather from the hustle and bustle of daily life. To create a soothing environment, the interior features a gentle and beautiful pastel color scheme, allowing visitors to unwind as soon as they step inside.

Obanzai and Con-cafe

“Luna Amour” is not just a dining establishment. It is also attracting attention as a place that creates a new “gene.” This means that through the fusion of the idol industry and the food and beverage industry, new values will continue to be created. Under the vision of Rionna Ota and Aina Hoshino, it is expected that this space will give birth to new talent and ideas.

The menu features carefully selected obanzai dishes, which can be enjoyed with delicious alcoholic beverages. Obanzai is characterized by its homely flavors, making it perfect for a heartwarming evening. The dishes feature simple seasonings that bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients, ensuring every dish is exquisite. For example, the menu includes stewed dishes generously using seasonal vegetables, homemade pickles, miso soup, and other Japanese home-cooked dishes that allow you to fully savor the deliciousness of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Additionally, many of the staff members are former idols themselves, creating an irresistible environment for idol fans. The service provided by these former idols goes beyond simply serving food; they offer heartwarming hospitality to each and every customer. Drawing from their experiences as idols, they provide bright and energetic service to entertain the customers.

Uniform Design by Former SKE48’s Kanako Hiramatsu

Noteworthy is the uniform design. These uniforms were designed by former SKE48 member Kanako Hiramatsu, featuring a cute doll-like style with pink and gray as the base colors. The sight of the staff members wearing these uniforms and warmly welcoming customers is like a dreamlike world.

At “Luna Amour,” special events are also held regularly. For example, there are live events and fan meetings, providing opportunities for interactions with fans from their idol days. Customers can enjoy these events even more. Additionally, customers who present a ticket stub from a live event on the same day receive a complimentary obanzai dish. This added incentive is expected to attract more fans to visit after attending live events.

Creating a New Gene

“Luna Amour” is a new style of cafe that blends the concept of evening drinking with delicious obanzai dishes and the warm hospitality of former idols. In this space, where you can heal from the fatigue of daily life and spend a heartwarming moment, we invite you to enjoy a wonderful time. The passion and vision of producers Rionna Ota and Aina Hoshino make this cafe even more appealing. Enjoy a comfortable moment at “Luna Amour,” which offers a special time for each customer.

Pricing System

20-minute charge: 470 yen
All-you-can-drink (45 minutes): 3,000 yen

Store Information

Store NameLuna Amour
AddressNew Heights Aoyama 2F, 1-1-11 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access5 minutes walk from Shibuya Station
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Business Hours18:00 – 23:00
ClosedOpen all year round
PriceFrom 2,000 yen
Payment MethodsCredit cards accepted
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The interior was really cute, and the pastel colors created a relaxing atmosphere.

The food was also delicious, and I especially liked the obanzai dishes!


The interior design was impressive, and the uniforms designed by Kanako Hiramatsu were so cute, making the staff members look like dolls. It was such a dreamlike space!

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