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Oh no, my phone battery is about to die


If that’s the case, why don’t we stop by HoneyHoney to charge it? You can borrow a phone charging cable there, and more importantly, the maid girls are so cute.


I know that place! The food is delicious too. Let’s go!

A Relaxing, Traditional Maid Cafe

HoneyHoney is a long-established maid cafe that prides itself on delicious handmade cuisine and beverages prepared by its maid staff.
Starting with the Yokohama location that opened in 2006, the now-popular chain group has expanded to include cafes in Akihabara, Omiya, and Ikebukuro.

Unlike other maid cafes that emphasize entertainment, HoneyHoney focuses more on providing a relaxing, classical maid cafe atmosphere where guests can appreciate the adorable maids while spending a leisurely time.
The handmade food and drinks are highly regarded for their quality, and the reasonable pricing offers great value.
As an authentic maid cafe, HoneyHoney’s appeal lies in its accessibility to light users who can casually visit.

Versatile Interior for Group Outings and Nomad Work

The interior of HoneyHoney maid cafes features a refreshing, casual ambiance with light brown tables and off-white chairs throughout.
One standout aspect is the open space design that embraces natural light by forgoing curtains on the windows.
This natural lighting creates a bright and comfortable atmosphere for visitors.

The seating arrangement caters to various needs, with 5 counter seats, 10 two-person tables, and 3 four-person round tables.
This allows for a range of scenarios, from solo guests seeking a quiet time to small groups visiting together.

With Wi-Fi, power outlets, and charging cables provided, the cafe is also popular among nomad workers.
Newspapers are available as well, making it a comfortable space for extended stays.

Through such thoughtful considerations and a design that prioritizes visitor comfort, HoneyHoney has created a welcoming space for all.

HoneyHoney’s Maid Uniforms and the “ViViBee” Idol Unit

The HoneyHoney maids wear a classic maid uniform consisting of a white blouse with a red ribbon, a black jumper-style miniskirt, and a white lace apron.
The overall look is simple and elegant.
The skirt length is relatively short, about 20cm above the knee, for a modern cute style while maintaining traditional maid fashion.

Additionally, HoneyHoney has an idol unit called “ViViBee” where the maids perform live events in various locations.
ViViBee holds regular monthly performances and appears at various events.
With a concept of being a charming idol group that makes you go “Vivid,” they continue activities to promote HoneyHoney.

HoneyHoney’s Pricing and Menu

The pricing structure and extensive menu are among the reasons for the popularity of the HoneyHoney maid cafe in Akihabara.
During lunch hours, particularly affordable pricing is offered without any cover charge, allowing guests to enjoy various delicious dishes by only paying for the food and drinks, much like a regular cafe or restaurant.

For dinner, a 399 yen table charge is added, but the handmade cuisine and beverages are still reasonably priced and well-regarded.
HoneyHoney also has a unique point card system where points accumulate with each purchase and can be redeemed for discounts or cheki photo opportunities.

Female customers can enjoy many delightful perks, including a women-only menu, the experience of wearing a maid uniform, and a double points service.
Additionally, various events and promotions are offered, such as double points on rainy days.
Once a month, a cosplay event is held, and limited menus are available, making it an especially exciting occasion for fans.

Furthermore, on days when the Japanese national soccer team has a match, you can enjoy watching the game on a large screen.
While cheering for the Japanese team together, you can savor limited menus like the “Samurai Blue” cocktail (599 yen), “Roast Beef Rice Bowl” (899 yen), and “Fish & Chips” (599 yen).

In this way, HoneyHoney provides diverse ways for visitors to have fun, not only through their cuisine and drinks but also through various events and promotions.

Rice dishes can be made large for an additional 100 yen

Today’s Lunch Set 899 yen
Please ask the maid for details
Miso Soup Change 249 yen
You can change the soup in the lunch set to pork soup or seasonal miso soup

Lunch Drink 200 yen
Lunch Beer or Wine 300 yen
For orders of rice dishes or pasta, you can add a set drink for 200 yen or beer/wine for 300 yen

Honey Omelette Rice 999 yen
Honey Omlet Soba 999 yen
Adult-Style Chicken & Leek Rice Bowl 899 yen
Baked Curry 899 yen
Teriyaki Chicken Doria 899 yen
Fried Chicken Rice Bowl 899 yen
Spinach and Bacon Pork Belly Cabbage in Tomato Sauce 899 yen
Pork Belly Cabbage and Cheese Peperoncino 899 yen
Japanese-Style Mentaiko Pasta 899 yen
Creamy Soft-Boiled Egg Spinach Doria Carbonara 899 yen

Cake Set 999 yen
Matcha Cheesecake 499 yen
Rich Cheesecake 499 yen
Gâteau Chocolat 499 yen
+100 yen to add ice cream to the cake (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Matcha)

Set Drink (499 yen a la carte)
Refill 299 yen!
If you order a lunch or cake set and get one of these drinks, you can get unlimited refills for 299 yen during lunch hours!
You can freely choose refills from the following:
Blend Coffee
Tea (Lemon/Milk)
Hot Milk
Iced Coffee
Iced Tea (Lemon/Milk)
Oolong Tea
Ginger Ale
Melon Soda
Orange Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Tomato Juice

