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Welcome to the Dream Doll World

HISTORIA PELUCHE -Doll Story- is a unique concept café located in Akihabara. As the name suggests, it is themed around “dolls,” allowing you to spend wonderful moments surrounded by adorable dolls.

The distinctive feature of this café is its cast members, who are styled to resemble high-brand dolls. These lifelike doll-like cast members welcome customers and provide an otherworldly experience. Among the many concept cafés in Akihabara, it stands out for its unique world.

A Paradise of Beautiful Dolls

The interior of HISTORIA PELUCHE is like a paradise for dolls. Every detail is meticulously decorated to invite customers into a dream world. Seating options include counter seats for enjoying interactions with the cast and sofa seats for relaxing comfortably.

The lighting and music in the café are carefully selected to match the doll theme, making you feel as if you’ve stepped into another world. The wall and ceiling decorations, as well as the design of the tables and chairs, are all chosen to express the doll world.

Elegant Moments with Supreme Dolls

The cast members of HISTORIA PELUCHE -Doll Story- wear sophisticated Gothic-style maid uniforms inspired by dolls. The design features a black base with gray and red accents. The top is a black bodice with white piping, and a large red ribbon from the chest to the neck catches the eye. An ornate oval brooch is placed in the center of the ribbon. The skirt is double-layered, with the upper layer resembling a gray apron with frills at the hem. The lower layer is a short black skirt with red frills and a yellow line at the hem. Accessories also play an important role in enhancing the charm of the outfit. Hair accessories are unique, with each cast member wearing different decorations such as red pompoms or white lace headpieces. This costume is intricately designed, perfectly blending the cuteness and luxury of a doll. By wearing these outfits, the cast members give the impression of high-end dolls brought to life, perfectly expressing the world of HISTORIA PELUCHE.

Additionally, regular cosplay events should not be missed. The cast members dressed in various themed costumes welcome customers in even more captivating appearances, ensuring memorable experiences.

Affordable Doll World Enjoyment

The pricing system at HISTORIA PELUCHE is an all-you-can-drink plan for 40 minutes at ¥2,500. Despite its relatively affordable price, the drink menu is extensive. You can enjoy both alcoholic and soft drinks while chatting with the cast.

There are also additional options such as two-shot chekis, allowing you to create lasting memories.

Continued Dreams in Reality

HISTORIA PELUCHE -Doll Story- is a concept café that thoroughly pursues the doll world theme. With beautiful cast members, detailed interior decorations, and reasonable pricing, it is loved by many customers.

When you visit Akihabara, why not spend a dreamy time at HISTORIA PELUCHE? Even after returning to the real world, it will surely leave wonderful memories in your heart.

Store Information

Store NameHISTORIA PELUCHE -Doll Story-
AddressHashikatsu Building 3F, 3-1-15 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access5-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business Hours5:00 PM – LAST
ClosedPlease check with the store
SystemAll-you-can-drink, 40 minutes ¥2,500
Official Websitehttps://lit.link/historiapeluche
Official Xhttps://x.com/historiapeluche
Official Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/historia_peluche/
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