Mermaid Akihabara


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Hey, want to go to the sea?


Huh? Right now? But we’re in Akihabara.


Akihabara also has a lovely deep sea~

Mermaid Akihabara, Filled with Deep Sea Charm!

“Mermaid Akihabara” is a unique concept cafe themed around the underwater world.
Located in the heart of Akihabara, cute and sexy mermaids invite guests into the realm of the deep sea.
Setting itself apart from other establishments, this cafe offers a special experience that feels like being in an actual ocean floor.

The mermaid cast members combine cuteness and sexiness, and their charm is sure to captivate you once you visit.
Enjoy a special time with their otherworldly atmosphere and hospitality.

Captivating Underwater Interior Decor

“Mermaid Akihabara” is enveloped in a fantastical atmosphere that truly feels like being underwater.
The blue-toned decor faithfully recreates an underwater world, and you’ll be overwhelmed by its beauty as soon as you step inside.

Colorful underwater scenes are printed across the walls, depicting coral and swimming fish.
Particularly eye-catching are the jellyfish decorations hanging from the ceiling.
These jellyfish are illuminated, their swaying movements emitting a soft glow that looks incredibly lifelike.
At the bar area, wine bottles are beautifully displayed, with details that evoke treasures from the ocean floor.

The seating options are diverse, with shell-shaped sofas and colorful chairs arranged for a comfortable experience no matter where you sit.
The VIP seats are modeled after the Dragon Palace, providing an ideal space for special events or private occasions.
The lighting is carefully designed, with soft illumination throughout the interior, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Meticulous Mermaid Costumes

At “Mermaid Akihabara,” cute and sexy mermaids welcome their princes.
Their costumes are beautifully designed with intricate details, as if they’ve stepped straight out of a fantasy world.

The mermaids’ costumes feature pale blue dresses adorned with ribbons and frills.
The necklines and waistlines are embellished with delicate lace and decorations, exuding an enchanting charm that will make your heart flutter.
Pearls and silver accents adorn the ribbons and belts, maintaining the theme down to the finest details.

Dressed in these beautiful costumes, the mermaids offer services like commemorative photo shoots and special drink experiences with guests.
This allows visitors to create unique memories in a world beyond the ordinary.
Be sure to enjoy a special moment with the cute and sexy mermaids at “Mermaid Akihabara.”

Pricing and Diverse Menu

The pricing system at “Mermaid Akihabara” is simple, with a set fee of 3,000 yen for every 40 minutes.
The all-you-can-drink menu includes beer, shochu, whiskey, liqueurs, and soft drinks, allowing you to enjoy with peace of mind.
The VIP seats are 6,000 yen for a 40-minute set, offering special services.

The food menu is also impressive, with unique and delicious dishes like “Colorful Nuts from the Ocean Floor” (mixed nuts) and “The Passionate Dance of a Stray Calf in the Deep Sea” (roast beef).
These menu items feature unique names that align with the cafe’s theme, allowing you to enjoy the food while immersing yourself in the experience.


“Mermaid Akihabara” is a new type of concept cafe themed around the underwater world.
The fantastical interior and charming mermaid services are perfect for those seeking a unique experience beyond the ordinary.
From first-timers to regulars, this cafe provides a wonderful experience that will satisfy everyone.
When visiting Akihabara, be sure to stop by “Mermaid Akihabara.”


This is the flagship store of the “Mermaid Group,” the largest concept cafe group in Akihabara. The interior and costumes truly show their dedication.

Store Information

Store NameMermaid Akihabara
Address9F MT Building, 4-4-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access5 minutes walk from Akihabara Station
System1 set 40 minutes 3,000 yen
Business Hours16:00 – LAST
HolidaysOpen year-round
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