Cross-Dressing Cafe & Bar haco.


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Mr. Ballpen
Mr. Ballpen

Cross-dressing bartenders welcome you at this glamorous venue that illuminates the night. Handsome staff, with sweet smiles, craft your drinks, turning even the toughest man’s heart tender. Men and women alike, do visit and meet our enchanting staff!

▼ Mr. Ballpen’s soliloquy
I’ve turned completely soft-hearted… these guys are just too handsome.

Heartfelt Hospitality from Cross-dressing Bartenders

In a cozy space, refined cross-dressing bartenders welcome you. Produced by Haruo Oshima, these exquisite bartenders, with their polished skills and stylish allure, create a luxurious experience. They also form a cross-dressing idol unit that delivers spectacular entertainment. With their overwhelming presence and charm, they brighten the nightlife. Please, open the door to this refined world and enjoy a time of luxury!

Haruo Oshima
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Birthday: May 5th

Producer and owner-manager of Ebisu Cross-dressing Cafe & Bar haco.

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Likes: “Disney & Shonen Jump works”

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Assigned color: “White”
Likes: “Singing, anime, darts, Uta no Prince-sama, My Hero Academia, Tennis”

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Likes: “Anime & J-Rock”

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Birthday: September 28

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Birthday: April 1

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Birthday: June 14

Assigned color: “Blue”
Likes: “Manga”

Haruo Oshima is also active in the band ‘Erotic Oshima’!

Producer Haruo Oshima is also active in his band, performing live across the Kanto area and other regions. If you’re interested, try searching for ‘Erotic Oshima’! Their Twitter account regularly updates with live performance schedules, so don’t miss out!

Quoted Twitter Account: Erotic Oshima

Special Offers for New Customers!

For new customers only: Follow the official Twitter to receive either ‘one free charge’ or ’90 minutes of all-you-can-drink for half price’! If it’s your first visit to our place, make sure to follow us on Twitter to catch all the latest updates and special offers!

Store Information

Address2-3-15 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 4F
WEBOfficial Site
Business HoursWeekdays
Friday & Saturday 20:00-05:00
Sunday 18:00-23:30
Pricing InformationTable charge per hour / ¥1000
  (One drink order per hour required)
(Student charge & extension half price)

90 minutes / 1 set ¥3300
30-minute extension ¥1100

Service charge 10%


♦︎Tequila shot per glass / ¥1000
・Kleiner per glass / ¥1200
・Cocabomb per glass / ¥1500

・Drink for the cast / ¥1000
・Random cocktail / ¥1500
・Customized omurice/ ¥1500​
・One-shot Cheki / ¥1000
・Two-shot Cheki / ¥1500

☆Choose any two snacks for ¥1000
・Chicken nuggets
・French fries
・Smoked cheese
・​Duck roast

​coming soon

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