Snack Drinks
Little Drink
Various Toris Highball 399 yen
Tori Highball
Coke Highball
Ginger Highball
Tonic Highball

Kinmiya Shochu 399 yen

Ginger Ale, Tonic Water
Grape, Oolong Tea
Black Tea
On the Rocks

HoneyMaid Fresh Squeezed Sour 799 yen
Fresh Squeezed Orange Sour
Fresh Squeezed Grape Fruit Sour
Fresh Squeezed Lemon Sour

Draft Beer (The Moltz) 549 yen
Guinness 799 yen
Corona 699 yen
Zima 699 yen
Smirnoff 699 yen

Various Toris Highballs 499 yen
Tori Highball
Coke Highball
Ginger Highball
Tonic Highball

Kinmiya Shochu 499 yen
Coke, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Orange, Grape, Apple, Oolong Tea, Tomato, Black Tea, On the Rocks

Fruit Liquor 499 yen Water, On the Rocks, Soda
Plum Wine, Apricot Wine

Wine 549 yen
Osco Rosso Mbianco

Various Shochus 549 yen Water, On the Rocks, Hot Water
Potato: Kurokikushima
Perilla: Kantakadan
Barley: Chishinken
Rice: Shiro
Black Sugar: Rento
Awamori: Zanpa

Japanese Sake 649 yen
Hakkaisan (Niigata) Crisp and refined taste
*Ask the maid for limited Japanese sake options

Canadian Club 599 yen
Ballantine’s 599 yen
I.W. Harper 699 yen
Jack Daniel’s 699 yen
Laphroaig 899 yen
Yamazaki 899 yen
Taketsuru 899 yen

Various cocktails +100 yen for a mug

Original Cocktails 599 yen
Ikefukurou (Owl from Ike)

Maid Cocktail 699 yen
Please ask the maid for details

Various Cocktails 599 yen
Gin Tonic
Gin Buck
Vodka Tonic
Moscow Mule
Rum Coke
Shandy Gaff
Red Eye
Bloody Mary
Tequila Sunrise
Mexico Cola
Salty Dog
Campari Orange
Campari Grapefruit
Malibu Cola
Malibu Orange
Malibu Milk
Amaretto Ginger
Boddingtons Ball
Amaretto Milk
Reggae Punch
Fuzzy Navel
Peach Milk
Cassis Orange
Cassis Grape Fruit
Cassis Oolong Tea
Cassis Tea
Cassis Milk
Kahlua Milk
Big Apple
Gin Apple
Cassis Apple
Wine Apple (Red Wine + Apple)
Kitty (Red Wine + Ginger Ale)
Kalimotxo (Red Wine + Coke)
Kir (White Wine + Cassis)
Operator (White Wine + Ginger Ale)

Garigari-kun Sour 599 yen
Adult Melon Cream Soda 599 yen

*Hepalryze (digestive aid) 299 yen available

Edamame 399 yen
Duck in Balsamic Sauce 599 yen
Chilled Tomato 399 yen
Mixed Nuts 399 yen
Cheese in Miso Marinade 399 yen
Sesame Salt Cucumber 399 yen
Sesame Salt Cabbage 399 yen
Hiyayakko 399 yen
For Sesame Salt Cucumber, Sesame Salt Cabbage, and Hiyayakko, you can change the sauce (Miso, Sesame Dressing, Mayonnaise, Wasabi Soy Sauce)

Maid Tossed Caesar Salad 699 yen
Add Onsen Egg +100 yen
Japanese-Style Chicken Salad 599 yen
Refreshing Sesame Dressing Tofu Salad 599 yen
Adult-Flavored Chicken and Leek Salad 599 yen

Side Dishes
Chawan Curry (Curry in a Bowl) 499 yen
Curry Udon 699 yen
Pork Soup 399 yen
Pork Soup Udon 699 yen

Grilled Rice Ball 399 yen
Add Cheese +100 yen
Egg over Rice (TKG) 499 yen
Ochazuke (Rice with Green Tea) 499 yen
Onsen Egg Fried Chicken over Udon 699 yen
Onsen Egg over Udon 599 yen
Mentaiko Butter Udon 599 yen
Mentaiko Carbonara Udon 699 yen

Margherita Pizza 799 yen
Carbonara Pizza 749 yen
Mentaiko Basil Pizza 749 yen
Curry Pizza 749 yen
Teriyaki Chicken Pizza 799 yen

Fried Foods & Grill
Juicy Chicken Karaage 499 yen
Mayo, Salt, Yangnyeom, Tartar Sauce
Yangnyeom Chicken Feet 499 yen
French Fries 499 yen
Ketchup, Mayo, Mentaiko Mayo, Barbecue, Curry, Cheese, Consomme, Sour Cream
Yakitori (2 Skewers) 299 yen
Thigh, Skin, Tsukune (Meatballs) – Tare or Salt
Buttered Spinach and Bacon 399 yen
Deep-Fried Pasta 399 yen
Teppan Yakisoba 699 yen
Buttered Corn and Bacon 499 yen
Grilled Chicken 699 yen
Add Rice +200 yen
Napolitan Yakisoba 699 yen
Teppan Chicken Rice 499 yen

