Mikeneko Cafe Akihabara


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A Magical World Welcomed by Cat Maids

Mikeneko Cafe Akihabara is a unique concept cafe where maids dressed as cats gather. In this cafe, cats with strong magic powers and big dreams transform into humans and serve as maids. The enchanting fantasy world sets it apart from other maid cafes. Stepping inside feels like entering a different realm.

The cat maids, adorned with cat ears, may be inexperienced as humans but strive to provide excellent service. Interacting with these cat maids, who love singing and dancing, offers an extraordinary and enjoyable experience.

A Magical Space Designed by Cat Maids

The interior of Mikeneko Cafe Akihabara is designed as a mystical space where the cat maids’ magic dances around. With 8 counter seats and 10 table seats, the total of 18 seats offers an intimate atmosphere for interaction with the cat maids. The decor, featuring elements of cats and magic, creates a fantastical ambiance. The walls and ceiling are adorned with motifs of cats and magic, inviting guests into a dreamlike world. A renovation plan is also in the works, promising an even more captivating space in the future.

Enjoying Time with Apprentice Wizard Cat Maids

The biggest charm of Mikeneko Cafe Akihabara is the interaction with the apprentice wizard cat maids.

The maids at Mikeneko Cafe Akihabara wear outfits based on traditional maid uniforms with unique touches. The basic ensemble includes a white blouse, a dark blue jumper skirt-style dress, and a white apron. The blouse features frills and lace on the cuffs and collar, adding a cute touch. The dark blue dress has a knee-length flared skirt, balancing mobility and charm. The white apron, adorned with lace on the chest and hem, gives a clean and classic maid appearance.

One of the standout features of the costume is the red ribbons attached to the chest and waist. These vibrant red ribbons add a striking accent to the predominantly navy blue and white outfit.

As accessories, each maid wears a unique cat ear headband. The colors vary, including red and yellow, expressing the cafe’s cat motif. The maids pair their outfits with white socks, knee-high socks, or black tights, allowing for slight variations in their appearance.

Thus, the maid costumes at Mikeneko Cafe retain the classic maid outfit’s charm while expressing their unique world through color and decoration. The contrast between navy blue and white, accented with red ribbons, highlights the special appeal of Mikeneko Cafe.

The cat maids work hard to serve guests in these adorable outfits. Additionally, live events are held daily, where the maids perform songs and dances to enliven the atmosphere. Guests can enjoy chatting with the maids and experience a close-knit idol-like interaction unique to this cafe.

Affordable Magical Menu

Mikeneko Cafe Akihabara offers a friendly pricing system. They have an all-you-can-drink plan, with rates of 1,000 yen for men and 500 yen for women. During cafe time (16:00 to 20:00), the duration is 30 minutes, while dinner time (20:00 to last) is 20 minutes. The menu includes coffee, draft beer, soft drinks, cocktails, and more. Guests can also avail of the photo service, with solo or two-shot photos available for 1,000 yen each. The cafe operates on a prepaid system, so guests must inform the staff for extensions. The budget starts from 3,300 yen, making it a relatively affordable experience.

Spending Wonderful Time in the Magical Mansion

Mikeneko Cafe Akihabara offers an extraordinary experience through interaction with cat maids. Their sincere service, daily live events, and reasonable prices make it beloved by a wide range of customers. The cafe also welcomes many female guests, creating a friendly atmosphere even for solo female visitors. For those seeking to experience Akihabara’s pop culture or looking for a unique themed cafe, this is a must-visit spot. Open year-round, the magical world is always accessible.

Store Information

Store NameMikeneko Cafe Akihabara
Address2F Watanabe Building, 3-8-17 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Access2-minute walk from Suehirocho Station, 7-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business Hours16:00 – 4:00
ClosedOpen year-round
SystemAll-you-can-drink (Men: 1,000 yen, Women: 500 yen)
Payment MethodPrepaid only
Phone Number03-3526-2322
Official HPhttp://mikenekocafe.com/cp5/
Official Xhttps://x.com/nekositujia
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