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A Maid’s Paradise to Enjoy Shisha

Located in Akihabara, “Kemuri Chuudoku” is a unique concept café where you can enjoy both maids and shisha. Opened in 2022, this café’s concept is “the cutest maid shisha in Akihabara.” It offers a unique space that combines the charm of a maid café with the enjoyment of shisha.

With over 150 shisha flavors available, including non-nicotine options, it caters to a wide range of customers from beginners to advanced users. The reasonable pricing also makes it a popular spot to drop by casually.

A Sophisticated Space with an Adult Atmosphere

The interior of “Kemuri Chuudoku” features a chic atmosphere with deep blue and black tones. It offers a relaxing, hideaway-like space where you can spend a leisurely time. With around 18 seats, including counter and table seating, there are various seating options available.

The decorations inside give off a sophisticated vibe, creating a quality atmosphere. The facilities for enjoying shisha are well-equipped, providing a comfortable space to relax. The quiet and serene environment, slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of Akihabara, is very attractive.

A Unique World with Sophisticated Maid Outfits

The maid outfits at “Kemuri Chuudoku” feature a sophisticated design that overturns the traditional image of maid costumes. They are based on a deep navy blue, accented with white lace and light blue ribbons for an elegant look.

The dress-style maid outfit includes a daring cut-out design on the chest, with black lace inside. This combines sexiness and cuteness in a perfect balance. The sleeves are short puff sleeves, allowing smooth movement for service.

The skirt is above knee-length, with white lace at the hem. A light blue waist ribbon and a white apron add a maid-like touch while giving an overall modern impression. The hem of the skirt is embroidered with shisha and heart motifs, skillfully expressing the café’s concept.

The details of the outfits are carefully designed, with ribbons on the chest and headpieces adding to the charm.

Overall, the deep colors and elegant design create an adult atmosphere while maintaining the cuteness typical of maid cafés. These unique outfits embody the world of “Kemuri Chuudoku,” inviting visitors into an extraordinary space.

A Variety of Plans and a Rich Menu

“Kemuri Chuudoku” offers five plans to choose from, depending on your mood and budget. The Shisha Plan (¥3000), Share Plan (¥5500), Favorite Shisha Plan (¥3500), Maid Shisha Plan (¥4800), and Bar Plan (¥1000) each include drinks and options.

Shisha is ¥2000 per unit, and can be shared by up to two people. There is also a 2-hour all-you-can-drink option (+¥2000), which is a good deal for those staying longer. Food can be brought in, but drinks cannot. All prices include tax, and you can enjoy it from around ¥3000.

We offer 5 plans that you can choose according to your mood of the day♡
♡ Shisha Plan / ¥3000 (1 shisha + 1 drink set)
♡ Share Plan / ¥5500 (1 shared shisha + 1 drink for 2 people set)
♡ Favorite Shisha Plan / ¥3500 (1 shisha + bottled juice + 1 drink set)
♡ Maid Shisha Plan / ¥4800 (shisha + bottled juice + 1 drink + 1 cheki set)
♡ Bar Plan / ¥1000 (no shisha, 1 drink order required)
・2h all-you-can-drink / +¥2000 (2-hour system from the time of order)
● Minors are not allowed to enter. Please cooperate with age verification by ID.
● Bringing drinks into the store is not allowed. Food can be brought in.
● During busy times, a 2-hour system applies from the time the shisha is provided.
● If you want to move the shisha unit, please do not do it yourself and be sure to ask the maids.
● Please refrain from taking photos, videos, or audio recordings of the maids.
● Please refrain from touching the maids, harassment, or making derogatory remarks.
● We are not responsible for any loss or theft of valuables in the store. Please manage your belongings yourself.
All prices include tax.

Create special memories with your favorite maid with Kemuri Chuudoku’s original menu♪
♡ Maid Cheki / ¥1200
Take home memories with the maid on a cheki!
♡ Maid Photo / ¥1200
Save photos of the maid on your smartphone♪
♡ Original Drink / ¥1000
Special original cocktail made by the maid just for you♪ (Non-alcoholic/alcoholic options available)
♡ Chuudoku Champagne
Shanmerry / ¥3000
Pure Pom / ¥8000
Ori-shan (Light) / ¥15000
Ori-shan (Heavy) / ¥30000
All prices include tax.

A Unique and Relaxing Spot Full of Charm

“Kemuri Chuudoku” is an attractive spot in Akihabara that combines the elements of a maid café and a shisha bar. It offers a fresh experience for both shisha enthusiasts and those interested in maid cafés. With a balance of reasonable prices and high-quality service, it has gained support from many customers.

Only those 20 years and older are allowed to enter, giving it the aspect of an adult social venue. When visiting Akihabara, be sure to spend a unique and relaxing time at “Kemuri Chuudoku.”

Store Information

Store NameKemuri Chuudoku
AddressDB Suehirocho Building 2nd Floor, 3-7-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access8-minute walk from Akihabara Station, 1-minute walk from Suehirocho Station
Business Hours[Weekdays] 4 PM – 5 AM [Weekends] 2 PM – 5 AM
ClosedOpen all year round
BudgetAround ¥3000
Payment MethodsCash, Credit Card, etc.
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