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Do you know about the maid cafe in Nihombashi where you can experience a Christmas mood every day?


There’s a maid cafe where you can experience a Christmas mood every day?

Being able to feel that exciting feeling of Christmas in December is amazing!


It’s a place called “Cripre”, short for “Christmas Present”
A place where every day is Christmas, you get excited just thinking about going!


I thought Christmas only came once a year, but

If you go to “Cripre” you can enjoy it as many times as you want!

Here is the English translation:

Every Day is Christmas!

The store’s name “CHRI PRE” is short for “Christmas Present”, reflecting its Christmas concept. However, “CHRI PRE” is not just a Christmas shop. Throughout the year, it provides the gift of happiness to all its visitors, a special concept cafe. Its existence brings a touch of magic to our everyday lives.

A place where every day feels like Christmas – that’s “CHRI PRE”. Each visit warms your heart and fills you with smiles. “CHRI PRE” will continue creating wonderful memories that will stay with you forever.

When you visit “CHRI PRE”, you’ll be captivated by the casts’ wonderful uniforms, hairstyles, and warm hospitality, making you want to return again and again. It’s like experiencing the magic of Christmas, providing new discoveries and thrills with each visit.

Be sure to visit “CHRI PRE” yourself. A special experience awaits you. Indulge in the magic of “CHRI PRE” where every day is Christmas.

Christmas Vibes Max Both Inside and Out

The appeal of “CHRI PRE” starts before you even enter, with Christmas decorations that fill you with the same excitement as the holiday itself. Step inside into a dream world filled with sparkling illuminations, heartwarming decorations, and joyful music that instantly immerses you in the Christmas mood.
The moment you enter, you can forget reality and return to your childhood innocence. Even adults fall under its spell.
A place adults of any age can enjoy – that’s “CHRI PRE”.

Special Christmas-Inspired Uniforms

The casts’ uniforms aren’t Santa outfits, but maid costumes in red, white, and blue that evoke Christmas. Their adorable designs instantly captivate the heart. Large ribbons decorate them festively, and big hearts adorn the chest area, like a cute present packed with charm.

These maid uniform designs show meticulous attention to detail, further enhancing the casts’ appeal when worn. The red, white, and blue color combination symbolizes Christmas while exuding warmth and vibrancy. These colors naturally put visitors in a special Christmas mood.

The casts’ hairstyles are also diverse, including braids, twintails, and curls, offering various styles to enjoy. Not only do these hairstyles accentuate each cast’s individuality, but they also add color to the overall atmosphere. Every cast fully showcases her charm while welcoming guests.

Braids give an elegant and lovely impression, while twintails exude an energetic cuteness. Curled hairstyles appear refined and sophisticated. Each style perfectly matches the special Christmas vibe. As the casts appear with their respective hairstyles, they emanate an almost holy presence akin to the Virgin Mary, yet remain approachable, like angels appearing on Christmas.

This wonderful combination of uniforms and hairstyles enhances the casts’ appeal and creates “CHRI PRE’s” special atmosphere. Guests are immediately transported to a magical world the moment they enter, feeling the enchantment of Christmas.

Moreover, the casts’ hospitality cannot be overlooked. They greet guests with smiles, attentively serving each one. Their warm hospitality soothes visitors’ hearts, providing a special time. The casts’ kindness and consideration further emphasize the warm Christmas vibe, heightening “CHRI PRE’s” appeal.

The “CHRI PRE” casts’ uniforms are adorable maid costumes with Christmas-inspired colors and designs, meticulously crafted down to the details. Their diverse hairstyles are another charm, with each cast welcoming guests in her own style, emanating an angelic presence. Their warm and welcoming hospitality provides visitors with a special time. Once you visit “CHRI PRE”, you’ll be drawn in by its appeal, wanting to return again and again.

Pricing System

Men 60min All-You-Can-Drink ¥1980
Women 60min All-You-Can-Drink ¥1540

Men 60min All-You-Can-Drink ¥1650
Women 60min All-You-Can-Drink ¥1100

Cast Drink All ¥1100
Photo ¥880

Store Information

Store NameCHRI PRE
Address3F Ohokura Building, 4-11-7 Nihombashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Access8 min walk from Nankai Line “Namba Station”
4 min walk from Sakaisuji Line “Ebisucho Station” Exit 1-A
11 min walk from Subway/Kintetsu Line “Nihombashi Station” Exit 5
Show Access Map
HoursDay 2pm-
Night 10pm-11pm
ClosedOpen Year-Round
Price 2200 yen-
PaymentCredit Cards Accepted
Group Usage
Official Website
Official SNSX


Not just the interior, but the exterior too made you really feel the Christmas vibes!

With the cute angelic cast members like the Virgin Mary, spending time here gave me the same excitement as receiving a Christmas present!


Having Christmas as the concept is so wonderful. Even if you’re tired from daily life, coming to “CHRI PRE” where it’s Christmas every day could get you excited!

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