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Mr. Ballpen
Mr. Ballpen

In the bright and cheerful animal kingdom, girls in sexy costumes welcome you✨
If you’re excited about this, come and visit!

▼ Mr. Ballpen’s soliloquy:

I want to be healed by animal therapy!

Shibuya’s Cute & Sexy Animal Costumed Beauties!

Trace, open from evening until 5 AM in Shibuya, features girls dressed in sexy animal costumes who make you feel comfortable and welcome.🎵
With a variety of women, including those with the elegance of a Scottish Fold or the charm and cuteness of a Maine Coon, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your preferences.

The Girls’ Costumes are Animalistic, Cute, & Sexy!

All of them wear animal ears, and their attire, which often reveals the navel and arms, combines cuteness with sexiness. Their adorable yet sexy appearance captivates onlookers, making hearts flutter.

Meeting them in person at the store ensures that every moment is vividly remembered. Their charm will fill your heart with joy and excitement.😇

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Store Information

AddressTokyo, Shibuya Ward, Dogenzaka 2-17-2, 2F
TEL050-1427-1839 (Store phone number)
WEBOfficial Site
SNSInstagram Twitter TikTok YouTube
Business HoursClosed Days
Open year-round

17:00〜Next morning 5:00
Weekends and Holidays
13:00〜Next morning 5:00
Payment MethodsThe following payment methods are available:
・American Express
Pricing InformationAll-time ¥3,000
Extension fee for 30 minutes ¥2,000
Extension fee for 60 minutes ¥3,000
Tax & service charge 20%
RemarksInvoice registered


Beer ¥0
◆Asahi Super Dry

Gin ¥0
◆Gin and Tonic
◆Gin Back

Vodka ¥0
◆Vodka Tonic
◆Moscow Mule

Rum ¥0
◆Rum Tonic
◆Rum Coke
◆Rum Back

Tequila ¥0
◆Tequila Coke
◆Tequila Back

Shochu ¥0
◆Oolong High
◆Green Tea High
◆Lemon Sour

Whiskey ¥0
◆Coke High
◆Ginger Highball
◆Whiskey Water

Cassis ¥0
◆Cassis Orange
◆Cassis Oolong
◆Cassis Soda

Peach ¥0
◆Fuzzy Navel
◆Peach Oolong
◆Peach Fizz

Wine ¥0
◆Glass of Red Wine
◆Glass of White Wine

Plum Wine ¥0
◆Plum Wine

Soft Drinks ¥0
◆Ginger Ale
◆Orange Juice
◆Oolong Tea
◆Green Tea
◆Black Tea
◆Jasmine Tea
◆Iced Coffee
◆Calpis Soda

Beer ¥1,000
◆Heineken (bottle)

Gin ¥800
◆Bombay Sapphire

Vodka ¥800–
◆Zubrowka ¥800
◆Belvedere ¥1,000

Rum ¥800
◆Captain Morgan

Shochu ¥800
◆Nikaido Yoshikazu
◆Kuro Kirishima

Whiskey ¥900–
◆Hakushu 12 years ¥2,000
◆Yamazaki 12 years ¥2,000
◆I.W. Harper ¥1,200
◆Chivas Regal 12 years ¥900
◆Jack Daniel’s ¥900
◆Laphroaig 10 years ¥1,000
◆Glenfiddich 12 years ¥1,000
◆Hennessy XO ¥3,000

Cocktails ¥800–
◆Smirnoff Ice (bottle) ¥1,000
◆Malibu ¥900
◆Kahlua ¥900
◆Amaretto ¥900
◆Bailey’s ¥800
◆Mangoyan ¥800

Served straight, on the rocks, with water, or with various carbonated mixers. ¥0

◆Moët & Chandon Impérial ¥20,000
Moët & Chandon Imperial

(N.I.R) Moët Nectar Imperial Rosé

◆Veuve Clicquot Brut ¥20,000
Veuve Clicquot Yellow

◆Veuve Clicquot (white) ¥22,000
Veuve Clicquot White

Dom Pérignon Luminous

Dom Pérignon Rosé Luminous

◆Armand de Brignac ¥140,000

◆ANGEL NV BRUT ¥140,000
Angel Black

Angel White

◆other champagne
Café de Paris ¥8,000
Café de Paris
※Please ask the staff for various flavors.

◆chammerry ¥8,000
Cham Merry

◆Duc du Montagne ¥5,000
Duc de Montagne

◆tequila margarita ¥1,000
Tequila Margarita Shot

◆Jägermeister ¥1,000
Jägermeister Shot

◆COCALERO ¥1,500
Cocalero Shot

Cocarero Bomb

◆Kleiner ¥1,000

◆Red Bull ¥1,000
 Red Bull

◆Red Bull sugar free ¥1,000
 Red Bull Sugar Free

◆Red Bull + Vodka ¥1,500
 Red Bull Vodka

◆Red Bull + Jägermeister ¥1,500
 Red Bull Jägermeister

◆Red Bull + COCALERO ¥2,000
 Red Bull Cocalero

◆Red Bull + other alcohol ¥0–
 Red Bull Cocktail
 ※Please ask for the price.

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