Cheer up Tokyo, where cheerleaders support you!


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Mr. Ballpen
Mr. Ballpen

When you’re tired, when you want to feel energetic, or even when you’re already energetic, go meet the cheerleaders.
Among them, the “Cheers Drink” is the best, so I definitely recommend trying it.

▼Marquis Ballpen’s soliloquy
Let’s get fired up! Fight on!

“Energize Everyone!”

As the name “Cheer up” suggests, this shop is filled with an energetic, supportive atmosphere!
The concept of the shop is “Cheer up,” meaning to energize everyone involved, including customers and event participants, charging everyone with energy.

The “Shibuya Hachiko Front Store,” “Shinjuku Store,” and “Shimbashi Store” in Tokyo welcome everyone with bright and energetic girls, each shop overflowing with smiles and vitality, providing a heartwarming moment!

Cheer up Tokyo’s Specialty “Cheers Drink”

Speaking of cheerleaders, it’s all about the dance performance!
At Cheer up Tokyo, when you order the special “Cheers Drink,” a popular artist’s song will play, and cheerleaders will perform a dance and song just for you✨
Experience the precious moments that athletes enjoyed during their school days, now available to you!

Check out the image video of the Cheers Drink on the official Youtube channel at this link!

Get Energized with Carefully Selected Cheer Uniforms!

The uniforms worn by the girls at “Cheer up Tokyo” radiate charm.
Their lightly dressed costumes elegantly highlight beautiful skin, elevating it to a refined beauty!
The attire garners admiration even from the most gentlemanly of observers✨🤓

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Support Cheerleaders via Individual [SNS] Accounts!

Please follow them!

Miho TikTok (Shibuya Hachiko Front Store)

Aya (Shibuya Hachiko Front Store)

Momo (Shibuya Hachiko Front Store)

Source: Official Site

Store Information

AddressTokyo, Shibuya Ward, Jinnan 1-23-7 Daiichi Eiraku Building 7F
WEBOfficial Site
SNSInstagram Twitter
Business HoursClosed Days
Sundays and Public Holidays

Business Days
Mon—Fri 18:30—23:45
Sat 17:00—23:45
Seats12 seats
Seating: Counter 3 seats, Tables 9 seats
Smoking: Smoking allowed
Pricing InformationNo table charge
All-you-can-drink (30 minutes) Men ¥1,870 (tax included)
         Women ¥1,100 (tax included)

Credit card payments accepted!


◆Beer (Sapporo Black Label)
◆Red Wine
◆White Wine
◆Lemon Sour
◆Grapefruit Sour
◆Oolong High
◆Green Tea High
◆Coke High
◆Ginger Highball
◆Shandy Gaff
◆Gin Tonic
◆Vodka Tonic
◆Cassis Soda
◆Cassis Oolong
◆Kir Cardinal
◆Green Tea
◆Oolong Tea
◆Ginger Ale

◆Dom Pérignon Rosé ¥71,500
◆Dom Pérignon White ¥38,500
◆Moët & Chandon Nectar ¥22,000
◆Moët & Chandon White ¥16,500
◆Café de Paris Sensation ¥9,900
◆Original Non-Alcoholic Champagne ¥8,800
◆Café de Paris ¥3,300
◆Sparkling Sake Mio ¥3,300

◆Today’s Pasta ¥770
◆Fried Chicken ¥770
◆Pizza ¥770
◆Assorted Sausages ¥770
◆Dried Ray Fin ¥550
◆Dried Snacks ¥550
◆Cheese Platter ¥550
◆Mixed Nuts ¥550
◆Potato Chips ¥550
◆Chocolate ¥550
◆Edamame ¥550

Also check out the private parties & new plans! Be sure to check the official website!

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