Rice & Pasta
Please ask the maid for the daily specials
+100 yen for a large portion
For some daily specials, you can deduct 200 yen for no rice

Honey Omelette Rice 999 yen
Add Cheese +100 yen
Honey Omlet Soba 999 yen
Adult-Style Chicken & Leek Rice Bowl 899 yen
Fried Chicken Rice Bowl 899 yen
Baked Curry 899 yen
Soft-Boiled Egg and Spinach Doria 899 yen
Teriyaki Chicken Doria 899 yen
Spinach and Bacon in Tomato Sauce 899 yen
Pork Belly Cabbage Peperoncino 899 yen
Japanese-Style Mentaiko Pasta 899 yen
Creamy Soft-Boiled Egg Carbonara 899 yen

Rich Cheesecake 499 yen
Matcha Cheesecake 499 yen
Gâteau Chocolat 499 yen
+100 yen to add ice cream to the cake (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Matcha)

Honey Waffle 699 yen
Please choose your preferred combination
Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Matcha)
Sauce (Chocolate Sauce, Strawberry Sauce, Honey, Black Honey)
Toppings (Nuts, Azuki Beans)

Strawberry Parfait 799 yen
Chocolate Parfait 799 yen
Matcha Parfait 799 yen
BIG Surprise Parfait 1999 yen

Coke Float 599 yen
Coffee Float 599 yen
Cream Soda 599 yen

BIG Surprise Coffee Float 999 yen
BIG Surprise Cream Soda 999 yen
BIG Surprise Coke Float 999 yen

Chocolate Latte Hot/Ice 599 yen
Strawberry Latte Hot/Ice 599 yen
Caramel Honey Latte Hot/Ice 599 yen
Maid Fresh Squeezed Orange Squash 599 yen
Maid Fresh Squeezed Lemon Squash 599 yen
Maid Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Squash 599 yen
Garigari-kun Soda 599 yen
Cafe Latte Hot/Ice 549 yen
Chocolate Au Lait 549 yen
Strawberry Au Lait 549 yen
Caramel Au Lait 549 yen

Regular Size 499 yen
Big Size 899 yen
Iced Coffee
Iced Tea (Lemon/Milk)
Oolong Tea
Ginger Ale
Melon Soda
Orange Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Tomato Juice

499 yen
Blend Coffee
Tea (Lemon/Milk)
Hot Milk

Customer Reviews of HoneyHoney Akihabara

The following is a summary of reviews found online about HoneyHoney’s Akihabara location.
Many positive comments can be seen, indicating that the cafe is loved by numerous customers.

"Among maid cafes, it's overwhelmingly affordable, and I was satisfied with the service." "The atmosphere was nice, and the food was delicious." "It was a maid cafe where I could relax and enjoy coffee." "The initial explanation was kind, and the pricing was reasonable." "The absence of a cover charge, only paying for what you eat and drink, was appealing." "The authentic omelette rice was delicious, with a homemade taste." "The maids engaged in conversation at a comfortable pace, making it enjoyable for groups." "No cover charge, reasonable prices, and a relaxing environment were great." "It wasn't very maid cafe-like, but the taste and value were good or bad, depending on your perspective." "The daily set meal was well-balanced and tasty." "I could use the power outlets, and the maids chatted with me while I charged my devices." "The tartar sauce fried chicken rice bowl and chocolate latte were very delicious." "It leaned towards a classic style, allowing me to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and maid watching." "It was a calm environment conducive to PC work." "The charging facilities were very helpful."


HoneyHoney is a long-established maid cafe known for its reasonable pricing and delicious handmade cuisine and beverages.
It is especially recommended for those seeking a leisurely, relaxing atmosphere rather than actively engaging with the cute maids.

The interior features an open and comfortable space filled with natural light, and amenities such as Wi-Fi, power outlets, and charging cables make it popular among nomad workers. Visitors can linger, work, and enjoy the handmade food and drinks.

The service has a maid cafe vibe but is relatively restrained without being excessive. Admiring the cute maids and chatting with your preferred maid are the main draws.

Consideration is given to ensure that female customers and couples can also visit without hesitation. With reasonable prices and excellent service, HoneyHoney is recommended for maid cafe newcomers and light users.
As an established spot, its relaxing atmosphere and great value make it a charming destination worth frequenting.


It’s a staple for classic maid cafe fans. Since it’s a very accessible venue, feel free to stop by.

Store Information

Store NameMaid Cafe HoneyHoney Akihabara
Address2F Isamiya 8th Building, 3-7-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access7-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business Hours12:00-22:30 (Last Order 22:00)
Cafe Time: Open – 17:00
Dinner Time: 17:00 – 22:30 (Last Order 22:00)
ClosedPlease inquire with the store
SystemOne Drink Order System
Cafe Time: No Cover Charge
Dinner Time: 399 yen Table Charge
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, PayPay
Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Instagram
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