Shibuya Concept Bar Macaron


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Mr. Ballpen
Mr. Ballpen

At Macaron, girls dressed like fluffy cute female students from Harajuku fashion will welcome you. Just like the shop’s name suggests, its sweet and fluffy atmosphere combined with its interior guarantees a hit on social media! Be sure to enjoy the macarons that girls will love!

▼Mr. Ballpen’s monologue
I really love sweet treats.

“Dreamy Cute” Themed Concept Bar

This shop is designed with a “dreamy cute” atmosphere, as if you are inside a dream. The meticulously detailed interior is like a beautiful world that seems to have jumped out of a picture book. Girls dressed in overly cute outfits from famous Harajuku brands are waiting for your visit with smiles and hospitality. Enjoy a wonderful time in an Instagrammable space, creating memorable moments together!

Five Types of Girls’ Uniforms!!

Uniform A
 A beige cardigan with a white and black checkered skirt, a lovely coordination! It exudes cuteness without being too plain, giving an adult-like and gentle impression.
 The white and black checkered skirt is simple yet elegant.
 This combination gives an intellectual and classy atmosphere.

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Uniform B
 A navy cardigan with a white and light blue checked skirt and a light blue ribbon, a fantastic choice! The navy cardigan adds elegance and depth to the overall look.
 Meanwhile, the white and light blue checked skirt gives a fresh impression, brightening up the mood.
 By matching the ribbon in light blue, the entire outfit is well-balanced, creating a cohesive look. Please enjoy this cinnamon coordination to the fullest!

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Uniform C
 A pink cardigan with a white and pink checked skirt. It seems to perfectly express the “dreamy cute” concept of Macaron!
 The pink cardigan adds cuteness and gentleness, while the pink checked skirt exudes a clean and pure vibe. Please take a special look at this unique uniform!

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Uniform D
 A grey cardigan with a beige checked skirt. A mature combination of grey and beige. Recommended for those who find overly cute styles too much.
 This casual yet elegant style is enhanced by a single point of a red ribbon, making it a heart-fluttering style as if a schoolmate was wearing it!

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Uniform E
 A pink cardigan with a grey and pink checked skirt, a classic yet not overly sweet coordination.
 It’s like a cute outfit with a bit of bitterness, like a chocolate. This is the kind of life where you’d want to be called “big brother” by a girl dressed in such attire.

Source: Official Site

Store Information

AddressTokyo, Shibuya Ward, Dogenzaka 2-chome 16-3 Cats Building 4F
WEBOfficial Site
SNSInstagram Twitter
Business HoursRegular Holiday
Open Year Round

Business Days
18:00 to 5:00 the next day
Pricing InformationAll-you-can-drink A Course 2,000 yen/40 minutes
      Extension 3,500 yen/60 minutes
All-you-can-drink B Course 3,000 yen/40 minutes
      Extension 4,500 yen/60 minutes


Kagamiyuki, Kuro Kirishima, Nikka
Kinmiya, Jasmine Flower, Tan Taka Tan
Dewar’s, Kakubin
◆Sours Lemon Sour, Lime Sour
Gin Tonic, Gin Buck
Gin Rickey, Rum Tonic
Rum Buck, Rum High
Rum Coke, Cassis Soda
Cassis Oolong, Plum Wine, Fluffy Kagamiyuki
◆Beer 900 yen
◆Kakubin Highball 900 yen
◆Jim Beam Highball 900 yen
◆Ginger Highball 900 yen
◆Gin Tonic 900 yen
◆Gin Rickey 900 yen
◆Gin Buck 900 yen
◆Orange Blossom 900 yen
◆Vodka Tonic 900 yen
◆Vodka Rickey 900 yen
◆Screwdriver 900 yen
◆Moscow Mule 900 yen
◆Salty Dog 900 yen
◆Tequila Tonic 900 yen
◆Tequila Sunrise 900 yen
◆Rum Tonic 900 yen
◆Cuba Libre 900 yen
◆Boston Cooler 900 yen
◆Mojito 900 yen
◆Baileys Milk 900 yen
◆Baileys Oolong 900 yen
◆Red Eye 900 yen
◆Shandy Gaff 900 yen
◆Chinano Half & Half 900 yen
◆Kahlua Milk 900 yen
◆Long Island Iced Tea 900 yen
◆Cassis 900 yen
◆Peach 900 yen
◆Amaretto 900 yen
◆Malibu 900 yen
◆Cointreau 900 yen
◆Campari 900 yen
◆Passoa 900 yen
◆Tiffin 900 yen
◆Dita 900 yen
◆Cointreau 900 yen
◆Other various liqueurs 900 yen
◆Dom Perignon 50,000 yen
◆Dom Perignon Rosé 100,000 yen
◆Dom Perignon Luminous 90,000 yen
◆Dom Perignon Epoch 60,000 yen
◆Louis Roederer Cristal 100,000 yen
◆Angel Champagne Brut Black 70,000 yen
◆Angel Champagne Brut Halo (various colors) 80,000 yen
◆Angel Champagne Brut Vintage (various colors) 150,000 yen
◆Angel Champagne Brut Rosé White 170,000 yen
◆Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut 20,000 yen
◆Veuve Clicquot White Label 25,000 yen
◆Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Rich 30,000 yen
◆Veuve Clicquot Rosé Label 35,000 yen
◆Mumm Grand Cordon 15,000 yen
◆Mumm Grand Cordon Rosé 20,000 yen
◆Krug Grande Cuvée 60,000 yen
◆Krug Rosé 100,000 yen
◆Armand de Brignac 100,000 yen
◆Café de Paris Mini Bottle 3,000 yen

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