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A Maid Cafe Focusing on Communication and Natural Charm

“Maid Cafe Filles” in Akihabara is a unique maid cafe that emphasizes communication with maids.
The main feature of this cafe is that the cast does not have character settings and provides service using their natural personalities.
This allows customers to enjoy natural conversations.

This is the perfect place for those who couldn’t fully enjoy other maid cafes or those who want to prioritize conversation.
Various measures have been taken to ensure that even shy people and female customers can enjoy themselves with peace of mind.
The friendly and talkative maids offer a wealth of topics, ensuring a fun time.

A Warm and Relaxing Atmosphere

The interior of Maid Cafe Filles is unified with a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

A notable feature of the interior is the long counter seats. This spacious wood-grain counter is lined with many swivel chairs, allowing customers to enjoy face-to-face conversations with the maids.

The walls are decorated with wooden elements, and small shelves and decorations are placed here and there. There is also a kitchen space separated by curtains.

The lighting consists of several round fixtures on the ceiling, illuminating the interior with soft light.

There are also table seats with floral tablecloths. The chairs used have comfortable-looking backrests.

Overall, the interior is wood-grained, creating a warm and cozy space. The decorations are modest, but cute items are placed throughout, creating a typical maid cafe atmosphere.

This spatial design creates an environment where customers can relax and enjoy conversations with the maids.

Enjoyable Moments with Unique Maids

The cast of “Maid Cafe Filles” is full of unique and charming personalities.
Since there are no character settings, you can fully appreciate the natural charm of each girl, whether she is gentle or straightforward.

Additionally, this cafe offers extensive services for female customers.
Remarkably, ladies can change into maid outfits for free.
This service is perfect for those who want to enjoy a different version of themselves or experience being a maid.
Couples are also welcome, allowing them to spend enjoyable moments together.

Reasonable Prices and a Variety of Menus

The pricing system at “Maid Cafe Filles” is 1,600 yen for the first 60 minutes and 1,800 yen for every 60 minutes thereafter.
For ladies and couples, the fee is always 1,600 yen for 60 minutes.
This fee includes the seat charge, one drink, and a mini-game with the maids.
There is also a 90-minute course available on weekdays for a longer enjoyment.

The drink menu is extensive, with soft drinks starting at 770 yen and alcohol starting at 920 yen, making it reasonably priced.
The food menu is also available, offering a wide range from light snacks to desserts.
Additional drinks, food, and optional polaroid photos can be ordered separately, allowing you to enjoy your time as you like.

Heartwarming Interactions at “Maid Cafe Filles”

“Maid Cafe Filles” is recommended for those who want to enjoy natural conversations with the maids.
Interactions with the charming maids, who are free from character settings, warm the hearts of visitors.
Another attraction is the relaxed atmosphere of the interior, where you can spend leisurely time.

There are many female customers, and even those who do not drink alcohol can enjoy themselves.
The free maid costume rental service is also popular, making it recommended for those seeking new experiences.
If you visit Akihabara, why not spend a heartwarming moment at “Maid Cafe Filles”?

Maid Cafe Filles Store Information

Store NameMaid Cafe Filles
AddressSumiYoshi Building 4F, 3-16-17 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access6-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business HoursWeekdays: 17:00~23:00
Weekends and Holidays: 13:00~23:00
HolidaysIrregular holidays
Pricing System1,600 yen for the first 60 minutes, 1,800 yen for every 60 minutes thereafter
Payment MethodsCash, Credit Card, etc.
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